creative farming


Minecraft: Some progression pics of the biggest settlement I’ve built to date.

Specs & Features: 6 watchtowers, crop farm, livestock, blacksmiths, library, butchers, green grocers, alchemists, carpenters, stables, mushroom farm, dark oak tree farm, fishing/swimming spot, 8 residential houses (for players), communal storage hut, town hall, underground jail.
The Seas Will Save Us: How an Army of Ocean Farmers are Starting an Economic Revolution — invironment
I’m a fisherman who dropped out of high school in 1986 at the age of 14. Over my lifetime, I’ve spent many nights in jai…
By Bren Smith

Ocean farming isn’t just about food. It’s about transforming an entire workforce, transforming fishers into restorative ocean farmers. My job has never been to save the seas; it’s to figure out how the seas can save us.

Life Cycles

Watching his ant farm,
he told me how many thousands
of ants were inside, just
living things
living their lives.

I asked how many
would live and die.
He smiled. Bemused.
“All of them, of course.
This is the observation of a life cycle!”

And for a moment I got sad,
thinking how they would never
see the sunrise, Stonehenge, etc.
Then I looked at he and I
and wondered if someone
was getting sad for us, too.