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hey guys! Really sorry about the lack of content lately. I’ve not had much to draw from. I’m going to see a movie, so in the meantime, tell me some stuff you’d like to see me draw! And not just requests- maybe like what speed draws you’d like to see, or some tutorials or tips, personal questions, would you rathers- anything! I’ve really been at a creative valley, so anything would help, and I’d love to hear from you more! Thanks! 💛


My soul aches for you
My heart bleeds for you
My thoughts are all about you
I am longing for you
I am searching for you


You are the loveliest lily of the valley
You are the sunsets of my dreams

You are
the only one
for me


So, where are you
my love?
Where are you?

I am still waiting

Still waiting for you

© 2012 @celtic-poetry

We all need space and reflection. Like ocean waves, we must retreat first before we can build more strength in what we’re doing. This reveals itself in almost all areas of life: work, love, friendship, fitness, flexibility, connection, creativity. Trust these natural cycles.
—  Victoria Erickson

Creative Control is a stylish look into the augmented reality nightmare we’re all about to live in

Screens are everywhere — table stakes for a movie about how technology is invading our lives — but it’s the movie’s portrayal of the Augmenta system that seems so shockingly, wondrously believable. Augmenta looks like nothing more than a pair of Warby Parker glasses, but when David slips it on he’s treated to an immersive interface and display that’s not far off from the flat UI aesthetics that have taken over in the past few years. It’s also impossible to watch and not be reminded of something like Google Glass (and what an abject failure it was), because the system in Creative Control is actually useful. It’s an always-on, always watching, semi-sentient companion, able to log the reactions of Sophie’s face when David talks to her, process them, and use the data to generate a realistic automaton all on its own. It’s the kind of only-in-the-movies technology that you immediately point to and say, That’s incredible! — but what’s really shocking here is that it’s probably not that far off into our own future at all.



Real Morning Report - Organic Valley

This is good. This is really, really good. Big fan of ads that illustrate reality in a kickass way. 

By Humanaut