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Character studies/sketches of a guy who’s shown up on the blog before, but who I have not yet named (publicly) for story reasons. :) Need to narrow down exactly where that scar goes at some point so I can keep everything as consistent as possible in the story telling. 

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Countdown: Day 6

In Puzzlestuck, you’ll get to challenge all 15 members of the Felt in a series of difficult boss battles. I had a lot of fun designing abilities for them that match their powers from the comic, and I’m enjoying seeing the creative teams players are coming up with to defeat them.

Puzzlestuck is a free Homestuck fan game that releases on 11/23/2016 at 4:13pm PST. It is free and will be available as a browser-based Flash game.

Every day until launch, I’ll be posting new info and screenshots from the game. Please follow for more updates and thanks everyone for all the support!

There’ll be no cheek-to-cheek,
he won’t look at your face,
he only wants your body;
to see you disgraced.

Sure, at first it can be fun,
but after a while
his moves get stale,
‘cause he always
dances to the same tune;
same beat, same pace.

He’ll whisper empty promises;
hot lies in your ear,
but he says the same to other girls
each time you’re not here.

He is a sly dog, I’ll give him that,
feeding you your insecurities
making you believe
you need him to solve them,
his words will be
too subtle to make you see
that he –
is your true enemy.

He’ll seduce you, and use you;
carelessly throw you away,
you can dance with the
but he’ll never stay.

The predictability of the devil’s dance bores me - M.A. Tempels © 2015

Slytherin Quidditch Chaser | Florence Till |

Papá and the Ball - Isco one shot

For an anonymous request. As requested, based on this (super adorable) gif set.

Summary: Isco brings his son back to the pitch after the game to play with the ball.

Word count: 692 words

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There weren’t five but four was historic too. Four goals. At the Bernabéu. Against a Madrid side who had a fortnight to prepare and every player available, Bale, Ronaldo, Benzema, Ramos and Modric all excused international duty. With Neymar flying back from Brazil only two days before, with Ivan Rakitic not fully fit and Iniesta carrying a knock. With Javier Mascherano carried off in the first half and without Leo Messi. It was eloquent he could come on and enjoy watching an hour, not have to rescue his team, strolling but still too quick, getting more touches in 33 minutes than any of Madrid’s creative players got in 90: more than Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema, Rodríguez or Isco.
—  Sid Lowe
Players’ reactions to MissingNo. have been the subject of sociological studies. Sociologist William Sims Bainbridge stated that Game Freak created “one of the most popular glitches ever in game history”, and cited its creative usage by players. In the book Pikachu’s Global Adventure: The Rise and Fall of Pokémon, professor of education Julian Sefton-Green noticed that in his study of his son’s reaction to MissingNo.’s usage as a “cheat”, the child’s outlook towards the game was altered drastically, and added that the presence of such elements as a result broke the illusion of the game as an enclosed world and reminded them that “at heart, it is a computer program”. The book Playing with Videogames contains an in-depth study of MissingNo., which details players’ curiosity when encountering the Pokémon. It describes their tendency to compare notes on its appearance, and to give assessment and critique to each other’s findings.[17] The book states that, in their attempts to interpret MissingNo. as part of the series’s narrative through fan art and fiction, Pokémon communities celebrated the game’s imperfections and tried to imprint themselves on its canon.
—  Wikipedia article on MissingNo.