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alright listen, reposting something that you didn’t make is not acceptable. making creations takes time, effort, and creativity. and to have someone click on the photo, save it, and reupload is quite frustrating because the user knows they didn’t make it, yet they decide to reupload it causing other people to believe they made it. just reblog the original work. 

@inukag-4ever is one of the sweetest people in the Inuyasha fandom! She’s so enthusiastic and encouraging of other people’s creative efforts – she’s given me a boost when I needed it on more than one occasion, and I’m so thankful for that! She makes the fandom a warm and welcoming place for everyone. Thanks for being you, Analisa.  <3

Love, Robin (aka, @mustardyellowsunshine)


Clubs / Wands: The spirit. Personality, identity, individuality, originality, essence. Force, initiation, strength, creativity, gain through effort. The soul’s vitality and uniqueness. Free will. Drive, determination. Inspiration, ambition.

Diamonds / Pentacles: Material realm, wealth & possessions, the physical body. Status. Security & stability of all types. Prosperity. Manifestation, effort, processes, rhythm, continuation. Creation & maintenance of a personal world.

Spades / Swords: The mind, intellect, cerebral realm. Thoughts, beliefs, logic, morality, justice, judgment, opinion. Power. Reality. Strife & suffering or influence & strength and the fragile balance between those two extremes.

Hearts / Cups: The heart. Emotions, interpersonal receptivity, love, relationships, intimacy, commitment, connection, shared resources, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, memory, feeling-based experiences.

when comic writers put more effort, talent, creativity and overall execution into alternate worlds instead of doing the same for the main universe’s character developments that are sorely needed

An Attack On Creators

I have been in various fandom for quite some time - not as long as some, but long enough.

Over the past twenty years, I have seen the same creative oppression occur time and again.

It starts with a disagreement of opinion. Two groups support different ships, or the same ship in different ways. 

Then a small subset (often on both sides) escalates from opinion to dictatorship: my way or the highway. Headcanons that initially brought people together start to tear them apart.

Attempting to validate their stance, people start to equate real life crime with fictional representation - often skewing to extremes (e.g. partners of legal age are pedophilic due to a five year age difference etc.)

Then come the attacks on key fandom figures. The aim is to silence the other side - to make an example: This is what happens when you do not agree with us - we will ruin you and all your hard work. Your creative efforts will be smeared by our attack and you will be reviled.

The end result is not a stronger fandom community. It is a terrified monolith operating in a narrow spectrum of creative constraints - and it is a key symptom of fandom decline.

Diversity decreases because creators fear retaliation. 

When it comes down to it, there are two key components required within the social contract of fandom creation and consumption.

1. Creators tag correctly to empower their audience.

2. The audience exercises that power by judicious consumption of fanworks and comprehend the potential limitations of the platform  (e.g. creator’s tags being list when reblogged)

With that in mind, fandoms can flourish to the best of their abilities. Without that basic, mutual understanding and cooperation, the community stifles and eventually smothers what it loves the most.

The best ENTP rant/description you’ve never heard 

Here’s my take with all the dirt. An ENTP looks great from the outside because we make you laugh, we give you true insightful criticism, we know all about your interests, and really “understand” you -we know logically why you feel like you do, even if you don’t. We find creative “why didn’t I think of that” solutions to not only your life problems but your computer problems too. We can charm your grandparents, your parents, and your friends. We can party with the extraverts, and sit in silence with the introverts. We can talk Trek with nerds, and Baudelaire with artsy-fartsies. You probably didn’t notice us in high school because we were in our embryonic pseudo INTP/INTJ morph. But you got surprised when you saw us back from college break and though we looked different (aka more desirable). We seem now just oh so dreamy and exciting.

But all that takes a -lot- of energy. It’s a performance we put on tailor made, on the spot, just for you. Eventually we get tired and the mask slips off. That’s when you think we’re shallow or self-centered, but the truth is, you misunderstood our performance for personal interest. (And maybe we did too — it’s easy to lose yourself as a method actor.) But we’re just as cold and analytical ruthless as the other NTs: We don’t nitpick you apart like an INTJ, or categorize your usefulness like an ENTJ, or test your mental capacity like an INTP. We understand you by (subconsciously) pushing all your secret buttons…for good or bad. Maybe you fell in love with us, but now your angry and conflicted because you don’t understand why we’re suddenly being cold and distant. We’ve retreated — because while we’re good at faking emotion, and logically understanding why people feel a certain way, we’re really terrible at actually handling emotion. We get overpowered by it and annoyed by the illogicalness of it. ( Besides, we’ve already found a new shiny.) Now you hate us…but here is some consolation. We have a built-in nemesis and he’s a real bastard.

We turn that critical wide-ranging eye on ourselves. You can’t see it from the outside, but were utter perfectionists in our heads and we relentlessly measure ourselves against the realistically unachievable. Somehow we can’t find the same easy solutions to our problems as to everyone else’s, and we become mired in too many possibilities, haunted by how inadequate our own creative efforts seem to us. We at once believe our own hype, and ruthlessly condemn ourselves. We’ll may you our creations (probably something ½ finished). We secretly want your praise, like an 8 yo child. We don’t accept your garlands though (unless you’re an expert we respect) — because we’ve already judged ourself against Perfection and came out wanting. If you tell us you think it’s good, we won’t believe you. For what you mistook as bravado and arrogance, is really very wry, very sarcastic self-mortification. 

We can stagnate in our mess of ideas, with no external system of organization to help us move forward. We have brief mad rushes of energy —back, forward, right, left, a random walk of ideas with a net movement of zero. If you’re really smart, being an ENTP is a double curse…because your ideas are loftier, your movements more wide-ranging, your internal critic all the more perniciously accurate. You stand on the shoulders of titans, glimpsing something wonderful across the jungle of possibilities, and sketch out a map.

But then it happens: SJ reality. They turn off your water because you forgot to pay the bill. A check bounces because you didn’t know how much money you had in the account. You burn dinner because you’re suddenly obsessed with typing out a manifesto on a blog. You tell a friend you’ll meet him at 7:00 and show up at 9:00. You forget to call your mother on her birthday. You put off simple annoyances (like depositing a check) for weeks. Your mighty creative intuition gets mostly employed to talk your way out of the stupid jams your procrastination landed you in. People with lesser talents, pass you by and you make excuses: (The internal critic says it’s because your stupid and lazy). You don’t get the promotion because while you have a lot of good ideas, you don’t follow through. You’re unreliable. You have no problems expressing your boredom with your job or critiquing your boss publicly in front of his superiors, not realizing the implications. SJ boss now -really- doesn’t like you. You get A’s in some college classes and F’s in others — but all your NT professors still think you’re intelligent, even the one’s giving your F’s, because they’ve fallen for your charms and excuses. 

But people like you — they think your unique, clever and entertaining, because you are. They give you chances. So you pick yourself up, dust yourself off from your failures, and try again. Maybe you get your self another brilliant ENTP friend and start Apple Computer. Or write Candide. Or invent Quantum Electrodynamics. Or host the Daily Show. Maybe tomorrow. Or Next week. But what you’ll probably do, instead of working on finishing a paper your supposed to be readying for peer review, you’ll spend an hour typing out a cathartic blog post that’s maybe more about your own insecurities than being an ENTP.

So is ENTP the best of all the types? Hell yes it is. =)”



Guess what came in the mail today.


This is my “edition zero” run of TAT decks for the purpose of feedback and review, and of course, my own experimentation. I have some quibbles with the printing and may choose a different one for the production run, but I am pleased with how it’s turned out overall. The definitions don’t feel overly intrusive to me, the way they have on the very few other study decks I’ve ever seen. The correspondences and keywords are even less so, but still happily readable.

I’ve done a couple of basic readings and an interview, pictured above, and it has turned out rather curiously.

It is a a reasonably gentle, un-scary deck on the whole – which is what I wanted it to be. A lot of new readers, or people getting a reading for the first time, get really freaked out by things like the Death card, or the 10 of Swords, which are slightly less gruesome in my deck than in most, owing to their color scheme and their minimalism.

But I have to say I’m surprised that, so far, the TAT has a slightly serious twang. Perhaps that’s because I, its creator, am a more than slightly serious person.

Pictured above is my deck interview: what sort of deck are you, what do you like to read for, and what is our relationship?

We start out light and gentle with the 9 of Cups, a card of abundance and granted wishes, but from there, things get a little more weighty. The 6 of Wands is speaking towards creative and personal motivation, a need to light a fire under people’s ass. Perhaps a good quality for a study deck to have! But the Judgement card, our relationship signifier and a major, shows an amount of self-awareness I wasn’t expecting, in terms of it pinning down exactly who it is talking to. Are you judging my creative effort, TAT?

Please let me know what you think of the look of them, especially if you are a beginning tarot reader! This deck is for you, and I want to know what you think!

Boosts appreciated, and watch this space for my Kickstarter!

“At this point it becomes appropriate to speak of technique rather than craft. Technique, as I would define it, involves not only a poet’s way with words, his [or her] management of metre, rhythm and verbal texture; it involves also a definition of his [or her] stance towards life, a definition of his [or her] own reality. It involves the discovery of ways to go out of his [or her] normal cognitive bounds and raid the inarticulate: a dynamic alertness that mediates between the origins of feeling in memory and experience and the formal the origins of feeling in memory and experience and the formal ploys that express these in a work of art. Technique entails the watermarking of your essential patterns of perception, voice and thought into the touch and texture of your lines; it is that whole creative effort of the mind’s and body’s resources to bring the meaning of experience within the jurisdiction of form.”

Seamus Heaney, from “Feeling Into Words,” Preoccupations: Selected Prose, 1968-1978 (Noonday, 1980)

Hey everybody! I’ve finally got some money put back for this, and just in time — to celebrate 20,000 follows and 300 Ask Sam Stuff entries, I’m whipping out a contest parallel to Sam’s big beautiful B-day.

For the month of April, I’m hosting an Ask Sam Stuff contest that leads up to Sam’s birthday!

The basics are simple: pick an asksamstuff entry that you enjoyed or have some interest in, and expand upon it or recreate it in whatever way you want!

It can be fanfiction, fanart, crafts of some kind, or even edits! So long as they link with the selected entry in some way in subject matter, they’re all perfectly within the guidelines.  I want to see how amazingly creative all y'all are and expand our love for our boy, Sam Winchester (though of course, other characters are totally welcome, so long as you have Sam in there as a focal point). Post your creation to your blog with the hashtag #asksamcontest so I can find your entry throughout the month of April; you can also use @asksamstuff in your entry somewhere to ping me to it, or e-mail me a link at

Be sure to link the asksamstuff entry that it is based on in your contest post, or let me know which entry your post is based on via message!!

At the end of April, I will collect the entries and pick the winners of a select group of prizes!

The categories are: fanfiction, fanart, and fanedits (crafts will be placed under fanart unless I recieve a decent enough count to make a fourth category). Judging will be based on how well the entry is done — not just in artistic ability, but in effort, creativity, uniqueness, and so on! So don’t feel discouraged; a lot of it will come down to personal preferences and different ways of selecting winners.

There is ONE person who will get a top prize — a unique and one of a kind Sam-centric fancomic, 15-20 pages in length, printed and shipped to their house with a special thanks printed in the back! And it will be entirely based on one of your own prompts that you supply when the contest is over. It will have a thank you letter and will be solely your own to do with as you please; your eyes only, unless you’d like to post it or what have you. It’s all yours! (As a note, it may take a few weeks for this to be completed and shipped out, so bear with me; light character shipping is alright but nothing too dirty, I’m a prude).

From there, here are the prizes for winners of individual categories!

Two winners of each category will get to choose between a grayscale copy of any of the asksamstuff volumes, a color copy of The Little Golden Hunter’s Book — OR a piece of art based on a prompt they offer, if they already own the books or prefer a drawn picture. The art will be personalized with a thank you and can be sent to you, if you would like that instead of being gifted digitally.

A listed number of runners up will recieve a notecard with an original hand drawn Sam Winchester and a personalized thank you, as well as some stickers, in a cute little envelope!

Everyone who participated will be listed on a masterlist of entries for all to see, as well as a link to your blogs, that will remain linked on the asksamstuff blog’s navigation page. ♥

The only requirements for entering is the following:

• Fanfic should not be any longer than 10,000 words. People who can pump out more than that are so cool and I want your powers, but I want to be able to judge everyone quickly, and I fear I may not have time to go through long entries! 

Mark anything NSFW as such! But these things are not excluded, so long as they’re connected to the asksamstuff entry you selected.

• You have to be willing to give me an address to ship things to! If you’re very private and you’d rather enter but get an art piece or whatnot via e-mail, let me know when I announce the winners. I will ask winners to e-mail me at that time with addresses and what prize they want. Please be sure to be available via e-mail! Tumblr is very wonky sometimes.

Also again, be sure to use #asksamcontest so I can see it!


Have fun, and I’ll see you then!! ;)

(And don’t be afraid to ask questions if needed.)

— Ashlee

The initial response to my vague idea today was overwhelmingly positive, so I went ahead and did it. Introducing Here Be Dragons, a Discord server for fandom folks who love tabletop RPGs and want to talk about them, or even play with other fannish folks!

This is geared towards folks in transformative fandom - ie, creators or consumers of fanfic, fanart, and other creative fannish efforts - and is expected to heavily skew female and/or queer, but honestly, it’s for anyone who would be really uncomfortable talking gaming in other parts of the internet for a variety of reasons.

We have channels to talk about general gaming, characters, DMing, creative works, as well as a Looking For Group channel to help you find an online game! 

I’m lightly moderating membership for the moment, mostly to make sure no trolls make their way in. But if you hit me up in my inbox/messages here on Tumblr, I’ll send you an invite! Otherwise, if you send me a message on Discord (violacea#7223) and tell me what your primary fannish identity is (your Tumblr name, Twitter name, something like that), that works too!

Feel free to signal boost, if you think you know anyone who’d be interested in joining! And if you’re a fannish gamer who wants more people to talk about RPGs with, just send me a message, and I’ll get you an invite!

The Appeal Of Kyoto Animation

I have seen many people saying how K-On is a cheap anime with no creativity and effort put behind this anime. In this blog I want to try to explain what makes Kyoto Animation so appealing and why this statement is not true.

Kyoto Animation is a popular studio which is known for great animation and their slice of life stories, with their unique character designs and very relaxing atmosphere. The funny thing is that what I just said is something you normally shouldn’t. Let me explain this.

I think we have all seen statements like “The animation from Studio Madhouse is amazing” or “Toei Animation always suck”. The reason why it’s not really fair to say that is because the staff for the most studios are usually changing. You don’t have the same team working on every Madhouse production. You don’t have the same director working on every Toei Animation production. Many animators are freelancer who have their own style and way of drawing. So if you see a scene which is really badly animated, it could be the result of just one or two animators screwing up. So blaming the whole studio is kinda unfair. The same can be said about great animated scenes.

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This post by @houndpitspub made me want to talk about the krogan in details. 

First, a few facts:
-The krogan were uplifted by the salarians. They didn’t evolve on their own which really caused problems later (ahem…)
-They were used by other races to kill the galaxy’s biggest threat at the time (the Rachni)
-They got greedy after that and expanded too quickly, refusing to stop after being asked
-They got punished in a way that is close to genocide with the genophage haunting them for years and making many krogan stop believing in the future of their species
-Despite all odds, you can cure the genophage in ME3 and you can unite them

Now, Urdnot Bakara tells us many times during ME3 that krogan aren’t just vicious creatures who only want violence. They are told and trained to be violent and grow up loving it but they also have traditions, rites, beliefs. There is beauty in their past. We also know that not all krogan are the same.

Now in Andromeda:
-Other species try to use them once again and they leave to create their own colony
-New Tuchanka has scientists of different disciplines. A lot of creativity and efforts are made to make the colony a good place to live
-Several krogan mention they don’t want New Tuchanka to be like the old Tuchanka, meaning they want to treat the colony better. Some of them even said naming it “New Tuchanka” was a bad idea - meaning they perfectly understand what they did in Tuchanka was wrong
-They also mention that while they have problems, they feel a lot more relaxed in this colony, which leads to them having community-based games like LARPING with “Krantt: The Ragening!” where krogan can meet friends and have fun in a supportive environment (sure it goes wrong at some point but fucking trolls, they show up everywhere!)
-The Shaman recognizes that a feud between two krogan will lead to more problems so he wants to perform The Rite of The Union, making the two krogan fight a common enemy. He’s basically trying to make peace the krogan way
-For the very FIRST time, krogan fathers are going to raise kids with the females of the clan. One of them has a lot of questions and suggests fathers get together and “keep it safe” with “no explosive rounds”
-One of them suggests all male krogan watch a movie about courtship to see what should NOT be done when courting

And there are more examples!

Doesn’t that show a serious change? 
I’m not saying it’s all perfect because OBVIOUSLY they’re still krogan and one or two people dying at a social event is basically business as usual, but they’re trying really hard to avoid making the mistakes they made before. They’re trying to be better. More than that: they’re having all those gatherings to have a better community. Not everything is perfect, but we have to believe in them now.
They’re capable of so much more than fighting. They *want* to do more than just fight all the time. 

Weird how it’s always bey white ppl wanna point to as a bourgeois enemy of the people class oppressor whatever, without saying a peep about their white faves who pull in more money in a year without putting in half the effort, energy, creativity, let alone talent

What is it about bey that makes her wealth stand out, I wonder? Why does Taylor swift making three times what bey did in 2016 not elicit the same essays about economic exploitation? When are y'all gonna drag madonna’s ancient irrelevant ‘I made my name on the backs of blacks’ ass for the fuckin oil trade? 🤔🤔🤔

On appropriation of black hairstyles

You know what really irritates me?

The fact that so many of my fellow white women copy black hair styles when there are literally HUNDREDS of different ways in which you can style non-afro textured hair to create a unique look without heat, gel, or a perm.

You want to look different? Great! Why not explore the PLETHORA of ways in which European women have styled their hair over millennia?

British, 1861-1863

Ancient Greece:

Plantagenet era


Edwardian era:



White people wearing dreads, cornrows, or other black hairstyles does not show creativity and uniqueness, it shows A TOTAL LACK THEREOF.

There are COUNTLESS braiding tutorials for hairstyles designed for non-afro textured hair available on the Internet.

A little research even shows how the VIKINGS and the ANCIENT CELTS did their hair.

You wanna stand out? You want to make a personal statement? Make it really personal by putting real time, effort, and creativity into it.

The Language of Silver Millennium

When watching Sailor Moon Crystal, have you ever seen the alien letters resembling that of an Ancient Language spoken in the Moon Kingdom? Usually one can see them on the screens of the computers used by Luna and Artemis, but by far the most noticeable example would be the following scene of the Sword of the Silver Crystal:

I looked everywhere online for answers… Is this even an actual language? Perhaps these letters are a simple cipher for the Latin alphabet or Japanese kana as with the Hylian languages of the Zeldaverse? My eventual conclusion, however, is that these are simply random symbols with no true meaning or correlation to any alphabet. In the picture above, for example, there is an insufficient number of symbols to represent a language with as deep a meaning as the supposed translation. They are made to appeal aesthetically to the idea of an ancient moon language, but the creators put no effort into making it an actual language to much of my dismay. And even if it was a simple cipher of an existing alphabet, I would still be very disappointed at the lack of effort and creativity on the matter.

So, as a result, I took it upon myself to experiment with the given symbols and create an Ancient Moon Language to be spoken in Silver Millennium. I thought the symbols looked as thought they would be a syllabary of some sort (although, the letter-to-word ratio in the picture makes it look as though it were a simple alphabet of some sort, unless the ‘words’ are actually entire sentences and they lack spaces and punctuation, which is also possible), and so I transformed it into a complex featural-syllabic script. The grammar I created is primarily Subject-Object-Verb and uses postpositions, and the language is topographically a fusional language. I based much of the vocabulary on Latin and Ancient Greek so far, as I figured some of the humans on Earth at the time would’ve spoken Latin and Ancient Greek and would be influenced by this language, especially since the Prince’s name is Endymion, which is a Greek name. I also thought that the names of the Sailor Senshi would influence the name of the Roman Gods and Goddesses through contact with the Moon Kingdom, hence their names being of Ancient Moon language origins (which in the language I created would be Giupitéra, Mársia, Mercuría, Venúsia).

Here’s an example I translated; it’s the quote from when Sailor Moon pulls the Sword of the Silver Crystal and the text appearing on the sword is read aloud:

I geládun ilumá cerún elá, Thási ípula irá térmia cristía íli cor-désu le vupá. Perféctu térmiu árgientu cristíu hávae, ne Lúni manílle furtúne empérae. Lúni divíne turúne alá oratíe dárae, ne pásia thasúne alá le tiverá.

(When this sword shines, the legendary crystal within the Queen will work as she wishes. Hold the complete Legendary Silver Crystal and awaken the great power of the Moon. Offer a prayer to the divine tower of the Moon, and peace shall return to the kingdom.)

And then here’s an example of the script as it would be correctly written; it says “Endymion” or literally “Endímiun” (En-dí-mi-un):

So what do you guys think? Should I continue to create this language, maybe even make lessons for others to learn it? Would you be interested in learning such a language?