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     To see history with your own eyes is to understand it for what it is, and to better understand the people of that Era. But in the event that had transpired to bring him back to this time, he wouldn’t have imagined the world had once been like this. Daemons attacking humans and feasting upon them like wild animals… Seraphim – Malaks? {The term Malak was unfamiliar to him, but perhaps that was something they had been referred to some time prior? It had never been mentioned to him.} Whom had been enslaved and turned into mindless drones to do the work of greedy humans… 

      Nothing in this time period was quite as he’d imagined and it was very much unlike any of the books he’d read regarding historical events throughout time. {Though, if it had been ordered by humans that these instances be destroyed from memory, any books written during the time were likely burned. Surviving records would be scarce and nigh impossible to find.}

     The malevolence, it seemed, held thick in the air and made him sick to his stomach. No amount of exposure to such malevolence would ever make it not sickening to be around. He was just thankful that it wasn’t enough at the moment to outright blight him. 

     “This world as it is now… Is nothing like the world I know of.” It’s more akin to a world he’d imagine if Heldalf had won. But was he in much of a position to be explaining that? He’d suppose not.

      “For now, though, we need to get out of here and regroup. Reconsider our options before we advance.” –and it would give him a chance to prepare necessities such as gels.