My amazing cupcake made for me!!! With icing made into a nail varnish pot…

I had a beautiful weekend… Where I did makeup for a friends daughters birthday, she was only 7!! so with lots of glitter, bright eyeshadows and magnetic nails all the girls (and the boys had their nails done, he he) really enjoyed themselves. I must say the joy of doing makeup on 7year olds was wonderful… With no rules and lots of glitter, I definitely had fun!! So I walked away with this amazing cupcake… Isn’t it so cute? From now on I want more cakes made out of cosmetics!



April Fools uhhh.. cupcakes? Or dinner?

I made these for my husband’s office peeps. At first we were toying with the idea of having real dinner foods shaped and decorated to make them look like cupcakes; like spaghetti topped with ricotta or meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes. Then we decided that would be too mean. We always discuss how it can be hard to eat something that has the look of another type of food. I make cake pops and the sushi cake pops are VERY popular.

On the menu this Friday: turkey leg, peas and carrots, seasoned mashed potatoes with gravy and spaghetti with meatballs.

They are vanilla cupcakes with the stiffest vanilla buttercream i’ve ever made, lol. The turkey legs are coated with crushed chocolate chip cookies and the bone is shaped from white chocolate. The peas and carrots are made of fondant that I tinted and made from scratch. The gravy is made with caramel sauce with black and clear sprinkles. The spaghetti is tinted and piped buttercream. The sauce is strawberry topping mixed with corn syrup and red candymelts and Whoppers for meatballs.

Buon apetito! …if you can! haha!

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