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miscellaneous horror starter mega-post
  • "What the hell was that noise?"
  • "No, don't come any closer!"
  • "Do NOT turn around. It's behind you."
  • "I thought you were dead."
  • "Why is it so dark here?"
  • "You're going to be my first victim."
  • "Did you just see that?"
  • "Who the hell are you? Stay away!"
  • "Is this your blood?"
  • "Leave this place."
  • "What the hell happened here?"
  • "No, you can't go in there."
  • "Shhhh... don't make a sound."
  • "I swear I saw that move!"
  • "That's just a mask... right?"
  • "Are we gonna die tonight?"
  • "You can scream all you want but they won't hear you."
  • "This wire can cut through meat and bone easily."
  • "Please, please turn the lights on."
  • "Are you sure this is safe?"
  • "Trust me, I've done this ritual before."
  • "There's so much blood... where did it come from?"
  • "Hey, this isn't funny."
  • "Even if you struggle, you won't be able to escape."
  • My muse is a ghost haunting yours
  • Your muse is a ghost haunting mine
  • My muse is an exorcist and yours is possessed
  • Your muse is an exorcist and mine is possessed
  • Our muses are in a zombie apocalypse
  • Our muses are discussing doing a "killer clown" prank
  • My muse buys a haunted videogame cartridge
  • Your muse buys a haunted videogame cartridge
  • Our muses perform an ouija ritual
  • Our muses attempt to summon Bloody Mary
  • Our muses come across the kuchisake-onna
  • My muse is a murderer and yours is their victim
  • Your muse is a murderer and mine is their victim
  • My muse is a kidnapper and yours is their victim
  • Your muse is a kidnapper and mine is their victim
  • My muse is stalking yours
  • Your muse is stalking mine
  • Our muses move into a house that is haunted
  • My muse is a vampire
  • Your muse is a vampire
  • Our muses witness the appearance of a ghost
  • Our muses are exploring an abandoned building
  • Your muse stabs mine
  • My muse stabs yours
  • Your muse jumps out and scares mine
  • My muse jumps out and scares yours
  • My muse screams and yours overhears
  • Your muse screams and mine overhears
  • My muse tries to strangle yours
  • Your muse tries to strangle mine
  • My muse bites yours
  • Your muse bites mine
  • My muse tells yours there's something in the room
  • Your muse tells mine there's something in the room
  • My muse breaks into your muse's home
  • Your muse breaks into my muse's home
  • My muse attacks yours while they're sleeping
  • Your muse attacks mine while they're sleeping

It’s so close to Halloween guys are you excited yet?! I have compiled a short list of my favourite halloween inspired eye makeup designs for you guys to maybe get some inspiration from or just to appreciate because of how awesome they are.

I’d love to know what you guys have got planned for Halloween night and who/what you’re dressing up as if you are

*All credits to these images go to the rightful owners and artists*

  • Character A: (reading) Notice: To all those, that venture beyond this point, you do so at your own peril. Because the stuff of, myths legends and nightmares, Roam these woods. All survivors will be prosecuted! Man. I wonder how many people they have prosecuted?
  • Character B: That’s the only thing you got from the sign, being prosecuted if you survive?
  • Character A: That and notice.

DIY | Dirt Pudding Cups with Worms (EWWW!) 

With Halloween around the corner, I wanted my students to get into the spooky spirit. I prepared this disgustingly delicious recipe for my cooking class this week and it was a huge hit! The faces of the kids were priceless once I told them we would be ‘trying dirt and worms’ for dessert. Overall, this recipe is easy to make, cheap, perfect for a birthday party activity, and of course perfect for this holiday season! 


XOXO - Drea 


  • 1 15-ounce package of Oreos 
  • 1 3.9-ounce package instant chocolate pudding
  • 2 cups cold milk
  • 8 ounces container of Cool Whip 
  • Gummy Worms 


  1. Begin by emptying your cookies into a plastic ziplock bag to create the 'dirt.’ Simply smash the contents with a rolling pin until the consistency is grainy like dirt. (No need to remove the white cream, it will blend in with the cookies) 
  2. Next, make the pudding by mixing the package with two cups of milk. Stir until smooth and let sit for 5 minutes until it thickens. 
  3. Now add the 8 ounces of Cool Whip to the pudding, along with a few cookie crumbs to create the illusion of mud. Stir until smooth. 
  4. Now for the fun part. Scoop some 'mud pudding’ into your cup till it’s about ¾ full. 
  5. Next, take 3-4 worms and place them into the 'mud’ closer to the edge of the cup. This will give the illusion of the worms crawling out of the cup. 
  6. Finally, partially cover the worms with your 'cookie dirt’ and prepare to dig in! 

 Ps. I highly recommend using the 'sour’ worms. The flavor compliments the chocolate pudding very well. 


So, last Halloween I wrote a murder mystery dinner party. There were about 15 people total (some not pictured) and I wrote every character, their personality, how they interacted with every other character. Three different murders took place and blackmail! In the end, the old Colonel had wanted to kill the wife of his lover so they could be together forever, but the Colonel accidentally kills his lover instead. Everyone was in confusion, but had a blast!

anonymous asked:

Okay I just have to say that I love your mermaid makeup. Its so pretty and neat. Thank you for posting. I think I am going to be a mermaid for halloween now. Will you be doing for creative looks for halloween ideas?

Awe! Thank you. <3 I am thinking about it. I just doing it for art therapy and I wanted to share. I am so happy that you want to be a mermaid for Halloween. I do have a lot fun ideas and I am sure I will post for Halloween ideas. <3 Thank you for the sweet message. Happy Hauntings.



As many of you will know, last October (2015) I was the face of the Velour Lashes Halloween Pop-Up event. They gave me the theme ‘Happily Never After’ and asked me to produce 5 still images of twisted Disney Princesses.
It was up to me to choose my favourite of the Princesses, and then come up with the makeup looks for each character.

The five images went viral! They ended up on Fox News USA, Huffington Post, local newspapers, an Art gallery in Slovenia and shared by many celebrities.
So, after THOUSANDS of requests from you guys for tutorials of each Princess, a year on, I have finally filmed them! 

Here is my Snow White makeup creation.