creative math


👼🏽[04/11/16]~[59/100 days of productivity]👼🏽
19:00 // ahh why do I love looking back in my maths book😂maths is 100% my fave subject always has been and English is 100% my least fave subject it pains my soo much😑 just got the weekend tickets asdfghjkl. Just watched supergirl what a program! Now gonna read.


🍭🍰[28TH OF DECEMBER 2016]🍰🍭
some presents I got for christmas, I’ve binge watched The OA on Netflix it was very good but the ending left me a bit puzzled. Only a week until school starts again…



Studying maths and some french vocabulary and preparing for tommorrow’s Music lesson👏🏼👓

I still have to go grocery shopping today and I really need to clean my hamster’s cage🐹💖

Also I’m very happy with my current desk situation because I hang up some chemistry stuff and a new art pic👍🏻⭐


🌹{47/100 days of productivity}🌹
why am I so busy lately! I have ten days off but I have so much homework and revision to do :(