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Do the Zodiac Signs Like to Color?*

Yes, perhaps secretly: Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn

Yes, but only for a short period of time: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Pisces

Not at all: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius

*Not draw, color

the art of moving on

I’ve never known a more hopeless feeling than that of desperately searching for ways and remedies to move on from someone. It’s gut-wrenching. It completely consumes you, and even in a place surrounded by love and warmth, waves of devastation come out of nowhere and leave you feeling cold and absolutely heartbroken. but being in that place with people you adore is only the first step. there’s something about being around people who love you and actively want you in their life that consoles you. you may not realize this right away, but you will. spend time with them. it takes away mountains and oceans of hurt that would otherwise bury you. once, someone I adored and thought to be my soulmate had said to another that I was sweet, but he was bored of me. I knew I wasn’t a boring person, I knew that to my very core, but it didn’t make it hurt any less. those words turned over in my mind for days. I was in disbelief. I was then determined to make sure I wasn’t boring to him any longer and I dreampt up ways to enrapture him. and then I woke up one day and was in further disbelief that I was so willing, without a second thought, to compromise myself for someone who didn’t think of me alone. once you’re happy with yourself in every fathomable way, and know without a doubt what you want and what you won’t put up with, it’s easy. but getting there is a process. so, my first step was writing “she’s sweet, but I’m bored” in vibrant blue sharpie on my hand to remind myself why I had to let go. why would I ever want to be with someone who was bored of me? I stared at his opinion of me every day, and I eventually got over him. it was just the first step in paying respect to what I want and deserve in someone. it won’t happen overnight, but spend time with yourself alone, go on a walk, flesh out everything that’s wrong. it isn’t impossible and neither is finding someone who realizes this. 

The Zodiac Signs When Their Favorite Artist/Band Releases a New Song/Album

Screams: Leo, Gemini, Pisces, Libra

Attempts to stay quiet but still lets out muffled shrieks every once in awhile: Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, Aries

Is quiet (somehow) but smiles a lot: Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius

The Astrology of Artistry and Imagination

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Extremely imaginative: creates interesting inner landscapes, may daydream often, re-imagines their world, makes up characters/stories/scenarios easily in their mind 

1. Moon in aspect to Neptune

2. Mercury in aspect to Neptune

3. Mercury/Moon in Pisces

4. Sun in Pisces and/or in aspect to Neptune  

5. Moon in the 9th house and/or in Sagittarius 

6. Moon in Aquarius and/or in aspect to Uranus

7. Neptune in aspect to the Ascendant and/or Midheaven  

Artistic abilities: has a strong concept of colors/aesthetics, grasps proper symmetry and balance, understands what makes art beautiful/appealing to the public, transmutes all of their emotions/beliefs into their art 

1. Venus in aspect to Neptune and/or Jupiter 

2. Venus, Jupiter and/or Neptune in the 5th/11th house axis 

3. Sun and/or Moon in Pisces, Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius or Aries 

4. Venus, Moon, Neptune or Pluto in the 12th house (bonus points if conjunct the Ascendant!)

5. Venus and/or Moon in aspect to Pluto 

6. Venus in Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius or Capricorn 

7. Moon aspecting the Midheaven (or in the 10th house) 


Leo is a sign of creative art, particularly those forms of art that are directly concerned with expressions of beauty rather than truth. Leo is not a writer; it is not a particularly fluent speaker. But in the cultured Leo there is a deep sense of beauty and a love of it
—  CEO Carter 

This is dedicated to..
hardworking designers,
talented artists,
innovative entrepreneurs,
and to every creative mind.. Never doubt yourself, think positive,
and spread the kindness.