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Art tip: Never ditch an idea because it’s already been done. Don’t worry about being original or doing something different. Even if you make art similar to what you see around it’s still going to be unique because only you can replicate how you think and how you transport ideas to the physical realm. 

The ENTP (NeTiFeSi)

Extroverted Intuition (Ne):

  • Focuses on the big picture
  • Tends to speak in generalizations, omitting details deemed uninteresting
  • Motivated by feelings of interest or boredom
  • Attracted to novel ideas or different ways of seeing things
  • Has an unusual often sarcastic or off-color view of life
  • Prone to intense interest in something for a limited amount of time
  • Easily distracted when disinterested, with random thought patterns
  • Boredom with too much ‘sameness’ of thought / no new ideas
  • Follows spur of the moment ideas
  • May adopt the role of a devil’s advocate
  • Irreverent, sarcastic, or witty sense of humor
  • Often engaged in various projects and/or skills
  • Continues in these pursuits as long as they have potential for growth
  • Bored with rote tasks that require little innovation
  • Creative thinker, enjoys discussing unusual perspectives with others
  • Uses strange or unusual (but effective) analogies or metaphors
  • Focus on the possibilities inherent in social, natural, or other systems
  • Desires to change common perceptions in favor of broad connections

Introverted Thinking (Ti):

  • Obsessed with how things work and how they’ll work together
  • Focuses on how new information works with previous objects / theories
  • May seek a “theory of everything” to make sense of reality
  • Open to intellectually stimulating abstract conversations
  • Rarely satisfied with ‘easy’ logic, seeks to deepen it
  • Shares whether rules make ‘sense’ to self
  • If deciding the rule is stupid, is creative in mocking or breaking it
  • Prefers to avoid hated systems instead of working to change them
  • Unafraid to discuss and argue views, may seem to take them seriously
  • Only uses structural frameworks if able to see problem-solving potential
  • Seeks logically consistent and fair actions

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

  • Enjoys lively, animated, and fun discussions
  • May try to analyze self’s emotions rather than simply ‘feel’
  • Often enjoys having others’ approval or encouragement
  • Enjoys surprising or provoking reactions in others
  • May be competitive or seek positive attention
  • Might be unemotional when left on their own
  • Enjoys situations where others can create a fun / stimulating atmosphere
  • Prefers general goodwill among companions

Introverted Sensing (Si):

  • Need assistance balancing inner life or deriving joy from sensory things
  • Appreciates others who have a solid sensory awareness
  • Tends to neglect physical and psychological well being
  • May stick with the ‘familiar’ because of positive former associations
  • Appreciates pleasant stimuli that can help self relax
  • May make the same sensory mistakes all the time
  • Enjoys short bursts of physical activity

Compiled by Charity / The Mod. Based on MBTI/Socionics Definitions.

With the New Year 2017 knocking at our door it is time for a brand new start.
Decide to manifest your most amazing life now!!!
Get rid of mediocrity.
Allow yourself to risk it all.
Be strong and courageous.
Breathe and overcome fears.
Excel in leadership by Loving what you do.
Stay true to yourself and speak your truth.
Live with passion.
Laugh a lot and cry when you need to.
Be creative and innovate.
Simplify your life by doing what you do best and delegate the rest.
Adore mastery and aim for genius.
Be humble and be kind.
Under promise and over deliver.
Shatter your limits.
Exude Love that is full of passion.
Transcend everything that holds you back.
Inspire others by your greatness.
Dream big, but most of all take action.
Be the force for good and be the world changer that you are.
2017 is your year to manifest your true purpose and destiny.
We believe in you.
—  mardybryant 
The origins of any productive system seem to be traceable to conditions in which the self-interest driven purposes of individuals are allowed expression. These include the respect for autonomy and inviolability of personal boundaries that define liberty and peace and allow for cooperation for mutual ends. Support for such an environment has led to the flourishing of human activity not only in the production of material well-being, but in the arts, literature, philosophy, entrepreneurship, mathematics, spiritual inquiries, the sciences, medicine, engineering, invention, exploration, and other dimensions that fire the varied imaginations and energies of mankind.
—  Butler Shaffer
My Favorite Anime of 2016

Just giving my favorite anime of 2k16 some love.

Mob Psycho 100

Originally posted by demigodxtonio

10 Things I Love About Mob Psycho 100

Gorgeous and colorful animation, innovative and creative visuals, great action, hilarious comedy, memorable characters, simple but sweet story about growing up (ft. espers and evil organizations), Reigen, Mob’s relationships, Mob’s personality, surprisingly heartwarming at times.


Originally posted by teamchivalry

10 Things I Love About Erased:

Intriguing story, heartbreaking, eerie atmosphere, fantastic premise, beautifully animated, stunning visuals, memorable characters, Fujinuma Sachiko, “Kayo’s first home-made meal”, Satoru’s determination and character development.

My Hero Academia

Originally posted by neogohann

10 Things I Love About My Hero Academia:

“Deku vs Kacchan”, creative character-designs and powers, inspiring, All Might!, intelligent main-character, memorable side-characters, PLUS ULTRA!, hating Bakugo and then realizing you love him, great animation, exciting action.

Yuri!! On ICE

Originally posted by ergo

10 Things I Love About Yuri!! On ICE:

Beautiful and inspiring story, Katsuki Yuuri, the contrast between Yuuri on ice vs off ice, Victor Nikiforov, Victuuri, Yuri Plisetsky, perfecting the “unreliable narrator-trope”, the music, the attention to detail, the voice-acting.

Honorable mentions:

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