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I have to talk about this website! It’s very similar to Fighters Block, but it’s more MMORPG style. It’s called 4thewords. Where you get a little avatar all of your own and the way that you continue onward is by defeating monsters with words. It’s so much fun! I have been enjoying the site for about a week and a half know and I just need to tell more people about it. 

So let me show you everything! 

Welcome to the starter page!
The word count counts up whenever you load the page so it’s always changing, which I think it really cool. I love the artwork style that they have chosen, it gives a very game like feel to everything. 

So you sign up! Chose your gender, what your character will look like and your name. Then it will give you a short video telling you what is going on in the world, how the evil dust has come and is destroying things and it’s up to YOU to stop it and help the world and it’s people! 

Since I’ve already made a character we’ll just jump right in to the next page. 

Once you make an account this is the page that it will open up to. It shows you your current projects that you have going, as well as how many coins, rubies and core crystals you have, your words count for the day is up in the corner near your avatar as well. 

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anonymous asked:

I believe your info said asks were closed, so if you could please just answer this when you can, I'd be very grateful. Can you recommend websites for posting original stories? I've already tried Quotev and Figment. And if you don't mind my asking a second question, do you have any tips on finding a good beta? All of my normal betas have 3 or 4 pieces they're already doing, any help is much appreciated!


The only website I know of for posting original work is Wattpad – ao3 is for fanfic, and I haven’t heard of the two sites you named. As for a good beta, I personally use one of my close friends – that can be dangerous, because some close friends won’t give you any real criticism because they don’t want to offend you and want to be supportive. That said, if you choose a friend, make sure it’s a very close, very honest friend who will tell you if/when you screw up. However, if you have no friends you’d like to ask to be a beta, I’ll ask my other followers: are any of you betas with no current pieces, or do any of you know of any betas who are free to read a piece?

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven 

cherrybxmbs  asked:

what's SCP if you don't mind me asking I've seen you create art and stuff for it but I have no idea what it is

(i’ve answered this question before over in my youtube comments so i’m just gonna copy and paste that over here to save myself some trouble, but yea heres a quick lil explanation)

the scp wiki is a creative writing website, mainly focused around horror and supernatural, the premise behind all the scps is that they’re containment procedures and files on anomalies compiled by a foundation working to secure, contain and protect (thats there slogan! shortened to scp (scp also stands for special containment procedures, like it stands for a lot of things ok)) the earth and the human race from these creatures/things. and vice versa! anyone can submit a scp to the site. its sort of reminiscent to creepypasta? but with a very specific scientific research angle. (and higher standards) i would definitely recommend checking it out if your into like, horror and stuff! heres the link to the site! 

also heres a rlly good beginners guide on it if you wanna know some more in depth stuff about like how the site works and which scps are the most ‘important’ or well known, if your interested in scp i would definitely recommend checking out that guide!

so I did actually manage to get into or at least waitlisted for all the classes I wanted (with the obvious exception of creative writing) despite the website being The Worst, even nabbing the last waitlist spot in the most desirable section of at least one of my major classes.  however before I got my classes registered, the website was so very broken that on one reload, it showed me being a third-year chemical engineer with such thrilling classes as applied thermodynamics, continuum mechanics I, chemical engineering principles lab, descriptive inorganic chemistry, and multivariable and vector calculus

He always dominates.

Emotions cold,
Mind perfect
And observing.

He never spoke
Of softer passions,
For delicate temperament
Was distracting,

A crack
In a nature such as his.

Yet one woman,
One smirk,
And he drifted

—  poeticallyordinary (this came from a blackout poem I did.)
with her dreams pressed tightly
between shaking hands,
she gathered the notebooks filled
with stories she had written.
“this.” she said,
“this is who i am.”
—  poeticallyordinary

     “We met on a creative writing website. It was actually my first time on the Internet. I was so innocent to online life that I gave him my phone number after only a few days of talking to him. He said, ‘You really shouldn’t have given me your number so quickly. I could have been anybody.’ Then I found the courage to tell him that I had a daughter, and he said, ‘That’s cool. I have no problem with that.’ I thought to myself, You’ve just chastised me for giving out my phone number, you’ve accepted my daughter with open arms, and you’ve sent me Valentine’s Day cards and CDs expressing your feelings. Instantly, I was wooed. I had never been romanced in my life – before him, I had only dated cowboys and farm boys.
     “I was just a redneck cow farmer in Ohio, then I meet this guy and before I know it, I’m here. I had never left Ohio in my life, except for Kentucky, where I was born, and a trip to Washington, D.C. when I was in eighth grade. For a year, he kept telling me, ‘You have to come here. You’re gonna love this city.’ I was so scared. When I first came here, I was like, ‘Oh my God, why is everything so big?’ I come from cow country. We only have cornfields. I was blown away but fell in love instantly, and my life changed completely. I even joined a punk band! Now five years later, we have a baby coming. It’s the best time of my life – ever.
     “I also have a ten-year-old, and four years after coming here myself, I finally got the guts to bring her to the city. We moved in together, and I got to see the joy in her eyes. She said, ‘Mom, where are the cows? This place smells good.’”