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He isn’t shooting for the stars. He’s shooting for you.”
There’s a pause, a grimace, a wildly beating heart.
Her eyes are wide with disbelief and his are narrowed in despair when he adds, “But then again, what’s the difference?
—  H.L. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #8
Do Me A Favor (Camping Trip) Part 1

Summary: Bucky suggests the two of you go camping in order to de-stress a bit from the wedding planning. Everything is fine until something important goes missing.

Word Count: 937

Warnings: None. There will be smut in an upcoming part, though.

“Do Me a Favor” Masterlist

A/N: Omg, I hope you guys like it ahhh.

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Bucky has his head on your lap, your fingers carding through his hair absently as you read a novel. He’s playing Battleship on his phone, Steve on the other end, probably cursing his best friend if Bucky’s gleeful chuckles are a sign of his victories. You smile at him and your eyes flit over the sparkling diamond on the fourth finger of your left hand. Sometimes, you still can’t believe it and yet, Bucky is there when you wake up, reminding you that your happiness is still around.

“We should go camping,” Bucky suddenly pipes up.

You raise a brow at him. “Random much?”

He beams at this, sitting up to look you in the eye. “Let’s go camping. We never do anything spontaneous.”

“Uh, remember that time we went to your hometown and pretended to be dating? And then we did it behind some bushes next to a lake,” you remind him with a slight scoff.

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Tip of My Tongue - Bucky Barnes x Reader [ Ch. 2 / 7 ]

Prompt : Bucky Barnes was supposed to bring back her soul and take her to afterlife. He had one job (it was the only available job for someone like him in this in-between world) and he fucked up.

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x OC

Genre : Fluff, slight angst maybe, idk  |   Warning : None

Author’s Note : Here’s chapter two!!! Thank you for being so nice and for liking the fic! let me know what you think? :) 

(Gif is not mine)

Bucky trudged down the hall, trying not to snap at anyone who was brave enough to greet him. Once he entered the common room, he quickly shrugged off his black coat and haphazardly threw it to the ground, ignoring Steve’s glare, and made his way to the kitchen. Alcohol. He needed a lot of that right now, he thought to himself as he fumbled through the drawers, trying to find a strong liquor that didn’t belong to Natasha. His fingers lingered on a Russian Vodka for a moment, debating if he was desperate enough to steal Natasha’s drink before he opted for the rum sitting next to it. Sighing, he pulled out the bottle and grabbed a glass from one of the cabinets before he made his way back to the living room.

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Day Three Hundred Eighty Five.

A brief moment
Where all is at a standstill.
The world is quiet,
Voices hushed.
The breeze ruffles frozen figures,
Lungs full of fresh air,
Hearts beating softly in the background,
Souls harmonizing to a reliable thrum.
In these fleeting moments reflect,
Let go,
Move on.

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ok but imagine a 'you're my doctor and I'm always doing stupid shit' au for bellarke

Waiting Games in Waiting Rooms

Clarke was finishing up some paperwork when one of the nurses threw another chart down in front of her.  It was thick and all too recognizable.  Clarke groaned.

“He’s back,” the nurse said simply before sliding in behind the nurses’ station.

Clarke heaved a deep sigh and picked up the chart and a pen before opening the door to exam room 4.

“Dr. Griffin,” the dark-haired man on the exam table said.  “Great to see you.”

“Mr. Blake,” she said darkly.  “I’d return the sentiment but this is the fourth time this week.”

He grinned.  “What can I say?  It’s been a construction heavy week.”

She put down the chart on the counter and washed her hands before snapping on a pair of gloves.  “What happened this time?”

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“Out with it,” Ladybug said, at the end of their patrol. They’d met up, split up, circled around the city, and met up again on the other side without incident. Hawk Moth was probably tucked up in bed with his bunny slippers and a hot chocolate, which was near enough what Marinette wanted to be doing, but Hawk Moth didn’t have a partner that was acting weird. Marinette hadn’t seen him since he’d threatened to reveal himself.

He looked at her, his expression blank, as if she’d dragged him from his thoughts, and that was odd because Chat Noir rarely seemed to think much when they were together, revelling in the freedom of the superhero role. He hadn’t flirted, hadn’t even cracked a pun, not even a really bad one, since they’d met up. “You’re distracted,” she said, firmly, but kindly, when he continued to look simply blank, “what’s on your mind?”

She saw Chat Noir look at her, seeming to make up his mind about something before he sighed. “It’s a girl,” he said, quietly. His shoulders slumped.

“A girl,” Ladybug repeated, and Marinette knew this was about herself. “Is this the girlfriend you don’t want me to go and check out?”

Chat looked at her again, and then looked around at the rooftop they’d ended their patrol at. It seemed secluded enough. “I’ve fallen in love with her,” he said, softly.

Ladybug could only bring herself to reply, “A-ha?” Waiting for Chat to continue, but not trusting herself not to start prying. It was kind of fun to hear him talk about her civilian self to Ladybug.

“She’s incredible, and beautiful, and so smart, and creative, and,” he paused, and sighed, his head dropping like his shoulders, “I can’t even tell her who I really am because of Hawk Moth. I can’t afford to put her at that kind of risk.”

“There’s an answer to that,” Ladybug said, calmly. “Defeat Hawk Moth.”

“We don’t know where to start!” Chat cried, finding the voice for his exasperation. “He sends out akuma, we fight the people infected by them, you purify the akuma, well played, everything goes back the way it was, and Hawk Moth gets to sit anonymously in his villainous lair with us no closer to finding him, let alone stopping him.” He looked downcast.

Ladybug looked at him, and put her hand on his shoulder. “There are more reasons to stop him than a girl, you know.”

“I know that,” he said, despondently, “but I love her so much it scares me, because I don’t know how I’d react if anything hurt her, and I can’t even get close to her without the mask because she wouldn’t do that to me, so I’m stuck putting her at risk every time I go to see her. I can’t even stay away. I haven’t seen her in three days, and my stomach’s in knots.”

“Four,” Marinette said, without thinking. Chat looked up at her sharply, a question in his expression, and she thought quickly. “You usually see her a couple of times a week, and you go after patrolling with me. We cancelled the last patrol because of an akuma, four days ago.”

“How do you–?”

“You start getting distracted and uptight, then you always head in the same direction after patrol, on the nights you relax.”

She could see Chat mulling this information over in his mind. “How long have you known?”

Ladybug smiled at him. “Long enough. Since before you tried to convince everyone you liked Chloe Bourgeois. Which I never believed, by the way.” Her smile turned into a wicked grin and Chat returned it with a nervous one. “Is she really this amazing?” Ladybug asked, because shoot her, it was cute the way he gushed. “Your girlfriend, I mean.”

Chat’s expression softened as he looked utterly lovestruck. “She’s,” he began, and faltered, and then sighed. “You’d like her,” he said, as if that was the only description he could give that mattered. “She’s as smart and as strong as you, even if she doesn’t know it.”

Marinette laughed, couldn’t help but laugh. “That just means smarter than you, kitten,” she teased. “That’s not a very high bar.”

“Ouch,” Chat replied, flatly, but there was a delighted amusement in his eyes.

“I’m glad you’re happy,” she said, and she meant it, in every possible way that she could mean it.

“I am,” he replied, before adding, “but I’d be happier if I could take her on a date.”

“Well then,” Ladybug said, straightening up and giving him a self assured smirk, “we’ll have to stop Hawk Moth getting in the way of your love life, won’t we?”