creative pumpkin

Daddy Ashton Smut

“Daddy! I want to play the drums now!” I heard our little girl Brailynn whine.

Curly brown hair tied back by a red bandana and beautiful hazel eyes like her daddy. A 5sos shirt on, a pair of blue jeans, and black boots. The spitting image of her father. 

 "Just a second angel Luke is playing right now" he said trying to comfort his daughter.

 "Luke why don’t you let Brailynn play for a while and I’ll make you some cookies?“ I said smiling at my seven year old son. Brown eyes and curly dirty blonde hair a mess. A pair of basketball shorts and a 1d shirt signed by “uncle” Niall on. 

 "Ok momma” he said shrugging.

“Here you go Brai” he said handing her the drumsticks.

“Woo! Are you ready to rock?!” The four year old yelled drumsticks held high in the air sitting at the children’s drum kit in the living room.

“WOOO!” A curly haired hazel eyed man said walking closer to the drums with the biggest smile I’d ever seen.

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