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The first time Nishinoya asked him out, Asahi’s insecurity made him question why somebody so optimistic would want somebody like him. Nishinoya decided to take this opportunity to help Asahi understand his reasons before he made his second attempt.

Asahi kept finding new notes long after they started dating and kept every single one as a reminder.

sinfullyselected  asked:

One of my favorite things to do is watch the notes on your posts grow steadily after you upload ‘em. It makes me oddly proud to see how much recognition you get on a daily basis. :)

AAAA thank you so much, friend!! I owe it to you and everyone!

To everyone who supports my art, every single action means so much and I read all the things, from messages to tags, and it makes me so happy! I never thought at all when I first made my blog that anyone would notice me and my work much, or like it, and the fact that people have it on their blogs, or as icons, some people have made short video edits, some people have made works/cosplays based off of my works, I just could not be more thankful and honored!

I often feel like I can never measure up to all the amazing and talented people I see online, all my friends and those I admire are so good and creative and have a unique thing to their name, and I feel awful in how it can make me really ashamed of my art. So receiving all your love and support really makes a huge difference to me!

I’m so sorry for my rambling so much aaaa

Monofell: Dawn of the First Day

Ominious beginnings,
Senseless ramblings,

Time. Running. Out.

Foreshadowed madness,
Theoretical scenarios,
Too many questions,
And a little spark of inspiration.

Day 7: [Redacted]

Monofell belongs to @pc-doodle / @monofell-au

The Writer does not claim canonicity in any way. 

This is the final chapter! Thanks for sticking with me!

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Going to Hell

Some people spend their entire lives trying to avoid going to Hell so it might surprise you that some of the most superheroic individuals in history have willingly ventured into the Bad Place at one time or another for some reason or another.

There is a myriad of reasons for a superhero to have to or want to venture down into the mysterious beyond. Perhaps they are going to rescue the soul of a loved one or the wrongfully damned or a loved one of somebody who is blackmailing them (it’s very easy to find yourself being blackmailed into performing impossible tasks when you have a ginormous secret that you’re constantly trying to protect) maybe you’re returning a lost demon to the address on its collar, maybe you’re going down there to give Hades or the Devil or Greg the Skeleton King or whoever a good butt-kicking for some villainous action. Maybe an unfortunate side effect of your extreme power is that normal human, non-hellfire, saunas aren’t hot enough for you. Maybe you just lost a bet! Whatever the reason is it often transpires that a hero needs to a quick way into the underworld.

One surefire way to get to the realm of the dead is to commit some evil acts and then die. The classic “push an old lady into oncoming traffic and then following her” move should do the trick. But then you’re condemning yourself to an eternity of torture and suffering and that’s probably not what you were looking for! So, for the still-living-and-still-loving-it crowd, getting to Tartarus is pretty much the same as getting anywhere else, public transportation.
The Ferry to Heck runs eight times a day. You’d think it would run more often what with all the dead people it needs to cart around and you’d be right and it used to run every time someone died but then there was a strike and it was a whole mess so now it runs just eight times a day and the dead people just have to wait in an orderly fashion at the docks at the edge of the River Styx (just put edge of the River Styx into your navigation app of choice I’m not gonna sit here and draw you a map). So you’re gonna have to wait with them. And they smell bad. They smell like rotting flesh and regret. It’s a very uncomfortable experience. But on the bright side, dead people often are not in a rush to get to their eternal vacation at the damnation station. So they’ll usually let you cut in line. When you get on the boat make sure you say hello to Charon, the captain, and let him know that you are a living person. That’s the only way to secure a complimentary meal that isn’t worms or whatever it is dead people to eat (usually its worms but one time everybody got grilled cheese so you could risk it but I’d let somebody know that you’re not dead). When you meet Charon don’t be nervous, he can be a little bit scary but he’s a reasonable bloke. Try telling him a joke. He likes jokes and nobody ever tells him any. Say something like “Charon my good man you look stunning, drop-dead gorgeous.” He’ll laugh, you’ll laugh, you’ll get your grilled cheese, it will be a good time.

If you’re too fancy to ride on a ferry that floats on top of the souls of the damned there are some other options available to you. You or someone you know can conjure up a doorway to hell using the dark arts. Of course, this means going on a scavenger hunt to find lizard eyes and peacock feathers and Greek coins. If you’re in a rush you can always buy one of those prepackaged doorway to Hell kits that they sell in most Wal-Marts but those ingredients are usually artificial and don’t work nearly as well as fresh ones. You can also hire a wizard guide to the deadlands for pretty cheap, a lot of them deal in memories these days and those are priceless, so they don’t cost anything! Or you can jump on a demon right as they’re about to teleport back to their fiery homes (to lure a demon to your location in the first place I suggest using peanut butter, demons love peanut butter. Alternatively, if you’re already in Heaven, there’s a train that goes to Hel whenever you want it to. Lots of things happen whenever you want them to up there. It’s one of the perks of Heaven

Once you get to Hell there a variety of characters you might encounter. There’s Cerberus, the three headed literal guard dog from Hell but he (they?) are actually pretty easily dealt with. See, Cerberus is actually three times as much dog as regular doggos, so he (she?) loves dog things like playing fetch and belly rubs. If you’re going to play fetch though you need to bring three balls. For maximum distraction try throwing the three balls in three different directions. Additionally, music puts Cerberus to sleep (I wish music put me to sleep, then me and my neighbors who are in a band that I think is called “We Only Practice at Night and Gee Golly Are We Loud About It” would get along much better). Cerb’s favorite kind of music is heavy metal covers played on a harp but if you’re not strong enough or committed enough to lug a harp around with you into the afterlife he likes fiddles too. You’ll also encounter a variety of demons, dark angels, poltergeists, imps, telemarketers and all manner of ungodly evils. If you can avoid them great but if not you may have to fight some of them. They’ll probably try to stop you from freeing one of the souls they’ve come to love to torment so I hope you came prepared for fisticuffs. 

Stealing from Hell is a lot like stealing from anywhere. You’ll have to bypass the security guards as we’ve just discussed and then break any locks or riddles (they love riddles in Hell, also, speaking in rhyme) that stand between you and your goal. I actually recommend not going on this adventure by yourself. At the very least you’ll need someone who is familiar with the unholy magicks at work in the underworld but it would also be smart to bring someone who knows something about stealing things. If you can find a magician thief man that’d be ideal but there are only like seven of those and four of them are either in jail or already in Hell at any given time. You’re also going to want to avoid being noticed by whoever’s running the place on that day (all the major demons and Greg the Skeleton King have a rotation, just like I suggested superhero teams should do, maybe they read this blog.) Once the Boss notices you mucking around stealing souls you’re almost certainly toast. Sometimes you can win your freedom by being a fiddle aficionado or by making some sort of horrific deal but usually that’s just instant damnation for you and your party. Then you’ll need someone else to come and save you and it becomes a whole cycle until everybody on Earth is in Hell because of you!

If you somehow, despite everything, manage to get to the soul that you’re after congratulations! Now what’re you gonna do with it? You need some means of transporting that sucker with you out of the underworld. Most jars can actually hold souls pretty well (But none as well as Jerry’s Homegrown Condiment Jars please think of us for all your eternally damned soul jarring needs!) But no containment will work as well as the person’s actual body. Plus if you get them back in their body you’ll have another couple of hands to help fight your way out of hell. Of course that means lugging around a lot of literal dead weight with you on the way in but I dunno, it might be worth it. (We did not actually authorize that advertisement and we don’t know how it got there.)

Infiltrating and exfiltrating Hell is very tricky and highly dangerous so I hope whoever you’re going in for was worth it. [Howtohero is not responsible for any eternal damnations that result from following the advice presented here.]