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ID #42490

Name: Grace
Age: 20
Country: New Zealand

Hi! I’m a second year uni student, I really like what I study but it can get really lonely sometimes. It would be nice to talk about the hard stuff with a penpal, though I also seem to wax poetic about simple stuff like drinking coffee at work in the mornings. I LOVE baking, reading, and being creative - I knit, I’m just teaching myself to sew and I’ve done creative writing a bit in the past. I like over-analysing things for themes, discussing sustainability, and complaining about the minimalist black/white/gray colour palette the fashion world seems to be having atm.

Disclaimer, I am a Christian so if you want to talk about God stuff I’m dead keen, though no pressure. I also just like talking about ~ deep ~ stuff in general so yeah. Hopefully this doesn’t come off as sickeningly pretentious

Preferences: 18 - 26 ish I guess? I’m not too bothered. I’d prefer snail mail for the satisfaction of having a physical letter but I also love instant gratification so email works too

ID #17930

Name: Madeleine
Age: 15 going on 16
Country: New Zealand

Hello! I enjoy nature, animals, and spirituality. My spaces are always scattered with crystals, rocks, plants, and any other little things I find along the way. I hope to find a penpal in order to help keep up my creativity and imagination whilst learning about others, where they live, and what their different cultures are like. I am open to people of any age, gender, race etc and I’m happy to talk about whatever! Thank you!

Preferences: N/A

ID #39544

Name: Verna
Age: 32
Country: New Zealand

Heya, I really enjoy the art of writing letters. I get a cramp in my hand sometimes but when I take a break for a day or two it’s nice to have this written work that I can share with someone else. I like the idea of hearing about people in other countries. I’m attempting to get more creative with my letter form but currently, all I can master is a border…….. therefore, it’s pretty basic but it’s the content that counts right?! I live in New Zealand. I’m excited by project life, photography, food - eating in general.

Preferences: Preference in age is around the 20 + mark. Gender and Sexuality are open. I would prefer someone who is into snailmail.

Mount Oliver

We stand above heaven,

At the pinnacle of dreams we never knew we had or could achieve,

We breath air for the taste.

This mountain or

Peaking earthly tendril

Watches the clouds below.

They fill the valley,

Our hearts,

They level and ebb like an ocean,

Wash up on the shores of surrounding stony

Piles of dirt we aspire to climb and


Like dreams

Before they crumble.

Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

Lake Pukaki

Tired and about to fall asleep, my sister and I jolted up as we came across this breathtaking view. Quickly, we hopped out of the car, and naturally, I started taking panoramas to capture the beauty. The South Island of New Zealand is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have been to and I hope I can go back again one day!

Submitted by pradaroyalty

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