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I made my first spell today!

I have a lot of friends who are artists, and I am also an artist, and something I struggle with a lot is having confidence in myself as a creator. So I made this concoction with the intention of building confidence and eradicating self-doubt, specifically to do with creating. 

Artist’s Blessing


Storm water (for passion, strength)
Basil (for happiness and satisfaction with one’s work)
Lavender (for protection from self-doubt)
Cinnamon (for creativity)

The amounts don’t really matter (but the cinnamon makes it smell really good!). I put the storm water in a small bottle and mixed the other ingredients into it. 

To charge it, simply shake the bottle and say these words: 

As the storm shakes the earth,
May this blessing shake my soul.
Motivate me to create
For that is what makes me whole.”

I am keeping mine by my computer since that is where I do most of my creating, but you can set it anywhere where it will be most useful!

I hope this can help any fellow creatives!

The Types as People I Know (by an INFJ)


  • N e r d
  • doesn’t know what’s going on 90% of the time
  • literally one of the most learned people I know but always acts like they don’t know even the simplest thing
  • cinnamon roll
  • also incredibly humble and always willing to learn more
  • surprisingly good at sports 
  • conversations either die in 2 seconds or go on for 21 hours, there is no in between
  • only wants everybody to get along but doesn’t know how


  • F I
  • not everything in your life wants to challenge your Fi or attack your values, relax mate
  • super reserved, like, needs a 8-year friendship, two empty bottles of wine, a broken heart and for it to be either 2 or 3 am to finally open up a little
  • that weird friend with the weird interests™
  • impossibly unease with feelings, especially other people’s 
  • has very strong opinions about everything
  • devoted crack shipper
  • loyal af, they will die before stabbing you in the back


  • never runs out of conversation topics
  • head in the clouds 24/7
  • their Si will remember everything you did wrong forever so think twice before pissing them off
  • seems random but give them a second and the’ll show you that they were actually on topic the whole time
  • Your Fi-Te will hurt someone some day, speaking your mind about everything is not always the right choice
  • a child, a literal child: hold their hand when you hang out because they could literally get lost in a 5 feet room 


  • thinks they know everything about you even if you never exchanged a word with them 
  • secretly judging you
  • the definition of rushing to conclusions cause no, it’s not INFJs: we have been wrong the whole time
  • will try to save you somehow
  • you don’t know it yet, but you definitely need saving. just accept it
  • cute and caring on the outside, shrewd mastermind on the inside
  • currently tending to 12347876 humanitarian projects but still looking for more


  • too cute asdfghjkl
  • always clueless but gets away with it because cute
  • could befriend a rock
  • children, they are always surrounded by children
  • secretly santa
  • if they haven’t lost every single one of their possessions yet is only because they surround themselves with Te users
  • transparent and pure in a scary way like, holy shit, how can you wear your heart on your sleeve all the time like that???
  • will cry because other people are crying


  • the mom friend™
  • their Si is scary
  • soft on the outside, more organized than an obsessive compulsive ESTJ on the inside
  • most stubborn person I know like, try to change their mind, just try, you won’t succeed, you cannot succeed
  • would cut off their own hand rather than hurt your feelings
  • master of small talk
  • cares for you by micromanaging your life with a smile
  • Ne will not kill you, if you dye your walls a different color for the first time in 34 years it will not be the end of the world, I promise


  • sugar and spice and everything nice
  • also long walks in the woods and exercising at first light
  • restless and peaceful at the same time, they are what I believe nirvana must feel like
  • you never know what goes on inside their head: mass murder? the cure for cancer? recipes for creative pasta sauces? beats me
  • cute and genuine, only wants to have a good time but extremely chill about it
  • has 4.0 gpa but still dismisses it as ‘nothing important’


  • too cool for you™
  • chill and detached
  • world war iii and nuclear explosions could be raging outside but they would still have their breakfast, shower, and wear comfy clothes like nothing’s happening
  • feelings? what feelings? 
  • their Ti’s laziness saved their life more times than they know
  • occasionally prone to philosophical conversations
  • likes to be obnoxious just to be obnoxious but actually cares v deeply about you and your feelings 


  • chill, so chill all the time, give me some of your chill please
  • how can you trust the moment like that??? how can you rush into things without a second thought?
  • poker face master 
  • busy all the time, a free second is a lost second
  • has no idea what they’re doing but still looks like they’ve got this 100%
  • likes to muse about abstract concepts but loses interest pretty soon
  • “relax. everything’s fine” they said before everything started being NOT fine
  • never listens to elders
  • procrastinates life changing decisions like a pro


  • the friend you need
  • will rationalize all of your problems and then take you out for shopping and dinner to cheer you up
  • outspoken and blunt like o m g you are hurting other people’s feelings!
  • makes life changing decisions in 2.0 seconds
  • “i’m bored, let’s do something”
  • name a tv series. they’ve watched it. name a film. they’ve watched it. name a book. they’ve read it. they do nothing but engage in media consumption
  • will always pretend they’re fine
  • works only on Te induced panic


  • wants you to go straight to the point
  • could socialize with a rock
  • meets people they know wherever they go, has probably acquaintances on the moon too
  • why do i always feel like I did something wrong when I’m with you?
  • so organized, so reliable, so strong, so emotionally repressed
  • will panic if things don’t go as planned, Ne is a bitch
  • surprisingly creative and a very very good listener, also humble
  • will never ever tell you how they feel
  • always gets your shit together for you. you are welcome


  • kinda scary
  • always wants more, perfection can be perfectioned
  • takes everything as a competition
  • they’ve played all the videogames you can think of. name one. they played it, they owned it, they established the new national record
  • probably a serial killer 
  • so smart asdfghhjkl
  • are they serious? are they joking? are they secretly planning your murder? you will never know
  • every time they smile, a puppy dies
  • i admire your hold on Se, like yes tell that bitch who’s boss


  • social situation? what social situation?
  • they know, they always know. they’ve known it all along. listen to them or have them tell you they knew for the next 46 years. up to you
  • sexually attracted to calendars and planners
  • they probably own a death note but are too lazy to use it. for now.
  • systematical nerd
  • a w k w a r d a s h e l l 
  • can’t handle conversations with more than one person at a time
  • has 74 different tumblr blogs, one for each of their various interests. either tags everything or tags nothing


  • everything must have a deeper meaning, things are always a metaphor for something else
  • probably knows everything about your life dreams and secret fears and ambitions but forgot about your birthday 3 seconds after you told them the date
  • clumsy af, never leave them alone, they can’t care for themselves
  • will make people happy at any cost but in their own way with their own time
  • ends up making people AND themselves unhappy in the process
  • cannot talk for the life of them but writes beautifully
  • craves deep connections and tea
  • wants to save the world someday but is content with just imagining it for now


  • knows what they wanted to do with their life since they were 4
  • is slowly getting there
  • bitter and sarcastic like a grumpy Victorian old lady
  • hardcore shipper
  • created 15 power point presentations to prove that JohnLock is canon
  • gravitates toward chocolate and mechanical pencils
  • that one fanwriter you adore
  • has vintage but amazing fashion sense, their hair and makeup is always on point


  • chaotic tsundere 
  • had a feeling, once 
  • has currently 459 open tabs and it’s not even the most they’ve ever had
  • let’s spend the next ten years discussing science together please
  • always knows the best way to make fun of someone but use themselves as favorite target
  • played devil’s advocate just to piss people off so many times they can no longer tell when they’re playing devil’s advocate but people still get pissed so everything’s good i guess
  • “yes but what if-”
  • doesn’t know where whores go

overwatch-garbage-97  asked:

prompto showing ignis how to correctly use tumblr

As a wondrous friend has told me with this pop-up series: “And thus, the Gates of Hell were opened.” 

Prompto showing Ignis the Tumblr ropes:

  • “No, dude, you’re not ‘tumblng’ when you do things on Tumblr.”
    • “Well. I thought it was clever.”
  • “This is the reblog button, it’s how you add a post to your blog while crediting the original source.”
    • “Yes, but what’s a hashtag?”
    • “A tag is used so people can find the post when they search for it.”
    • “…So, to find this naked drawing of me, I would search the: ‘Sexy. I want to bang him so bad, Iggy, touch me’ tag?” 
    • *tearing up* *holding back laughter* “Dude.”
  • Prompto regrets showing him how to reply to posts, he always has ‘constructive criticism’ for anything food related. He is also a kink-shamer, who knew?
    • “That is inappropriate to mention in public. I do not care if you are using the name filthy-milfy182 instead of your given.”
  • Ignis is the first of he, Prompto, and Ravus to ever get hate from an Anonymous User. 
    • *furious typing* “We are all entitled to our opinion, good sir or madam–”
  • Prompto told Ignis he could just type relevant words into the tags and he does so, but he also types in full websites and irritatingly long recipe titles.
  • Once he was shown the user-tag system, no man was safe. 
  • Ignis took his newly found knowledge to his best parent friend Regis and now they collaborate: Ignis with his creative recipes look just darling pictured with the King’s knowledge in interior decorating. 
  • Fact: Two Blue Bloods make one entire Sandra Lee. 

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Advice needed

I’m starting to use this blog again but with more of a focus on self-improvement rather than just fitness, so I’d appreciate any advice/ recommendations you guys have on:

- dealing with boredom/ loneliness
- dealing with otherthinking
- coping mechanisms for self destructive thoughts.
- dealing with anger
- self- love
- self - care
- struggling to connect with people
- overcoming shyness
- expressing yourself/ self- confidence
- creative things to do
- recipes (I’m veggie)
- positive self talk
- good deeds to do for others