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Elliott's Dating/Marriage headcanon you've done was really great. I wonder about Leah's ones tho :)

Aw thanks! :) I’ve got some general Leah headcanons and some marriage-related ones!


-she’s tall. like, at least 5′9″ or 5′10″ 

-when she’s not painting or sculpting, she enjoys cross stitching, embroidery, and knitting, skills her grandmother taught her as a little girl. 

-she generally dislikes traditionally “girly” things, but one time Haley made her put on a sundress and honestly…she didn’t hate it that much.

-she met Elliott in college and they bonded over how pretentious art students were (ironic considering Elliott is….well, whatever), and have been friends ever since.

-she is 100% Irish! hence the beautiful red hair :)


-her wedding dress is handmade, and she and Emily worked together on it.

-for fun, Leah and the farmer love to take their horses to the outskirts of the city and ride around in the fields (Leah would definitely have her own horse by the time she’s married tbh)

-the farmer set up a special little section of the farm for Leah to try her hand at some gardening all by herself. it took a couple months but now Leah’s plants are just as large and healthy as the farmer’s!

-Leah taught the farmer how to properly row a canoe.

-every morning, the farmer makes Leah freshly-squeezed orange juice, and Leah whips up omelets for the two of them.

-Elliott periodically has poetry readings in the city, and the farmer and Leah make a point to come out to see him every time he performs.

-Leah loves to climb the trees on the farm, and only ever fell once (because she saw two of the animals fighting in the distance and scrambled down too fast). the farmer helped bandage up her wrist.

-Leah used to want to be a masseuse, and sometimes practices her skills on the farmer when they’ve had a particularly hard day.

-one of their favorite dates is to set up a couple of easels in the forest and paint using wild fruit juices.

-Leah used to always fall asleep on the rickety chair on the front porch, so the farmer put up a hammock between a couple of trees for her to nap on during the day.

-they collect sea glass every week because they’re saving up to make a huge mosaic piece together.

Penny Headcannons

There is a lack of Penny love in our community so here!

- She has never opened her eyes underwater

- Her obsession with poppy comes from her love of The Wizard of Oz

- Sam’s family used to take care of Penny when Pam was too drunk to

- Penny sees Vincent like a little brother

- Penny likes to read to her partner

- She has a secret crush on Leah. Penny is infatuated by Leah’s creativity and independence :)


Now that the kids in Summer Valley are growing up, I figured it was high time to get the jump on getting their college ready. The very creatively-named Summer Valley Tech has its first dorm, University Point. I actually work in student housing, so I tried my best to balance 1) the limitations of the game with regards to lot size and number of students, 2) what you would realistically find in a residence hall (even a high end one), and 3) what looked okay and what seemed fun to play.

Looking for friends

Hiya! I’m a nerd that’s looking for some cyber friends since I’ve been living under a rock for the past century and I’m looking to meet people around my age group (21) with similar interests. 

Some stuff I’m interested in: Anime, Astrology, Video Games, Cosplay, Exercise, Creative writing, graphic design, poetry, edm, k-pop, j-rock, cosplay, youtubers

If you like any of these feel free to message me

Hills Valleys

On the hills valleys bring and bounds.
Three shapes taking form across the film plane
squared through from on side to the other.

Casting walls in new shadow.
Breathing smoke out across the audience
silent in a dapper darkness.

Carried through on story, sleepless strolling
fast and tying shoes across crunchy snow,
packing to the sidewalk.

Steam whispers over the city out of grates,
smoke stacks - filling out the fog in February,
keeping it cool and cozy.


My soul aches for you
My heart bleeds for you
My thoughts are all about you
I am longing for you
I am searching for you


You are the loveliest lily of the valley
You are the sunsets of my dreams

You are
the only one
for me


So, where are you
my love?
Where are you?

I am still waiting

Still waiting for you

© 2012 @celtic-poetry

Creative Control is a stylish look into the augmented reality nightmare we’re all about to live in

Screens are everywhere — table stakes for a movie about how technology is invading our lives — but it’s the movie’s portrayal of the Augmenta system that seems so shockingly, wondrously believable. Augmenta looks like nothing more than a pair of Warby Parker glasses, but when David slips it on he’s treated to an immersive interface and display that’s not far off from the flat UI aesthetics that have taken over in the past few years. It’s also impossible to watch and not be reminded of something like Google Glass (and what an abject failure it was), because the system in Creative Control is actually useful. It’s an always-on, always watching, semi-sentient companion, able to log the reactions of Sophie’s face when David talks to her, process them, and use the data to generate a realistic automaton all on its own. It’s the kind of only-in-the-movies technology that you immediately point to and say, That’s incredible! — but what’s really shocking here is that it’s probably not that far off into our own future at all.



I wish I was this creative, as my valley looks so plain compared to this! :O These are from fan Freelance Wolf, who has been working overtime on terraforming her Lost Valley into an amazing piece of art.  

Been watching a variety of users posts their Valley pictures on fan forums, GameFAQs, and Miiverse!  See one you spot that’s extra special?  Feel free to send me a message to make sure I’ve seen it too :D