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with her dreams pressed tightly
between shaking hands,
she gathered the notebooks filled
with stories she had written.
“this.” she said,
“this is who i am.”
—  poeticallyordinary

The Great Gatsby Official Trailer 2 (2013)

God the music choice for just the trailers is spectacular! Ugh and the art direction and costume design…

I think this is already my favorite movie and I haven’t even seen it yet.

Do you plan on Submitting to Issue 02??

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Hey guys- Trying to plan some stuff for Issue 02 and it would be IMMENSELY helpful, if you’re planning on submitting, if you could answer this post with which genre(s) you plan on submitting to.


The genres: Short fiction, short nonfiction, poetry, and photography.

The guidelines: Word limit 2500 words for short fic/nonfic, 75 lines maximum for poetry, max 5 photographs.

The submission period: The first 3 weeks of January (approximately). When submissions open I will post a link to the submission page here on Yeah Write.


Knowing how many people plan on submitting will help me choose how many staffers to have on each genre. It also affects which plan I sign up for on Submittable.

If you applied to be a staffer but plan on submitting a work if you don’t get hired, you can still answer this post too.

If you want me to answer any other questions about the review before you answer this post, send an ask to me here.

Thank you so much! Huge help!!

If you want to keep in the know, all posts relevant to The Yeah Write Review | Issue 02 will be tagged YWR2. For everything you need to know about submitting to Issue 02, this post is your guide.

viscousvelocity  asked:

My creative writing professor told us to primarily use "said" as a dialogue tag. What he explained is that dialogue is supposed to read as speech, and having lengthy tags distracts from what the dialogue is actually saying. The word "said" can essentially disappear within the text and doesn't take away from the dialogue it is tagging. I hope that makes sense.

I feel like this is a more articulate version of what I was trying to say haha.

This in response to this post from earlier. All relevant posts in the discussion are tagged dialogue tags.

leagueofbane  asked:

Fight scenes are more effective if written with sharp, short, crisp sentences, even fragments at times. Don't use any unnecessary words. Say what only needs to be said. One example of how NOT to write a sword-fighting scene: One writer spent so much time during the fight using all the exact vocabulary inherent to the sport that it took the reader out of the moment and came across as the writer simply trying to show how knowledgeable he was about sword fighting.

This in response to this ask from earlier. All relevant posts will be tagged fight scenes.