I thought you planted harmless flowers around my heart, until I realized it has thorns – hideous and painful. You left a mark in my body, it was deadly. You left a hole in my heart, it was lethal. It felt like dying was the only way to fill it. Life without you is like the waves leaving the shore. Like a broken cassette tape. Loving you drained me in all aspect, because loving you is like inhaling a smoke until I can no longer catch air. I loved you. You felt the same way. Though not how much as I did, because you only see my broken pieces when I see you as a salient crystal.
—  2/26/17; zeus

“There’s a comfort,” the chosen one said. “To having some fate plan out your life. This is what I was born for. But you…god, I don’t think I’d ever find the guts to be here if I didn’t have to be. And you don’t even get some prophecy to tell me you’re awesome.”

“I don’t need a prophecy to tell me I’m awesome, everyone already knows,” they said. But their voice had gone hoarse. 

Prompt #122

The purple glow of neon lights frightened her and she looked over at him, hands braced on the steering wheel. She wanted to ask where they were going, but she couldn’t seem to open her mouth…

// I sent this to someone today and so I thought it could be a prompt for all of yall. Also I made a really good PB&J. Crunchy PB all the way amirite? //

Muse A was born with super speed. They love their ability, but it’s everyone else whom they can’t stand. As soon as they’re in motion the world begins to slow down until time is seemingly standing still. One day time seeming stops, but it isn’t a result of Muse A’s speed.

Enter Muse B and Muse C. Muse B has the ability to hasten or slow time down. Muse C is impervious to physical damage. Normally, Muse A would enjoy the company of other powered individuals, but Muse B and Muse C are currently robbing a bank and are waving Muse A over to them.

anonymous asked:

write about what home is to you

There’s a lull in the conversation, one person is playing ukulele, another is applying makeup, and one person has their camera off to record a GIF. The whole vibe is safety. We’re free to just exist in the quiet, in each others’ presence. We don’t have to say anything for a mood to be picked up. If one of us is upset, we’re quick to see it and ask how we can make it better, or who we have to fight. We’re the Moon, Stars and the Sun. We balance each other out, and give each other what we need to feel complete.

Home is talking at the ungodly hours of the night, sending inappropriate GIFs to each other because we know how to fuck with each other. Home is feeling safe enough to say what you’re feeling without the possibility of getting shunned out just for saying it. Because if someone does feel that, we remind them that we love them being around. Home is a google hangout with Sunflower and Dewdrop in it.

The lesson

Did you close your eyes

the last time you said goodbye

Kissing me as I slept

knowing it was the very last

time, never again

Did I hurt you so badly

that you would want to

crush my very soul

I don’t know

been lost in the dark

stumbling, fumbling my way

to who I’m meant to be

I should thank you

for the lesson in pain

But, then again

I’ll let it go. Maybe

you didn’t know

that I died inside

It’s alright, I’m healing

still reeling from the feeling

Loss is pain, and pain

is growth

And growth is good

So thank you

for the lesson

There was nothing when I saw you last night,
no warmth, no words.
We were barely there together,
you were cold like back in the days when I feared you -I guess I still do sometimes.

And I did not surrender to your presence,
did not melt, did not stop breathing;
I stopped minding it, as if it were a detail,
and not the one only thing I’d been longing for.

Far, impersonal.
A stinging mindless encounter
deprived of all you’d ever made me feel.
Deprived of hopes of ever making you feel anything, on top of it.

Complete emptiness,
I whispered to myself “Maybe this is better”,

saw what I was in your eyes, an almost stranger

when I tried to walk away your eyes stung my bones like frostbite needles.

—  LG ; Mixed signals I dream of seeing
The One That Got Away

Walking down a retraced road
In a younger pair of shoes
A vivid visit in Ghost Town
Resurfaced regrets of you

Regrets I never knew I had
Until your ghost eyes lingered
Reaching out, I grabbed the hand
That slipped through my fingers