creative writing

When we met I knew you would leave me in pieces and I wouldn’t be able to put myself together again. It was your voice, the sparkle in your eye and your cheeky smile that left me weak. When we were good it was such a high, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I saw the end coming a mile away, and I dove in anyway.
—  high // A.H.
I want to be with someone. Someone that is completely opposite of what you are. I don’t know if he will be worse, better, whatever. I just need a new person, to know that there are still other people to love except you because you’re all I’ve been loving until this very moment.
—  // 10-26-’16, 10:09pm

What happens when one day you finally come to realisation and see that I am completely flawed, that I don’t know how to show my emotions or that I’m not beautiful once I remove the makeup from my face. What happens when you look at me and find a million things you don’t like about me, you notice that I’m an extremely envious, depressed person. What happens if….“

“Shhhh” he says as he pulls me into his arms before gently kissing me on the forehead.

“I love you unconditionally, my love for you is not questionable there are no ‘what ifs’ or 'buts’. I love you for who you are and I love how don’t try to be perfect, I love that you aren’t afraid to show me your flaws because to me without all this you wouldn’t be the girl I fell in love with now would you.

—  t.i // unconditional love.
Promise me we’ll meet here in another life. You and I. This place where we first met and fell in love in this life. Promise me. We’ll meet here. You and I. Promise me. Promise me we’ll fall in love with each other again in another life. Promise me. You and I. Because one life is not enough for me to fall in love with you. Because one life is not enough for me to feel your love for me. Because one life is not enough for you and me. For you and I.
—  Juansen Dizon

Love games [Part 2]

If looks could kill, there would be a gaping hole between her eyes. Joker sighed, setting the papers aside once again and reaching for a razor blade. It was one of his favorites, it’s handle encrusted with his initials spelled in sparkling diamonds. He looked at it as if trying to contemplate the meaning of  his life for a moment and threw it in Scarlett’s direction like a boomerang, sharp blade cutting the rope that attached hoop to a metal pipe under the ceiling. Carly let out a loud scream, landing on the floor with a loud tumble. He grinned, pleased with himself and reached for a bottle of whiskey.
“My leg hurts.” - Scarlet pouted, giving him puppy-eyed look.
“I gave you a warning, didn’t I?”
“But I can’t get up…”
Joker groaned, shoving the papers on the floor. His eyes boiling with rage as he got up, kicking a chair out of his way.
‘Devil, give me patience’
His favorite creation was also his biggest punishment. Sometimes he wondered if he played a very cruel joke on himself by making her. If it was any other woman he’d just silence her with a gun, but that wasn’t any woman, that was Scarlett with her stupid love-sick eyes, sitting there on the floor, smudging mascara all over her little face, looking at him with her endless loyalty as if he wasn’t the one who messed her up at the first place. It was like hitting a puppy that shitted on your couch out of excitement. Stupid goddamn creature.
He cursed internally, walking towards her and picking her up. She swooned as he sat her down on the couch and cuddled into him.
“Better now?”
“Much better, Puddin! Can I stay?” - She batted her long dolly eyelashes - “Ple-e-e-e-e-ease!?”
“Fine. Just stay quiet.” - He gave up, which caused yet another loud swoon.
“Aww! I love you so much!”
“I know you do.”
There it was. The joyful moment of silence. Joker sighed in relief, going back to what he was doing, while she curled up on his lap and began to scroll through her phone. Sometimes it felt like the damn thing was a part of her body, though he didn’t complain, since all her phones had tracking devices that helped him keeping an eye on her without giving her too much satisfaction.


Love games [Part 3]

“Puddin…” - Scarlett mused, chewing on strand of her own hair. - “There was a shooting near the research center… that big ugly one we were going to raid last month…”
She bit her thumb, scrolling through the pictures once again. It didn’t seem right. There were bodies of the few attackers among the civilians and they didn’t look like their people at all.
He snatched the phone out of her hand. Judging by his displeased frown he was just as surprised as she was.
“Puddin… is everything alright?”
“Get your jacket, we’re going for a ride.”
“But my leg…”
He growled, calling for one of the henchmen.
“Tony! Get her in the damn car!”
“Problems boss?” - Tony’s bald head shows up in the doorway.
If you ever wondered how a muscle truck would look in a suit, Tony was your guy to solve that mystery. He was one of Joker’s most long living henchmen. Scarlett always liked the guy, he was almost like a giant teddy-bear who could punch the life out of someone with one single hit.
“C'mon, Mrs. J, let me help you.” - Despite the tension of a moment Carly still melted inside. She loved when they called her Mrs. J. She felt so important and proud right away!
Though the happiness of the moment was tainted by an uneasy feeling. What set him off? What was so special about that stupid facility? She wanted to ask, but she knew that would only add up to his frustration. Whatever it was, it was business and she knew how to stay out of the way when things got serious.

You are the bed of roses
‘neath my epitaphic
a delight of vibrant colors,
indeed withstanding
the darkest
your thorns of green scream
life! – its prickle, my wake-up call
wrap me in your scarlet robe
and see me come alive
by the virtue of
your love
—  Reanimated - M.A. Tempels © 2016