This is our riot act,
our manifesto,
our revolution:
because the ones
who did this know
we are talking about
their monstrous actions.
It’s time for them
to have the nightmares,
for them to suffer
for what happened,
for them to fear being
named by the same
voices they silenced.

I hope they are
forever haunted
by these two words:
“Me too”

Nikita Gill, Me Too

Leaves have fallen,
Shaken then planted,
A seeded atmosphere.
Winter creeps
From above,
Branches black,
Sticks enter skin.
—  poeticallyordinary
You are chasing a butterfly in a world where butterflies don’t exist anymore. You wanted it for so long that it became real in your head but you don’t realise that you are caught in a dream and you are losing your grip on reality.
—  giulswrites

I grow during the day.
I heal during the night.

I am a tree that needs sunlight, and my roots
go deeper into the night.

It’s a painful process when to reach the stars
is the only way.

Through the process of self-destruction
and self-preservation, I push myself upwards
day by day.

Finding the green light above the clouds
that’s white.

—  Juansen Dizon, The Tree

Tell yourself
One more day
Or tomorrow
Is non-existent
At the cost of
Being complacent
And to no other
But your own.

- J. Pigno

Sometimes it is a look
that lasts too long
on a busride that will not end.
Sometimes it is a errant hand
peeking beneath things
it should not touch
to glimpse at things 
it should not see.
Other times it is your
high school crush
sending you illicit messages
you tell yourself you should be
taking as a compliment,
not redding in the face at
or wringing your stomach
with uncertainty.
Sometimes it is that first boyfriend
who doesn’t call himself such
but you let him touch you
in hopes that if you do, 
he one day will.
And then maybe it’s your neighbor
who has been so friendly, so cordial,
after all these years, 
and suddenly a comment
slips past his lips 
that makes your skin crawl 
but the smile does not fade
from your face
out of pure shock,
which he may even mistake
for pleasure.
And then there are the ones
you don’t remember,
because you were blackout drunk
at a college party where a friend
disappeared in the din
and you were left alone with a boy
and a bottle of rum,
and you were too young to know
just how much you should drink
and what might happen
if you had too much.
And even now you think
about wandering eyes,
lolling tongues,
and unwelcomed words
every time you leave the house,
and even when indoors,
you know you can never be safe
from the stares and that
things can never be silent,
unless you just ceased to exist.
But that will not happen, 
not now, not ever, 
so you refashion your
porcelain skin from ivory
into steel, into stone,
and still, you persist.
—  Brittany Rubio, Me, too.
one manpower

on a foray
to a community market
one sunny, temperate day
moments before the dinner hour
i strode organically,
moderately -
at exactly one manpower.
i chanced to see a family
playing catch & tag in their yard
had no fear of whizzing past,
causing vehicular chambard.
i ditched my gas-powered wheels
in a timely rearrange
for a toe-tap, perchance to heel
& save some pocket change
my egress in measured paces,
tho’ reduced in fact in space,
augured a scented happenstance,
‘longside a stress-reduced face.
not advocating hereward
ye old horsed-buggy days,
just an intermittent pause
sans petrolated haze
exhaust smells just…exhausting,
what it’s costing - i can’t really say;
for an apt occasion to notice 
a rose or two along the way.
burning my locally sourced fuel
plate to palate in under an hour,
much worse things abreast, afoot
than contemplating a flower
at one -
voluntarily one, 
not to be outdone by the sun -
humming along;   
& with you walking with,
we’ll each be one…
personpower strong.
10/17 - lebuc - one manpower ( ode to a walk )

So, the other day we were sitting on our bench in the park, holding hands and glancing up at the sky when she looked at me and asked in her sweetest tone,

‘What do you see in me?’.

I turned to her very curiously, looked into her eyes and all I could say was,

'The stars, nestled away in my galaxy.’


A Magical Piece of Candy

You came trick or treating

Dressed up as a ghoul

I recognised you immediately

From when we were at school.

I was dressed as a witch

& when you said “trick or treat”

I made a quick switch

While you looked back at the street.

I gave you some candy

That I’d brewed specially

& after eating it greedily

You looked once more at me.

You suddenly remembered

That you knew me too

& that I was the one who

You’d ridiculed at school.

Next time you saw me

You greeted me by name

& you looked at me sadly

In sorrow & shame.

You couldn’t quite explain it

But somehow you’d seen

How often I’d been laughed at

& how shattered I’d been.

Since then you’ve made up

For the words that you said

Though unfortunately it’s too late

Because all this time I’ve been dead.

Rhymingtherapy ~ 2017