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I hope when people ask what you’re going to do with your English degree and/or creative writing degree you’ll say: ‘Continue my bookish examination of the contradictions and complexities of human motivation and desire;’ or maybe just: ‘Carry it with me, as I do everything that matters.’
And then smile very serenely until they say, ‘Oh.’
—  Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar

Just when I started to lose interest in Empire , Power , OITNB , Blackish , Scandal and Being Mary Jane.

#BlackGenius strikes with a vengeance
-The Get Down
-Luke Cage
-Queen Sugar
- Greenleaf

And highly anticipated films :
-the 13th
-Birth of a Nation
-Black Panther

Language tips for dating profiles and texting with POTs

The specific words and phrases you use on your dating profiles and in your initial conversations with a POT can have a huge impact.

For example:

“I’m really into music and I love going to concerts.”


“To me, live music is like magic. Swaying to the rhythm, in sync with the energy of the crowd, you become a part of this greater creative experience.”

The first sentence is to the point, but it’s completely unmemorable and doesn’t really say anything about you. Everyone loves music.

But the second one is specific – it illuminates *why* you love music and concerts, and it conjures a very sensual image. Words that describe movement, rhythm, energy are all subconsciously seductive. You could throw in an anecdote about your favorite show you’ve ever been to, and how it touched you. This second example also implies that you’re a creative person, or at least have a deeper appreciation for creativity.

The Wound

Salt and Sugar were fighting again.
Grandma Granule turned the radio up.
[Come to The Wound. We’re afraid it’s time.
The Bad Thing is going to erupt!

In 5… 4… ]. The voice was no more.
The station grew silent then static.
“Girls, stop fighting. You need to go, now!”
Grandma grabbed the girls, starting to panic.

They laced up their shoes. Grandma sobbed. “ You must run.
I’m too old and feeble and you girls are so young.
Cut through the forest and you’ll get to The Wound.
Don’t leave each other’s side. Go! I love you so much.”

The sisters then quickly ran through the back door
Into the forest without looking back.
Sugar grabbed Salt’s hand and shouted, “Run faster!”
Salt yelled, “Unlike you, I never ran track!”

They yanked on each other’s arms through the trees.
The bickering stopped when they screamed.
The forest was rumbling, slowly tumbling.
The girls stopped yelling and gained speed.

Sugar yelled, “Do you see that tall gate at the edge?
We are almost there!” She squinted.
But when they neared, Salt lost her footing,
And shouted, “Run, Sugar!”, Who sprinted.

When Sugar entered the gate, she was safe.
She shielded her eyes from the Bad Thing.
Her sister got up, and continued to run.
When Salt entered The Wound, it started buzzing.

A guard on the inside, between jolts and screams
Yelled “You!” Pointing at Salt, “Need to leave!
I’m sorry my girl, but you’re not for our world!
You’ll destroy us. I’m sorry. Please leave.”

The Wound was a world, and the gate was a portal.
One sister was forced back into the forest.
When Salt hit the dirt, The Wound went back to normal.
Sugar jumped out, saying, “I won’t leave you, I promise.”

The Bad Thing slowly enveloped the girls,
But they closed their eyes and hugged.
When they collided, a light from inside
Killed the Bad Thing and saved everyone.


how you ask? let’s break it down into five simple factors!

  1. The Korra Connection: they’ve done queer representation before on Nickelodeon when they had many more restrictions, so they know how important queer characters are. why aren’t they doing more with Netflix who’s given them all this supposed creative freedom? Rebecca Sugar fights for us tooth and nail, where are @thebestlaurenmontgomery and @2-cents in our fight?
  2. Self-Congratulatory Diversity Rhetoric: there is nothing new and exciting about a story with a girl pretending to be a boy for plot purposes. in fact, there’s a lot that is old and busted, not to mention transphobic, about it. the showrunners need to stop acting like they’ve done something noteworthy without actually performing any labor
  3. Showrunner/Fandom Interactions: all those comments on shipping? reblogging the gay fanart? teasing comments at cons? telling people they can interpret Pidge however they want? yeah, that’s all well and good when you’re not dangling the prospect of the real deal in front of our noses by refusing to confirm any canon queerness and refusing to even discuss the subject whenever it’s raised, because otherwise it’s just baiting
  4. Storytelling Priorities: we know they can make room for heterosexuality because Lance flirts with every lady in eyesight and Hunk already has a love interest. so if they plan to give us queer rep where the hell is it? (please remember, romantic arcs =/= queer signifiers, falling in love is not the same as a gay blush – this isn’t about shipping per se) which brings us to our last and most vile factor
  5. Pidge Gunderson is a Transgender Dog-Whistle: in season 2 Pidge pauses outside a bathroom. the bathroom is coded with gender signifiers in a binary, the colors pink and blue, which happen to map exactly onto our own society’s gender binary. within this setup, Pidge’s anxiety about going to the bathroom is played for laughs (look at how funny and alien those guys are, but Pidge still doesn’t know which bathroom to use!) when in reality it’s a sneering wink at the show’s queer audience, referencing a real world problem that is inherently about transphobic violence. played for laughs. aimed at children. it’s so funny when trans people are scared to use the bathroom, isn’t it? so fucking funny. especially funny when Donald Trump just rescinded federal protections for transgender students, how topical! we deserve better

and that about sums it up. we deserve canonically confirmed queer characters. we deserve trans Pidge and bi Lance and gay Keith and all the rest, at the very least we deserve not to be sneered at. in the current political environment, these characters could be literally life-saving diversity. we deserve better than @voltron has given us, and we need to hold them accountable 

any questions?