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Thinx is a brand of underwear for humans that menstruate. Those humans are not necessarily always going to be cisgendered women, as transgender men can, and do, menstruate. With its latest subway campaign, which took over New York’s Union Square station today, the brand has represented exactly that.

“Trans inclusion is something that has been on our radar since the iteration of our Boyshort, which was specifically designed with the trans male menstruating community in mind" Miki Agrawal


I wanted to share this with you guys. Last summer I tried to kickstart my book. I put my everything into my kickstarter campaign. I had a flyer made and everything. My project was featured on several different blogs and I had a pretty fierce marketing campaign. I even paid for one of those kickstarter advertisment things where they will tweet and post about your campaign every single day. Despite all of that I only raised $671 dollars in 30 days. I was completly distraught. I was so upset with myself. I had all of these posters in my room and a stack of bookmarks,the only printout I could afford to produce were my bookmarks. I left my manuscript and all of my kickstarter stuff alone for a long time. I couldnt even look at it. I cant pin point when it happened but I decided to try agian. My heart had healed and I felt like I should try agian. I had no idea what was going to happen but I knew I would never know unless I tried. I learned from my mistakes and I relaunched my project on Indiegogo. Last night was the final night for my project and not only did I reach my goal but I raised extra money as well. I hope that anyone reading this who’s a creative person will gain strength from this. If you fail the first time,its ok! You can try agian! Regroup yourself,keep networking,keep trying new things and when you feel better try agian. You never know what will happen if you try agian. I did and now I’m in the process of publishing my first scifi novel as an e-book.

Can u help me?

currently in desperate search for creatives, designers, painters, videographers, ETC. im on the hunt for more iterative blogs and people. if you or someone you know is open to communicate, network, or even collaborate, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me💛

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Do you think Kareena asking for the same amount today would be justified?


The problem is that pay is determined by the amount of money your status can safely guarantee your presence will bring in. Kareena is definitely an added bonus to any project, but she can’t open a film with the same numbers SRK can.

That’s the business as it stands now. The solution isn’t to just start giving money away in the name of gender equality when films are hardly ever profitable to begin with. You have to start on a creative level and a marketing level where female actors are given the quality of material and the promo that male actors receive so that they can develop into stars the audience will pay to see no matter what. You have to make an investment in them, and I’m not talking about a financial investment. And I think that’s slowly happening now, with Deepika making as much as her male costars (or more, in some films). And in the future, I can see Alia taking home a lot more than Varun/Sid/Arjun. You create female superstars, and they’ll make more money. The gap will shrink. 

But SRK has like, two decades on Kareena. She can’t compete with him, and she shouldn’t be expected to. Now, if she’s doing a film with Arjun, hell yeah she should be earning more money than him. But you can’t deny the fact that the Khans+Akshay bring a certain audience to the table on their names alone that other don’t, not even fellow male stars like Hrithik.