“You know when you’re the first to go

Well it’s harder just to be alone

Now we’re fading like a photograph

And I’m scared that you’re all I have

Cause I know you

It’s been a week since I fell apart

They say it’s getting better

But if this is the end, then when was the start?

They say it’s getting better”

“Out of Mind”

Watercolor and pencils 

This is my entry for the Magic Man Lyric Art contest, so if you like it, vote here [x] Thank you!

Congratulations to Jerryk Gutierrez for winning The Hunting Party art contest on Creative Allies
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Also an honorable mention for the following entries:

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Thanks to all the artists who submitted.


for this contest thingie.

Actually I think rather poorly of contests like these,but I thought it might be a good practice and actually I planned not to spend more than two hours with it..Well,in the end it took a bit more time,cause I wasn’t really happy with my first two tries(the dragonflies..they’re looking a bit too girly in my opinion) So I also did this version with the birds(cranes to be precise) and I actually quite like that.

There have been some amazing entries for Paramore’s Poster Contest so far. Here’s one of our favorites from Hannah Billington - this is her entry for Side D based on the song ’(One Of Those) Crazy Girls.’ Nice work, Hannah!

Click HERE to check out all the entries and submit your own for your chance to win up to $2,250!