creative time picks

Full Moon
  • *Check where the Full Moon is transitioning to understand whats happening, and where realizations may lie. These realizations may be about yourself, or what others realize about you.*
  • 1st House: The Self, Vibes, how people see you. Changes in the personality / What you need to change.
  • 2nd House: Self Worth, Money Problems, Possession Problems.
  • 3rd House: How you talk, intelligence, matters involving school/education/creativity. A good time to pick up a new study/hobby!
  • 4th House: What you're comfortable with. Who you're comfortable with. Family Matters.
  • 5th House: Love, pleasure and sex matters. This could be what you're into, who you're into, or who you'll be into.
  • 6th House: Health Matters / Moral Matters.
  • 7th House: Commitment, matters of the heart. You notice relationship patterns at this time, and your true feelings for people.
  • 8th House: The darker part of your emotions. The "Inner" or "Darker" you. Anxieties are realized and fears may be challenged.
  • 9th House: Moral Matters, along with changes in world view. You may find out people's political opinions, or have realizations about your own.
  • 10th House: Career Matters, but also how people see you.
  • 11th House: Friendships, and bluntly: All the tea and snakes being exposed.
  • 12th House: Self reflection as a whole.

‘   stuff  like  this  isn’t  going  to  get  you  out  of  there ,    you  know .   ’
‘   oh,    i  know .        because      you’re     going  to  let  me  out  anyway .   ’