creative tour

What do I do with these feelings?
These newspaper clippings
These reports, so fucking
“22 killed, 59 injured”
They don’t add in the words “human lives”
They don’t add in the words “affliction”
22 human lives lost, 59 humans bleeding,
Thousands reeling from trauma
and millions
that they’re next, another concert
another play, another
place they just wanted to smile

so fucking sorry
that one idea,
one extremist turned into
teenagers, who were waiting
for their chance to turn this around,
Crying as their best friend
lay unmoving on the ground
in what was supposed to be
the happiest moment
of their finite little 17 years of life

You didn’t deserve this
You deserved
the excitement of your first paycheck
the sorrow of lost love
that vacation in the Maldives you always wanted
You didn’t deserve
to be a liar when you told your mother you’d be home for dinner tomorrow

—  you are more than another incident to add to the list

Hello. I hope you all are having a lovely day! Vietnamese fans are doing a campaign to get Harry Styles and his manager to notice Vietnam. It would mean a lot to the fans if you could help just by signing the petition above. Feel free to share this with your friends so that they can help us too! Thank you! Lots of love. ❤️💚💜💙💛

I’ve fallen down the Porter Robinson rabbit hole and it turns out I am not done talking about him haha. I’m slowly discovering/listening to more of his songs, reading and watching interview after interview and yes I’m obsessed.

I’ll cut to it and try not to write a good eight paragraphs on why he is my favourite. Besides the obvious fact that he’s creative and passionate (which is something that I loooove) he’s authentic. He’ll never ‘sell out’ because he doesn’t care about the money. He’s a straight talker. I guess he gets called arrogant but so do all the pioneers. He wasn’t afraid to go against the grain despite the backlash he feared. I love Madeon for the same reason. 

He was getting bored with the typical format of electronic dance music and found it was uninspiring to his creative process. He wanted to create something more than just waiting for the drop. Something with emotion. He listened to everything that had ever inspired him and started new, abandoning his roots. He drew a lot of inspiration from his video game days and tried to capture the emotions he had back then. He uses deep ‘house’ beats to cinematic/orchestral sounds to 8 bit beats.

The way that they are so in love with what they do, it’s what makes me admire them so much. Seeing the way they talk about the edm scene, their perceptions of it and how they’re always looking for ways to reinvent themselves and be different. I remember Porter once said that he tries to make music that people don’t even know that they want yet. Which I think is so true.

He said these days, people in the scene make music that simply ‘exists’. But he is so happy that his music brings up discussion, than simply existing. Every show he does, he always gives the crowd a version they have never heard before. He always adds something when he can, including singing live. There are so many reasons I have so much respect for him but I’ll leave it at that.

I guess the point of this was that I fall in love with passion. I think that creativity is a commodity. The way someone’s eyes just light up when they talk about doing what they love, I live for that. It makes me just feel so incredibly happy for them. It makes me wish I had something I was creative at. Just to feel the same way they do.

For all the Gwen and Duncan fans!

Took me a long time, but I hope you like it! 

I’ve been watching all the ‘Total Drama’ series, I’ve missed them and loved re watching them! And absolutely loved the Gwen and Duncan couple!

Loving the new series so far!

Love Gwuncan/Dungwen!!!