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Bullet Journal Setup (January 2017)

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the second last ‘last day’    
fuckstudy’s 55/100 days of productivity

Last day of semester. Surprisingly, I passed that (shockingly referenced, poorly researched) assignment I left to the last minute. Bracing myself for an intense week of exam revision.          

How The Signs Are Creative

Aries: when they are the orchestrator, an aries gets the most of being creative when they are in charge of a project that was their idea

Taurus: taurus loves the little creative pleasures like organising their room, trying out a new hairstyle or cooking

Gemini: become completely inspired by what they see online to be creative in their lives

Cancer: cancer gets a thrill from being creative for someone else’s interest, they like to make others happy

Leo: leo likes large-scale creativity or none at all, the creative process has to be super attractive to get the leo motivated

Virgo: are independent when it comes to creativity, they will spend hours in their room making, learning and improving

Libra: loves colours and pictures for an enjoyable creative process, although they aren’t typically artistic signs, they love making things that are pretty and bold

Scorpio: scorpio will only be inspired for a good day or so, but nonetheless, that one day can be massively productive. scorpios are very talented, but can slack off

Sagittarius: they are not so much creators but they appreciate creativity, they are the ones who admire art, music and nature instead of contributing to it

Capricorn: one of the most creative signs, they are the ones with the big ideas even if they are unsure how to apply them

Aquarius: are huge procrastinators unless they truly believe they are good enough, then the creative process is easy and enjoyable

Pisces: pisces are goal setters and want their creativity and their ambition to be heard and seen, therefore they are always thinking up new ways to release their 

Good Jobs For The Signs

Aries: Work requiring enterprise and initiative e.g Medicine, Surgeons, Dentist, Athletes, Steel Worker, Military, Politics,

Taurus: Routine work e.g Accountants, Farmers, Consultants, Real Estate, Artists, Finance, Music

Gemini: Working variety e.g Salesman, Journalist, Theatre, Transportation, Teaching, Communications, Advertising

Cancer: Work catering for public tastes e.g Social Worker, Doctor, Hotels, Shop-Worker, Laundry, Comedian, Food Industry

Leo: Work that allows creativity and organisation e.g Leaders, Professional Sportsmen, Military, Actor, Teacher, Jewellers

Virgo: Work requiring skill e.g Chemist, Medicine, Administrators, Photographer, Secretaries, Teacher, Craftsman

Libra: Work involving partnership e.g Diplomat, Artist, Interior Decorator, Attorney, Beautician 

Scorpio: Work that requires determination e.g Detective, Morticians, Politicians, Chemists, Contractor, Scientists, Archeologist

Sagittarius: Work that requires chances to be took e.g Psychiatrist, Lawyer, Veterinarians, Ministers, Explorers, Travel Occupations, Librarian

Capricorn: Work that requires perseverance e.g Mathematician, Civil Servant, Osteopath, Public Administrator, Actor, Teacher, Astrologer

Aquarius: Work requiring special rules e.g Scientist, Inventor, Radiologist, Photographer, Radio & TV, Electrician

Pisces: Working with people e.g Musician, Prison Attendants, Asylum Attendants, Psychiatrists, Social Worker, Teacher, Doctor

A study of anarchism will show that the drive for freedom is not only a central part of our collective experience but responds to a deeply felt human need. Freedom is necessary for original thought and creativity. It is also a natural desire for we can see that no animal likes to be caged and all conscious beings enjoy the free satisfaction of their desires. Anarchism further seeks in social life what appears to operate in nature: the call for self-management in society mirrors self-regulation and self-organization of nature itself.
—  Peter Marshall

Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry will attend the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup which kicks off at Twickenham on September 18.

The Duke and Duchess will also undertake several joint engagements together, including visits to Dundee and North Wales in Late October and late November respectively.

Looking ahead, say aides, both Harry, Kate and William will also attend an event for children celebrating the British creative industries, organised by their Charities Forum and hosted by Wallace and Gromit animators, Aardman, at BAFTA in London in October.

—  possible upcoming engagements according to the DM