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REDInstead April Challenge: Day 24 - Better with Autism

I wanted to use this freebie to do a positive post (credit and thanks for the topic idea go to my husband!). So today’s topic will be about things about autism that make my life better, or things I enjoy or appreciate more because I’m autistic.

I’ve talked before about how my ability to hyperfocus can be incredibly useful, and I actually really enjoy using this ‘skill’. My hyperfocus allows me to accomplish things that would otherwise go undone as no one else really has any patience.

I also feel like I get more enjoyment out of tv shows and video games. Minecraft, for example, I could play almost endlessly. It’s a perfect blend that just matches me perfectly. When I don’t have the spoons to do one task in game, I can work on something else. I can build a giant castle when I feel creative, or just farm and build up resources to trade with villagers. I’m always getting some sense of productivity out of the game. I can also listen to the same song for a month straight, so I don’t have to find new music constantly!

This post didn’t end up as good as I hoped because it’s been a rather overloading day, I may revisit it in the future.


the use of available resources and spaces has been accentuated with the pumpkin vines trailled around the royal palm tree. this creativity in farming inspiration being shammi’s, who has been working on this idea and created many bridges between the pumpkin vines and the tree and the wall next to the tree also was connected to the tree with use of branches, so that the pumpkins don’t stay in the ground and get spoilt in the monsoons, and for harvesting available sunlight.