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I’m so sorry about how long it took me to post something up but here you go a little something I wrote.

A small party, arrived in the city at dusk, horses clattering swiftly into the stone flagged courtyard. The party consisted of four people, Elwyn, the kings recently widowed wife, Braydon, her three year old son, Jory, head of the kings guard and Calden, the late kings advisor. All wore hooded cloaks to conceal their identities.

As they dismounted from their tired horses, Jory moved forward to take a small, blanket wrapped bundle from the young lady’s arms and Calden then stepped forward to help Elwyn down. For a moment she only stared blankly, and then placed her hands upon his shoulders to be lifted easily onto the pavement. There she leaned into the support of her host her for a moment, face downcast. She drew in a deep breath and straightened, searching at once for her son, Jory relinquished the babe into her arms.

Brandon son of Baylen, slept on, one grubby thumb tucked between pink lips. The lady bent to kiss dark curls but did not otherwise acknowledge her surroundings, the memory of her husband’s ruined and empty face would not leave her. The arrow had been perfectly placed, embedding itself deeply into one storm grey eye. Baylen had breathed his last before she could even gather him into her arms.

A figure stood awaiting them, the man Calden had told Elwyn of, he was to help her set up a new life in this city, a city that was far away from everything she knew and everything she was familiar with.


Music : DJ ONI @onidj
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VJing by TOOWA2.
In the nightclub & music festival, GIG, fashion show.
Based in Tokyo.
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"If it were up to me, I’d give them the #1 spot." Same. Some fans are authentically underwhelmed, which is ok, WFH was huge. But the onslaught of negative feedback, unstanning, and limited patience feels indicative of fans simply looking for reasons to vent on 5H period. Camila left and has been afforded more artistic and creative freedom. Not 5H. So why the harsh bar? IKWYDLS, BT, CITC are all outside sampled creative efforts fans are much more forgiving of. Down is a solid summer bop.

The thing is, while I was underwhelmed at first with Down (on first listen), I knew that it’s that type of song which I’ll grow to like with repeated play.

And also, I know I’m excited with the rest of the album. I mean that collab with Skrillex!? I’m fucking pissing my pants because I’m so curious how that will sound like. I’ve always been more into unorthodox sounds, and I can’t wait for that shit.

Also, still lowkey waiting for that supposed Minaj collab.

Create This Journal

I recently bought ‘Wreck This Journal’ and have started on my first journal journey. I am not nearly as creative as the samples I have seen on Tumblr but I am not competing creatively with others. I am creating for myself. That idea of creating for myself gave me an idea for an art journal project called ‘Create This Journal’. After purchasing a journal I will be creating my own art pages. If you wish to create your own and want ideas, I will be posting random page projects and would love it if you shared your work. Today’s page assignment… ‘Dictionary of Gibberish’ - make up a word and make up a definition. Get others to add to your dictionary. Use as many pages as you like. Humour is key!

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Pose, outfit etc inspired from something I did back in college … We were tasked to do sample creative photos for our yearbook and my friend and I chose to do this shot where it seemed like we were levitating which I REGRETTED afterwards bc i had to do some difficult poses (like I had to look like I was climbing some invisi-stairs and to do it I had to sit on a high stool with only 1/8 of my butt actually sitting also I had to lie prone on a small table and lift my arms and legs as if I was flying while remaining completely still ohgahd) anyway the edited shots turned out good which was nice I guess

Me and Her

Oh Please
Save me from myself
And all the incarnations of me
That might appear
Save me from them
From her
And all her wild ways
You may see her wandering the streets of London
Or sitting at the bottom of a whiskey bottle
Or living in the chords of a guitar
Being played at a pub down the way
She may be wearing a hat
Or scarf
Or running naked through a field full of wildflowers
As the sun rises against the warming sky
Save me from me
From all the parts of me
That dance through the world
You may see her
Flying to the moon
Walking toward the horizon
Sinking with the sunset
Dancing through the stars
Stop that mad girl
From catching fire
As she lets the sun hold her in its arms
Save that girl trapped in the mirror
Whose green eyes
Mirror my own
Whose blonde hair flows in the summer breeze
And lives amongst the willow trees
Save yourselves
And her

Original Work: KH 8/31/14


The tracklist of John’s debut album “Hajimari no Hi [Beginning of the Day]” releasing this November 14!! ^^

1. 星のまにまに [At the Mercy of the Star]
3. 東京ダンパー [Tokyo Damper]
4. SAZANKA [Sazanka is japanese for the flower Camellia sasanqua]
5. いない いない [None None]
6. はじまりの日 [Beginning of the Day]
7. アカネイロ (「ツキウタ。」コガネイロ -Original arrange Ver.-) [Madder Red “Akaneiro”] it’s the arranged version of Yoru’s Koganeiro sang by John
8. 君の知らない街で [In a Town You Don’t Know of]
9. 夜の光 (「ツキウタ。」夜の光 -Piano arrange Ver.-) [Evening Light -Piano arrange Ver.-]

[This interview is no longer available– I happened to find it on the Wayback Machine, so I’m “archiving” it here. :D]

LA Weekly
Thursday, October 25, 2007

On the eve of its final American performance of 2007, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter discusses the duo’s banner year, the future of the music industry and the current state of electronic music.

This Saturday night at the Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas, Daft Punk will conclude its revelatory summer American tour. Praised by both critics and fans as one of the best shows of the year – and by many as the greatest show in the history of electronic dance music – the veteran French house duo’s performances saw them perched atop a magical pyramid as a feast of effects and epiphanies swarmed from floor to rafter. L.A. Weekly recently spoke by phone with Thomas Bangalter, who, with partner Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, comprise Daft Punk.

L.A. Weekly: I’m trying to get a sense of your mindset when you converged on Los Angeles to begin rehearsals for your summer American tour. What were your goals, and what were your expectations?
Thomas Bangalter: We’ve really been on a world tour since that first show at Coachella in April, 2006. We played all summer in Europe last year, and then we played South America and Asia, and also in the fall of last year, too. And we went back to more rehearsals and then played in America, and now we end up in Vegas and then in Mexico and Australia. But it’s true that the headquarters of this tour, are, in a sense, Los Angeles, where we have our creative offices right now. So the tour has been linked to L.A. since before we played in L.A. in July. The rehearsals took place between February and April of last year, 2006, and then there were more rehearsals and more changes in L.A. between April and May of this year.

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now this is just silly @majinmochi

so what if xlt-rxght/whxte suprxmacists/nxo-nxzi people like a thing?

(i’ve written them this way so that my post is not searchable by these terms via mobile, in case anyone was confused.)

that doesnt make the thing inherently associated with them.

hxtler liked art, dogs, children and literature

does that mean that people should ditch those things because hxtler liked them? no. of course not.

bad people liking a thing does not mean the thing itself is suddenly bad. sorry, but i dont believe in association with something bad by proxy of interest in an unrelated thing. that’s fragile logic at best.

ditching it is letting them have it. dont ditch it. take it back. don’t let them use it as a piece of their identity. don’t let them give it negative connotations. that goes with anything.

in the end, vaporwave is just a music genre built around creative sampling and the idea of “the greatest artists are the ones who steal”. the very idea of vaporwave in and of itself is satire, so taking it seriously is pointless. its got nothing to do with politics. it doesnt matter how these people try to correlate it with themselves, it’ll never be about them and never was. sorry, but i refuse to let them win. 

i like vaporwave (moreso many of the subgenres of it) because of the core idea and the cool sounds and the massive creative circle that has formed because of it; i really could care less about the beliefs a specific group of people who happen to decide to enjoy it. they aren’t me. their beliefs don’t transfer to me via the thing by proxy. it doesn’t work that way.

it was never for them, will never BE for them, so don’t let it.

Congrats Lindsey – and welcome to the world of Crossed Swords as Baltasar Olveda! We adore that you’re so excited (as are we!) about all the directions that you can take Bal in the future. Your in-depth explanation of his inner workings, his strengths, weaknesses, and his softer side in the para sample and creativity corner cemented our excitement - here is a guy who is sure to shake things up! We look forward to seeing them on the streets of Paris. Please complete our checklist in the next 48 hours and looking forward to writing with you!


Song: Sleepyhead
Artist: Passion Pit
Year: 2008
Why it’s Dope: Creative sampling throughout, passionate vocal performance, great keyboard textures, very interesting lyrics.


I take your love
The love I keep for you
In my heart
And hold it in my hands
I need it out of my body
Out of every part of me
Out of my blood
My soul
I carry it in my palms
The palms of my small hands
Hands that were overwhelmed by yours
When you’d wrap your hand around mine
And I could feel your love
My hand has been hollow and empty since then
But now I fill it with my love for you
And try not to crush it
So delicate and gentle
Like fine silk that tied us together
My love for you has never left
But merely faded
But I want it no more
As it sits here
In my hand
I take a deep breath
And quietly
Like the sound of snow falling
In an untouched field
I put my lips together
And I let my air push it out of my hands
Until it flies through the air
The breeze
The wind
Carried into eternity
Where you and I will always live
Our love will always be interwoven
Into the fabric of time
It will live there until time ends
Our love is for the ages now
The past
The present
The future
Until it carries through the emptiness of space
And mingles with the stardust of eternity.

Original Work: KH 8/15/14


Home for the weekend
[Living in a long distance relationship and the day you pick them up]

Emily Kucala 2014
Song: Something Good Can Work
Two Door Cinema Club 2010

Cinematography and editing: Emily Kucala
Edited with iMovie
Watch in 720p.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley

I had a really awesome solo trip to Universal over the summer and finally was able to create something presentable of all the clips. It is likely that I am going to be submitting this as a creative sample for film schools so opinions are always appreciated. Thank you!

Song: Hurry Hurry by Air Traffic Controller