creative toilet

April Fools
Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1, 891
Warnings: Cheesiness. An excessive amount of prank pulling. 

Just something I wrote for fun to get this blog up and running. Major props to my co-blogger for the prank ideas (you basically made this girl). The length of this got a bit out of control but I hope you enjoy reading! 

(re-uploaded from an old blog. I’m Fran, one of the new co-owners :D)


The life of a hunter was not known for its high moments but let it not be said that you were one to pass up a good time. Although you had been busy with your up-and-go lifestyle, being the carefree spirit you were, you still had time to plan a few jokes to celebrate the beginning of April.

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Hans Brinker Budget Hotel: Accidentally eco-friendly 

I really love the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel campaigns, I think I’ll be sharing a few of them over the next week. It almost makes me want to stay there. Almost. 


Here is the most bizarre parade in Colombia, in which farmers compete to load as much as possible onto their jeeps. Meaning ‘fully-loaded Willy’, Yipao seeks to celebrate the role the vehicles play in the coffee-growing regions.

The festival now awards prizes for the largest amount of objects piled on the jeeps, and the most creative displays. Guitars, toilets and even pets are among the decorative pieces loaded onto the vehicles to represent the family’s wealth.

Phil Lester

This is Phil Lester, aka AmazingPhil. Say hi Phil.

Mr. Lester started making videos in 2006.

That mean 8 YEARS. wOw.

Now, Phillip here is a legend…a lot of people just don’t know it.

You know the thing where people go through their tumblr tag?

Mhm, Phil created that.

You know the creative toilet tag?

Mr. Phil here made that.

You know the trendy 7 second challenge?

Phil started it.

Many people don’t know how much Phil has contributed to Youtube.

Now Phil here is…well…amazing.

He is an adorable fuck.

With an adorable smile.

And he gives THE BEST HUGS.


But at the same time, he is a sexy beast.

But the thing is, Phil has less that 2 million subscribers!

However, he is only 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS AWAY! So basically, Phil is such an amazing person. He is the sweetest, funniest, cutest person there can be, and he REALLY deserves more subscribers. If you aren’t already subscribed to this cutie, go do it now, and I guarantee you WILL NOT regret it! #getphilto2m!