creative pizza

But how do I tell you that you’re on my mind
from the second I wake up
until the second I fall asleep at night?
And even then, I still dream of you…

How do I tell you that when we’re cuddling
or my hand is on your leg, I want to
somehow pull you in even closer?

Or that the moment you leave,
I wish I had kissed you a little longer
and a little harder…

How do I tell you that we haven’t
been together that long, but all I want
is to have you by my side for as long as I can?
And that I can picture myself
having a family with you…

How do I tell you these things without sounding
completely crazy or needy or desperate?

I don’t think you’ll ever know
how much I love you, and I will spend forever
trying to show you how much of you
I have in my heart.

Prompt 31

The Hero and Hero’s Sidekick have been captured and tied up. The Villain is giving his forever long monologue describing his past and present and hopes and dreams blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, the Villain’s Sidekick is ordering pizza for himself and the Hero and Hero’s sidekick while casually chatting with one another.

The Wolfpack 5 consists of teenagers/young adults, and a middle aged man going through a mid-life crisis. With his “ventriloquist” son tagging along like the gum under your shoe that won’t come off.


My good friend just reminded me of the most awkward RAE song ever recorded. Here. Just take it. Please.