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Tumblr Tuesday: Gastro-nomnomnom-y

Deep Dish Thoughts (deepdishthoughts)
Finally, a blog about pizza. A surprising lack of deep dish depictions. Mostly Brooklyn style (probably).

VEGAMEGA (vegamegame)
Healthy, minimalist recipes as pictograms. Kale’s elegant silhouette makes it look almost good enough to eat.

Roaming Hunger (roaming-hunger)
A whole generation was brought up to never trust a stranger offering tasty treats from their van. Now they’ve grown up and are serving lobster rolls outside of Best Buys and Duane Reades. What a delicious middle finger to the parents.

Creative Munchies (creative-munchies)
Our favorite kind of curated blog: dope content, correctly sourced, beautifully laid out. Bravo and bon appétit.

Stale Bread Sculpture (breadsculpture)
Last but not yeast, a toast to this stale bread blog.

Pizza PNG via deepdishthoughts