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ID #39544

Name: Verna
Age: 32
Country: New Zealand

Heya, I really enjoy the art of writing letters. I get a cramp in my hand sometimes but when I take a break for a day or two it’s nice to have this written work that I can share with someone else. I like the idea of hearing about people in other countries. I’m attempting to get more creative with my letter form but currently, all I can master is a border…….. therefore, it’s pretty basic but it’s the content that counts right?! I live in New Zealand. I’m excited by project life, photography, food - eating in general.

Preferences: Preference in age is around the 20 + mark. Gender and Sexuality are open. I would prefer someone who is into snailmail.

ID #17930

Name: Madeleine
Age: 15 going on 16
Country: New Zealand

Hello! I enjoy nature, animals, and spirituality. My spaces are always scattered with crystals, rocks, plants, and any other little things I find along the way. I hope to find a penpal in order to help keep up my creativity and imagination whilst learning about others, where they live, and what their different cultures are like. I am open to people of any age, gender, race etc and I’m happy to talk about whatever! Thank you!

Preferences: N/A

Poetry Writing Workshop - Wellington!

I am teaching a special poetry writing workshop with Olivia Hall in Wellington on Saturday June 24th! We have a LIMITED number of space still available so if you’d like to sign up email us at asap! 

What: Poetry Writing Workshop 
Where: Fringe Bar, Wellington
Time: 3:30pm - 5pm
Cost: $20 waged / $10 unwaged 

Open to all levels! Come be empowered to write your own poems. 

Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

Lake Pukaki

Tired and about to fall asleep, my sister and I jolted up as we came across this breathtaking view. Quickly, we hopped out of the car, and naturally, I started taking panoramas to capture the beauty. The South Island of New Zealand is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have been to and I hope I can go back again one day!

Submitted by pradaroyalty

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EIC (A COY) 2/1 RNZIR conduct the final phase of their Helo training. The Iroquois came down from Ohakea for 2 days in which 2 Platoon conducted fast roping and the Recon element conducted rapelling. ACOY Fast roped into the UTF (Urban terrain facility) where they continued to assult the buildings. While Recon repelled into 2 different tree line locations to conduct thier tasks Creative Commons v3.0