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nico you’re the sweetest brother ever

i was watching victorious yesterday and this scene came up (it’s from 03x02) and lazel was the only thing in my head when i saw it - in more of the friendship way, but im totally cool with this ship - i mean this is something leo would do, right? and that would be hazel’s reaction, i’m sure!!

so leo came along with jason to visit camp jupiter before christmas and revealed he’s hazel’s secret santa - cause all of them love playing this on christmas. i believe that leo would give the most creative presents!!

things i wanted to point out: jason’s outfit (which was also inspired by victorious). reyna smiling at leo in the name of my leyna shipper’s days - still on it btw. frank smiling at leo. cause cmon they ARE cute buddies. and nico’s funny outfit. yep. nico is everyone’s candy man

god bless the girl warriors, the defenders of teenage laughter, the women who push themselves between fire and body; god bless the women witches who pull love like endless scarves, who pull together families, who magic dinners in ten minutes; god bless the science dragon-kin who come with their scales rippling, who tear down STEM fields and burn the patriarchy just by studying, who work their bellies raw only to be told they’re “naturally talented,” who are keepers of the late nights and coffees, who catch doctor mistakes but get lower pay, who double-shift without wincing; god bless the art queens, hair messy and creativity overflowing, who present ideas without apologizing, who carve raw their bones and put honest on display - god bless the avenging seraphim in the form of women, the quiet close-standing of one woman watching another in a train station, the silent knowing here-i-am glance of women when men are too rowdy, the steel of women protecting young girls, the fire of women who protect their trans sisters, the arc light of trans sisters leading the charge in standing up for women’s rights; god bless women, seen as weak, seen as relenting, taught to bow and beg and apologize - god bless every social justice fighter, every freedom bell ringer, every young lady who does not just shake chains but instead is using them to shatter glass ceilings. go forth and conquer. you’re all my heroes.

Looking back

“If I could tell a 15‑year‑old self something, it’d be to try not to care about your appearance. Besides that, I think to always hold on to that sense of childhood wonder, that excitement. I always try to make sure I remember to put that back into my work, to remember that from doing it because I love it, and it’s not just a job, and doing it for play. As an artist, I think it’s incredibly important to hold on to the fearlessness that you have as a child. It helps you take risks in your art.”

In honor of International Women’s Day this week, we are posting quotes from our latest Creative New York interview with Petra Collins, highlighting important issues relating to body image, openness and collaboration, and health care access as an artist. Read the entire interview at

Join us on 3/18 for PopRally’s Petra Collins: In Search of Us, an evening of performance, music, and digital art conceived and developed by Collins and artist Madelyne Beckles. Tickets and more info at

[Portrait of Petra Collins by Nguan]

  • Phichit: Victor kissed you and you said 'thank you'?
  • Yuuri: Yes.
  • Phichit: Well, that was very polite.
  • Yuuri: No, it was stupid. I don't know what I'm doing here.

“Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Do not like conflict, and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to be original and creative. Enjoy the present moment.”


Artist Fuses Vintage Photographs with Present-Day Paris to Make History Come Alive

These historical composites layered over modern day scenes showcase the timeless postcard perfection and rich narratives that flow through the streets of Paris. By combining past and present portraits of the famous French capital, art director Julien Knez showcases just how many changes the City of Lights has seen over the past 100 years.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy

(Photo: Steven Godfrey)

House essays - 5th house

The 5th house is the place where ones creativity is present, and can also show how one compliments. It could also, in theory, be seen as how you see yourself.

Aries in 5th: This individual is very passionate and strong headed about creativity. They like art with sexual or angry connotations, and also do appreciate when someone successfully works with bolder colours and neons. They may view themselves to be a tad aggressive, and they work towards becoming less so. They will usually compliment someone on how well they can stand their own ground.

Taurus in 5th: This individual is more timid yet stubborn about creativity. They like art which compliments the feelings they have for an individual when they are in a relationship, but when single, they like more nature based art pieces. They might view themselves to be too stubborn to others, and could work on being more soft spoken about topics. When the compliment someone, they would probably go for complimenting ones facial features.

Gemini in 5th: This individual is intellectual and logical about creativity. They enjoy more simplistic, light items of art, but are open for more colourful pieces with some form of smart context to it. They may see themselves to be to analytical about minor parts of a person, and may want to work on their open mindedness. These people will compliment someone on how they communicate to others, and how formal they dress.

Cancer in 5th: This individual is caring and nurturing about creativity. They take joy in experiencing paintings with strong emotion to them - they don’t like negative pictures, but much rather positive! They might see themselves to be too easy to trick, and might work on building a stronger wall to protect their vulnerable side. These people compliment on a persons facial features - more particularly the eyes, as the eyes provoke lots of emotions. 

Leo in 5th: This individual is self respecting and confident about creativity. They enjoy seeing art works that reflect what the positive sides of their personality and looks are, but this is not because they know this, but because of how they like the positives of their lifestyle. The individual might see them to be overly egotistical, and could work on their appearance less - they are fine even without makeup. They compliment someone on their best features, and will also compliment their imperfections - this is why they can be a good friend for support.

Virgo in 5th:  This individual is intellectual and logical about creativity. They enjoy more simplistic, light items of art, but are open for more natural pieces with some form of realistic context to it. They may see themselves to be to analytical about minor parts of a person, and may want to work on their open mindedness. These people will compliment someone on how they communicate to others, and how formal they dress.

Libra in 5th: This individual is romantic and balanced about creativity. They appreciate the more romantic pictures, and they prefer the colours to be perfectly balanced to set the tone correctly. They might see themselves to be too fake, and might work on their friendships. They compliment someone’s makeup, facial features, and also might comment on the fashion sense of the individual they are complimenting.

Scorpio in 5th: This individual has deep emotional connections to creativity. They need to feel some story developing in the story, but not have the story being in ones face (basically something that only makes sense when you analyse the creator of said piece). They may see themselves to be too strict on others, so might work on their reasoning for doing so. They compliment how one argues, but also compliments the controversial topics they may bring up IF IT IS DONE IN A CORRECT MANNER.

Sagittarius in 5th: This individual enjoys creative pieces which take them on an adventure, or have philosophical meanings behind the creator. They appreciate work which is out in nature, yet has some form of, lets say, tragedy to it e.g. a forest perhaps burning. They like these as this both fuels their need for an adventure, but can also spark a few philosophical conversations - the likes of ‘what happens when you die?’ and ‘do trees have souls?’. They will see themselves to be too adventurous - they’re missing deadlines. They will work on their time keeping. They compliment someone on how much fun they can be, or maybe their adventure and how they want to go on one similar to theirs.

Capricorn in 5th: This individual indulges in creative pieces which have a strong message - work hard, and you will get what you want. They also enjoy moving imagery, which can change one’s negative life into a positive if they can change. They may see themselves to be too strict on themselves, and may want to work on becoming more relaxed. They compliment someone on their work and knowledge.

Aquarius in 5th: This individual takes joy in the creative work pieces with vibrant colours, and also enjoy strange context in an image. They like this because most people don’t - they may also enjoy trippy imagery. They might see themselves to be too rebellious around those in authority, and they may work on following rules more precisely. They compliment someone on their strange features - they can be a support base for those who are not complimented and really should be.

Pisces in 5th: This individual is one who may enjoy creations which have emotions, and may have a story to delude the reality of the world. They are similar to Aquarius in 5th in this manner. They might see themselves to be way too deluded when they think about various situations - exam results, tests,etc - and may work on being more realistic. They will compliment someone on their different thoughts, emotions, and their eyes - for the same reason as Cancer in 5th.


“Arts in schools is so important because thinking out of the box, being creative, standing up and presenting your case to an audience…think about all the professions in life where those kinds of skills serve you. In the arts, everybody wins. You can come together, you do a play and the whole community comes, your parents show up, your friends, your family. It’s a way of bringing people together. Also certain communities…the stories that you encounter through the arts or literature or music from different cultures, different stories from history or whatever, teaches you what it is to be a human being.”

OK I just had the weirdest fetish experience. so I’m in this class where we each have to prepare a presentation about a fantasy archetype. The presentation must have a creative component, and most of us did like, skits and mock movie trailers such, the usual stuff.

and then there was the group that chose the topic of shapeshifters. For the creative part of the presentation they made a short film which they screened before their presentation. and it just so happened that their protagonist’s shapeshifting was triggered by sneezing.

Plot goes like this: the protag (who has two forms) gets asked on a date while occupying their feminine form, and when they arrive at the venue, they discover that their date has brought A SHITTON OF FLOWERS. Which they are, naturally, allergic to.

Cue a look of utter horror as they run to the bathroom and have a sneezing fit while transforming back and forth. And by god was the acting on point, I’m so mad at how convincingly the sneezes were acted because, let me tell you, I was aroused as fuck by the end, and I have never been so relieved to be sitting in the last row of a lecture hall

for the rest of the lecture people laughed every time someone in the lecture hall sneezed and I just. couldn’t deal.

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