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RFA+V+Saeran Proposes to MC

A/N: This wasn’t requested but the ideas have been in my mind for a while so hey why not


  • The lil bean was a nervous wreck omg
  • He’s going to ask you to be married to him for the rest of your lives that’s a lot of pressure
  • “Zen, I need help I’ve never proposed before”
  • Of course you haven’t, idiot”
  • He’s trying so hard to come up with a really cute way to propose
  • But all the ideas he comes up with aren’t good enough
  • He asks literally everyone in the RFA and almost spills to you in the process oops
  • Jaehee knocks some sense into him saying that no matter how he does it, you would say yes
  • Yoosung gains a lot more confidence after that and immediately knows what to do
  • He decides to go for the traditional proposal at dinner instead of going all out
  • You go out to a really nice restaurant for dinner and you can tell something’s off with him
  • When you’re both chilling in his house, you ask him what’s wrong
  • Immediately starts stuttering like crazy
  • Eventually, he takes a deep breath and just goes for it
  • “MC… Ever since you came into my life, you’ve been nothing but kind and understanding towards me even if we were strangers. I found myself falling for you fast and I knew I wanted to protect you and make you happy. I still feel that way. These past couple years have been nothing short of wonderful and I hope you think so, too. And I hope that we could have a lot more years like them in the future. So…”
  • At this point you’re both tearing up but he gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring with a shaky hand
  • “Will you marry me, MC?


  • You know how he is
  • Obviously he’s going to want to make the most romantic proposal in the entire world
  • He’s got this super extravagant plan in his mind and it’s going to be perfect
  • Until it isn’t lol
  • He took you out to a romantic picnic at your favorite park
  • We’re talking candles-everywhere-as-the-sun-sets-while-feeding-each-other-chocolate-covered-strawberries kind of romantic
  • He cooked the food himself
  • Since you love to hear him sing, he serenades your favorite song to you
  • Everything is going just fine until the nerves start kicking in
  • The plan was to propose after the song but you’re giving him this really sweet and loving look and he loses all composure
  • He starts blushing and his breathing is uneven and his palms are sweaty
  • knees weak arms are heavy
  • You realize he’s struggling to say something you encourage him while waiting patiently
  • He takes your hands in his to calm himself down a little
  • “I want you to know how much I love you. I absolutely love everything about you. Like the way your nose crinkles when you laugh or how you nag me to take a break if I work too hard and how you sing to yourself whenever you cook or how you snore a little bit when you sleep haha… I love how supportive you are. No matter how tough the situation is, you’ve always defended me and stayed by my side. But most importantly, I would love it if you would continue to stay by my side.”
  • You watch as he gets down on one knee, a shy smile on his face as he pulls out the ring
  • “How about it, MC? Will you marry me and stay by my side for the rest of our lives?”


  • Cool and calculated on the outside, a Hot Mess™ on the inside
  • She does a really good job at keeping the proposal a secret from you but as they day looms closer, she becomes a nervous wreck
  • She starts messing up customer’s orders, drops a plate or two, ya know
  • You’re worried about her but when you ask about it, she quickly brushes it off
  • This isn’t normally like her so you know it’s something bad
  • At the end of the work day, you suggest that she relax a little bit before you two start closing
  • She agrees but goes to the back of the kitchen to get some food for you two
  • When she brings out a slice of cake for you to share, you ask her what’s wrong
  • She fidgets with her sleeve as her eyes fixate on the cake that you’re in the middle of eating, avoiding to look you in the eyes
  • “There’s nothing wrong, I promise. It’s just… I really love you, MC. More than you know. You’ve helped realize that I need to follow my own dreams and take more risks instead of taking it safe.” She looks around the shop. “I mean, you helped me open up my own coffee shop! But one thing you helped me most on is love. Because of you, I took a chance and fell in love. With you. You not only helped me achieve my dream of owning my own cafe but also my dream of finding someone who could love me.”
  • You watch as she looks back down at the cake you’ve forgotten about
  • As you look down, you can see a shining diamond hidden in the pastry
  • “Can you help me achieve one more dream and marry me?”


  • pretend the good ending of his route doesn’t exist lol
  • This man wanted the best and only the best for you
  • But he knew you preferred the simpler things in life
  • so he decided to cancel the raining rose petals and doves lol
  • Instead, he decided to take you out to your favorite restaurant for dinner
  • But obviously he made sure you had the entire restaurant to yourselves
  • He’s a little nervous but not so much because come on
  • He wouldn’t propose unless he knew for a fact that you would say yes
  • So dinner goes by without a problem and you two are just enjoying the quiet company of each other
  • But when the waiters bring out dessert, he gets a little fidgety
  • When you ask him if he’s okay, he takes a deep breath and starts the speech he prepared ahead of time
  • “I want you to know how grateful I am that you are in my life. You are so patient and understanding with me. I was so… isolated before I met you. But you’ve taught me to accept my own emotions and learn to love. I love you, MC, with all my heart.”
  • Jumin moves to stand up and kneel down next to you, pulling out a velvet box and revealing the ring inside
  • “All I want to do is to make you happy. You deserve the best life possible and I’ll do anything to ensure that. But will you give me the best life by becoming my wife?”


  • this is gonna be chandler and monica style from friends get ready
  • It’s been a while since the whole Mint Eye thing and Seven had been thinking of proposing to you
  • But he’s Seven so he’s really scared that you won’t say yes since he believes he still isn’t good enough for you
  • You knew that he wanted to marry you and why he was so hesitant so you decided to break tradition
  • When Seven came home from running errands, he found you in the living room surrounded by candles and looking really nervous
  • He sat down next to you on the couch and noticed you were tearing up
  • Seven goes into PANIC MODE
  • He starts to ask questions and see if you’re hurt or if he did something or what but you shut him up
  • “I want you to know how much I love you. I know you’re afraid of this whole “love and relationship” thing but I want you to know that I love you more than anything else. To prove to you that I will never leave you…”
  • You start pulling out the ring you bought for him but at this point you’re full on sobbing and shaking you can’t speak 
  • This boi is tearing up but he gets the idea and helps you out a bit
  • “I knew I wanted to marry you since you stuck by my side even after going to the Mint Eye. You’ve made me become a better man in more ways than I can count. I’m sorry it took me so long and made you wait, but I love you, too.”
  • He looks you in the eyes as you both take a deep breath before saying at the same time:
  • “Will you marry me?”


  • V wanted to be creative with his proposal but nothing too extravagant
  • So he decided to make it a little sentimental instead by using his photography skills in the process
  • You were out with some friends so he asked Jumin for some help with the set up to which he gladly agreed
  • When you got home, you found a photo taped to the front of the door of you and all the other RFA members
  • Below it was a note saying “The first party and first time we met.”
  • You smiled as you took the photo down and saw more taped along the hallway
  • Each had notes underneath life “Our first date.” or “Taken after we said our first ‘I love you’s’” or “First time I ever saw you.” or “The day you moved in.” 
  • The photos led to the backyard and when you went outside, you saw V standing in the middle with a big smile on his face and you walk over to him
  • Before you can ask him what all the fuss was about, he kneels and begins speaking
  • “You are truly a blessing in life. In my life. You are so patient and kind and understanding and generous without asking for anything in return. I wanted to show you how much I love you and somehow give back for all the kindness you’ve given me. All the photos you have are from moments I hold close to my heart. I hope that we have more photos to take in the future.”
  • You watch him pull out the ring as you hear a snap and see Seven off to the side with a camera
  • “MC, will you marry me and make more memories with me?”


  • You had been together for years and it was a slow and steady relationship 
  • Sure you wanted to marry him but you didn’t mind waiting and giving him time considering everything that he’s been through
  • He wants you to be by his side since you’re the only one that really understands him
  • You’re both cuddling on the couch and watching a movie like any other day
  • It was your turn to pick the movie so you choose this romance movie Jaehee recommended
  • it’s not a zen movie *gasp*
  • At some point, the two main characters get married and you don’t think much of it
  • Saeran, however, has got that scene stuck in his mind
  • Once the movie ends, he asks you if you liked it
  • When you say yes, he just nods quietly and bites his lip
  • You know that’s a nervous tick of his but you don’t want to press him if he doesn’t want to share
  • You’re about to get up to get food when you hear him mutter something
  • It was so quiet so you ask him to repeat it
  • “Let’s get married.”
  • He’s looking at you straight in the eye and you know that he’s completely serious about this
  • You can’t help the grin on your face as you give him a kiss
  • “Okay. Let’s get married.”

I remember when I went to DC a few months ago this middle aged lady offering my friends and I a job to travel and look at her boss’s website. She had this whole story about him and his comeup , but she couldn’t tell us his name, the website, the company, nothing and it was sketchy af so you really have to be careful and mindful around everybody like these traffickers have very creative proposals and if I had been more naive or failed to ask the right questions who knows what might’ve happened

Settle It

Anonymous asked High school/student council AU. The reader and Alex don’t get along AT ALL and the rest of the council(read: hamsqud etc) Get sick of it so they lock them in the meeting room together and rufuse to let them out til they have settled their differences

A/N: This is the first request I’ve done in a while. Sorry for the long wait.

WC: 2320

TW:  Cursing, fat shaming, fighting.

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader

AU: Highschool! AU.

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“For the last goddamn time, Hamilton, we cannot tax the students for coming to class!

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anonymous asked:

Hi there, i love your blog. Could you imagine how seventeen propose their s/o, it would be great...

S.Coups: Seungcheol would propose to you when you’re both on a trip together. He’d take you to one of the most beautiful places there, and propose to you under the stars.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would propose to you in a grassy and flowery field. You’d both be watching the clouds, when he’d suddenly point out that one of the clouds looked like a ring. That’s when he’d take out the ring he got you and propose.

Joshua: Jisoo would propose to you at the top of one of the tallest buildings in the city at nighttime. You’d be looking at the view of the city, and when you turn to him, he’d on one knee holding out the ring.

Jun: Junhui would propose to you at the beach. He’d take you out for a walk when it’s sunset, and suddenly get down on one knee and propose to you. He’d say it in Chinese at first to tease you. “(laughs) Junhui, what does that mean?” “Marry me.”

Hoshi: Soonyoung would make a loud and extravagant proposal, one that perfectly describes him. He’d get all the other members in on it, and probably plan an entire Scavenger Hunt around the city, including a flash mob.

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would propose to you in a beautiful garden. He’d plan a creative proposal, maybe by carefully place the ring (he’d make sure it’s diamond) in the middle of a rose and handing it to you. It’d be cute, but he’d ruin it by making a lame joke. “I guess you could say you… slipped into the diamond life.”

Woozi: Jihoon would do it somewhere private. He’d propose to you through a song he made, singing while playing the piano or guitar. It probably took him months to complete the song, but it was all worth it in the end.

DK: Seokmin would propose to you with an amusement park picture. It’d seem like a simple hangout since the other members would be there too. He’d suggest a ride where they capture a picture at the end of a drop, and when you go see it at the end of the ride, the members are holding signs with a letter spelling out, “WILL YOU MARRY” and Seokmin’s at the end pointing at himself and holding a ring.

Mingyu: Mingyu would plan the entire thing, and follow it step by step. He’d probably do some research on the top ten most romantic spots in Korea, and take you to one of them. He’d get down on one knee, reach into his pocket, and that’s when he realizes… he forgot the ring. (But you’d still say yes).

The8: Minghao would take you to China and propose to you at one of his favorite spots. Once the stars start appearing in the sky and the pearl-white moon is out, he’d get down on one knee and propose to you. He’d make it as romantic as possible.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan would propose to you creatively. He’d propose to you through a game of Hangman, with a fortune cookie, with a Kinder Surprise. He’d want it to be an unexpected and unforgettable proposal.

Vernon: Hansol would be traditional and propose to you during dinner at a nice restaurant. He’d probably use a classic move by asking one of the waiters to hide the ring in the cake, growing more and more nervous as dessert time approaches.

Dino: Chan would take you to the secret hideout only you two know about. He’d decorate the place beforehand with the help of the other members, making it as beautiful as possible. He’d message you to go there, and when you do, he’d be on one knee holding out the ring.

thank you for your request!! ^^

You’ll have your moments, just like the couples in the movies.

You can have sunset kisses and picnic dinners on sunny hilltops, you can have homemade dinners and seeing each other as you wake in the morning. You can have travel, romantic holidays just for you two, at beaches drinking things with little umbrellas in them, at snow seeing the snowflakes grace her head, at foreign countries trying to flirt in scraps of another language at the cutest cafe in the world.

You can have proposals in fancy restaurants full of people and applause, you can have creative proposals where all your friends pitch in to make a performance. You can have big weddings with a gorgeous trailing dress or a crisp black suit. You can have LA runaway weddings with the thrill of finally being free. You can have weddings in the forest with sunbeams falling everywhere and flowers in her hair.

You can have it. You will have it. You’ll have whatever you want, because there is a girl out there who will love you to the ends of the earth.

WOY Shipping Prompts

For anyone who has Wander over Yonder shipping needs. Will be updated once in a while if new shipping ideas come up.


1.} Wander gets stressed while helping out and takes it out on Sylvia. Sylander prompt

2.} Dominator decides to give one chance to Hater about a date. Dom n Hater prompt

3.} Hater, Wander & Peepers try to figure out the most creative way to propose to their girlfriend, Sylvia. Celestial Body prompt

4.} Wander & Dominator get trapped on the same planet alone together and have to cooperate. Death Star prompt

5.} Hater wonders what type of pet Ripov would enjoy. Skull Hunter prompt

6.} Peepers is having night terrors and it awakens Sylvia. Black Eye prompt

7.} Hater & Awesome get a little too woozy from overdoses of Thunder Blazz. Conquering Boyfriends prompt

8.} Ripov helps Awesome overcome his fears of lava. Shark Hunter prompt

9.} Demurra gladly helps out Hater on how to treat a woman. Princess Skeleton prompt

10.} Wander finds himself in one of Screwball’s tickle traps. Wanderball prompt

11.} Wander is unsure of the feelings he feels towards Ripov, even after dating her a while. Nomad Hunter prompt

12.} Peepers falls under the weather and Hater tries to take care of things himself. Death Glare prompt

13.} Hater shows Wander how to play video games. Skeleton Dance prompt

14.} Dominator works it up to ask Sylvia out for another girls’ night. Sylava prompt

15.} Sylvia & Hater get bored to the point of childish games with each other. Zboneak prompt

16.} Wander & Peepers enjoy a bit of baking together. Wandering Eye prompt

17.} Awesome teaches Peepers a few moves on how to loosen up. Eyesome prompt

18.} Wander and Jeff catch up after being apart so long. Tumblesquid prompt

19.} Beeza helps change Ripov’s perspective of insect creatures. Flea Hunter prompt

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for May 3, 2017-Mercury Direct

The Moon is in romantic Leo all day bringing us powerful energy and a keen sense of movement towards our goals. Stay centered and focused on what needs to be achieved. The Moon sextiles Rx Jupiter overnight helping us dream of opportunities we may have overlooked or passed up.  

Mercury moves direct this afternoon in bold Aries helping to set many of our recently blocked maneuvers straight. The truth and communications will unfold slowly and eventually. A clear path will materialize if we have a bit of patience.   

The Sun and Neptune sextile tonight helping us tune into our deeper sense of purpose, spirituality and the instincts needed to progress on our path. Creative insights and proposals spring up and need an outlet, be prepared with pen and paper to record each insight. Our point of view allows for an expansion of perspective for people, places and things. 

There is a Grand Fire Trine that starts today and ends tomorrow just after midnight with the Moon forming a trine with Mercury, Uranus and Rx Sagittarius encouraging us to explore our voice, our sense of adventure plus help us stay on task. It may take a while longer to fully comprehend what happens today, but stay wide awake and open to everything.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- Strength, the 7 of Cups and the Queen of Cups- stay mindfully connected to your center, beware of illusions or promises of more than can be delivered. Our intuitive sense of self and carefully expressed emotions will guide us through the day. 

Chakras: throat and root 

Crystals: blue lace agate and smokey quartz 

Aromatherapy: peppermint and cedarwood 

Yoga-a strong sunrise salutation flow with legs up the wall end.      


Flyers MASH, as requested! Tag your results :)!

Prince was learning a lot in the studio, but that didn’t ease the edginess that continued to eat at his creative soul. He proposed to the band that they go to New York and try to get a deal. He presented the idea to the rest of the band, but all were against it except André, who had no real immediate answer at all. Prince has said that the situation symbolized his relationship with the group almost from the very beginning. “I always felt like it was me against them. I would want to do things and they wouldn’t. Nothing was happening in Minneapolis; I felt that going to New York was better than sitting around there.”

Prince, who had by now obtained enough credits to graduate early from Central High, scraped up enough dough from the band’s gigs to get himself a ticket to the Big Apple. Once he got there, he’d stay with Sharon, an older sister on his father’s side. Friends from the period aren’t sure, but they believe Sharon is the same sister who visited Minneapolis from New York. They remember Prince being very protective of her. “It was as if he didn’t want anyone getting too close to her. He wouldn’t let any of the guys talk to her. She was real pretty.”

Prince’s journey to New York is comparable to the cliché story of the country boy coming to the big city. The only person he knew in all of Manhattan was Sharon, an older half sister on his father’s side. He had called her while in Minneapolis with the news of his journey east, and she urged him to come. She liked Prince and felt that he had talent. She also felt that managing her brother’s fledgling career would help her make a great foray into show business.

When Prince hit the asphalt of New York, he was ready for anything. He was disgusted with the life he had left in Minneapolis. Paining him was the fact that he and André Anderson separated with a difference of opinion. He and André had grown both as musicians and virtual brothers. Prince was disappointed that André hadn’t seen fit to set foot outside the Twin Cities to try to get something happening, but that’s the way it was. Prince had his own mission.

Prince’s sister immediately went to work trying to set up meetings with producers, record companies, and whoever else would listen. In her connecting with different people, she met a manager-type who had a band of his own. In their exchange of notes, the manager revealed that he had an appointment with a woman entrepreneur from Paris and that something might be cooking. He invited Prince’s sister to go to the meeting, and she in turn, brought Prince along. At a small office in Manhattan, the Parisian entrepreneur, a woman named Danielle Mauroy, asked the manager to put his act’s demo tape into the recorder. The music that came out of the speakers was pretty mundane, and the manager immediately began making excuses. Those weren’t the real musicians playing on the tape, he said. As the music got worse, so did the excuses.

Prince’s sister seized the moment and began telling Danielle how talented her little brother was. Danielle asked Prince to sing for her, and he refused. “Why?” she asked.

“Because I’m scared.”

And she said, “You don’t have to be afraid.” They turned the lights down in the room and Prince launched into his high, frilly falsetto, singing a capella the song “Baby,” which he had just written that same day and would ultimately record for his first album. Since the song was brand new, Prince really didn’t have all the lyrics together and hummed his way through some parts, but Danielle loved his voice. She invited Prince to her apartment and told him to bring all of his songs. - Prince by Steven Ivory