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Steven Universe: Sapphire [INFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING BY: mysterylover123

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Sapphire’s future vision gives her the ability to know all that could or will happen with certainty. Because of this, she is perpetually living in the future and trying to focus on the endgame solutions rather than paying attention to the now. Prior to fusing with Ruby, Sapphire thought she knew her entire future; it was all laid out for her and nothing in life was ever a surprise. It wasn’t until Ruby upset her entire worldview by doing something she hadn’t foreseen that she decided to change.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Although Sapphire tries to control her emotions in favor of preparing for the future, her feelings still come out loud and clear. She prefers not to get into conflicts or arguments, instead trying to move past fights or failures and smooth over hurts. She’s very conscious of the emotions of others, particularly Ruby’s, and is horrified when she thinks she’s convinced Ruby she doesn’t care about her emotions.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Sapphire is generally the calm, resourceful and logical one of the duo. She’s creative with her solutions and quick on her feet; she easily comes up with new information, and is always working things into her internal network of ideas.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Sapphire is a little bit uncomfortable with her environment, and rarely impulsive. She struggles during the baseball game in “Hit the Diamond” to pay attention to the world around her, and tries to avoid dealing with the problem in “Keystone Motel”, focusing on the outcome and not on the present.

BTS Reaction To You Being A Writer

Jimin: Jimin would be awed by your talent. He would be impressed by how much you wrote, which was almost every day. His favourite thing to do was watch you type, your hands moving at a steady pace. Jimin loved the focused expression you wore when you were writing.

“W-wow, really, jagi? You can write that well?”

Jungkook: Jungkook would be proud of you, but also envious. He didn’t have the ability to write a book like you. He was supposed to have all the talents; after all, he was the Golden Maknae. 

“Ah, just one more thing to improve on.”

V: Taehyung wouldn’t be that surprised. After all, you were a smart, talented person. He would help advertise your book, showing it on all his social media and mentioning it interviews. Taehyung would make sure you got the critical acclaim you deserved.

“Check out Y/N’s book! It’s amazing!”

Jin: Jin would be quietly supportive and would be on the sidelines. When you spend your nights writing, Jin would make your favourite food and deliver it to you. He would also make sure you were eating and sleeping. He would help you relax. You loved to cuddle with him when you were stressed.

“Jagiya, make sure you take a break, okay?”

Rap Monster: Oh, damn, Namjoon would be the perfect boyfriend. He would ask to read your stories and would pore over them. He would offer constructive criticism and help you with grammar and spelling. Namjoon would let you bounce ideas off him and would love to read your stories. You would dedicate your first published book to him. 

“That’s good, Y/N, but what about this?”

Suga: Yoongi would be proud that he would have a partner so creative as himself. He would love to read your stories. He would sometimes make songs based on your book and would show it to you. You would be the creative duo. 

“Here, I made something.”

J-Hope: Hoseok would be ecstatic that you were so talented. You were good-looking, smart, and caring. What else would he want? Hoseok would tell everyone that his partner was the next J.K. Rowling (lol, no one could be her) and that they should buy your book.

“Hey! Hey, everyone! Buy Y/N’s book, okay?”


Flashback Friday: The good ole days when P. T. Anderson and Fiona Apple were still a couple. Not to mention a lovely creative duo. Turns out this music video for the Pleasantville soundtrack ended up being better than the movie itself.

Play with me (Ft. Jungkook)
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Another scenario has been created by the creative and amazingly talented duo Mei&Blizetta, we hope all of you like it just as much as we do~!!

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Your phone was laying on the table as it began ringing, you were in the midst of playing a raid on Destiny but decided to let yourself die and quickly pick up the phone. You didn’t look at the name or number which was displayed on the screen, you just wanted to continue playing your game. “Hello?” You spoke in to the phone.“____!” You heard your friend through the phone. “I’m bored” He whined. “So?” You said impatiently while looking at the screen which showed your character still being down and waiting for revival by another player. “Can you come over and play videogames with me?”

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Extract from the triptych : Cat in Museums photo series, MUDAM : Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg-Ville, Luxembourg, 02.2 016 :
Eloïza Rozentale by Klonatans :

Leo Love Matches

Aries: As fire signs, these two are in sync, and have a good understanding and knowingness, almost like a code they and only they, understand. It’s a Star-Connection! Taurus: There is attraction between these two, but the trouble starts when the time comes to decide, which one of them is going to take the lead? Gemini: As a general rule, Gemini prefers to be behind the scenes and Leo out-front, which can set up an incompatibility, but it can also complement. If they support each other’s dreams, it can work. Cancer: This match can work, but not without compromise. Leo is clearly the boss, but Cancer will often have the last say. A sincere love can oversee any challenge. Leo: These two fire signs can be more interested in themselves than each other. But, if a strong friendship is built,they will always come back to each other. Virgo: This can be a difficult match. Leo wants to take control and Virgo takes orders from no one. However, they do have a great appreciation for each other’s intelligence and creativity. Libra: This dynamic duo shine together, particularly on the social scene. They look after each other and can go the full distance with a love forever. Scorpio: Strong passionate signs; a connection between this fire and water duo can be intensely powerful. But as such, you will need to watch out for power struggles. Sagittarius: Both fire signs, they understand each other. A magnificent partnership. Passionate, but can also be competitive. Capricorn: If their goals are aligned, it can work, otherwise there is difficulty if they both compete for the limelight. Both want to take the lead. Aquarius: When it’s good, it’s amazing, when it’s not, both can be stubborn. There is need for a willingness to give and forget. Pisces: A commitment to love can make this an amazing love story. There is a mindfulness needed for gentle romance and mutual respect.

Source: Harpers Bazaar


The cartoon guy is called Måns Petter. “It was me, in school when I was bullied buy this guy in my group of friends. From being part of something, I was being left outside. I was ashamed of being alone. And that still lives within me. That’s why I have a need to be seen and scared of being alone. David (Nordström) and Benke (Fredrik Rydman), who are the creative duo behind the show, has done a fantastic job in producing the show and draw the story,” says Måns Zelmerlöw.

Youtube Things I Need to Happen in 2017

1. Amazingphil to make Best Friend VS Brother
2. @thatsthat24 to just sing High School Musical songs
3. Getting a bunch of youtube couples and have them do a rendition/parody of Cell Block Tango but it’s called Cell Block Youtube or something like that.
4. danisnotonfire making a whole video on talking about sexuality and gender norms in a video
5. For Daniel Pedra to make his own channel.
6. Just overall more cute moments of Janiel. 
7. Evan Edinger making more puns and make his pun game that much stronger
8. Liza to just keep being Liza cuz she killed it last year and she only become more awesome
9. For PJ and Sophie to become the best and creative duo/couple in all of youtube history.
10. Felix being whatever Felix does and just keep trolling the world.
11. Jon Cozart to take his time and really just be awesome.
12. To have Alfie propose to Zoe cuz why not?
13. To RobertIDK keep growing as a youtuber and have great content
14. For Shane Dawson to find happiness in himself and for himself.
15. Phil Defranco to just keep at what he his doing.
16. Dodie to just soak up and really be in the moment of having her EP and everything happening to her
17. Tessa Violet just being cute and funny.
18.  For Superfruit to have all new music
19. The Gabbie Show to not be afraid to try new things and try not getting killed because of a tinder date
20. For youtube itself to have more of open conversation about whats going on with this weird toy review and it’s views and such. Plus to have youtube push new youtubers to help out good and great content to discover. Maybe a little less react channels or those weird channels with Elsa and spiderman in some skit or something. And people just being less trolls and mean comments. Like youtube can we like have an open communication? 

Lamb Verse Masterpost

The following list contains links to all lamb!Verse pics that add something to the story, leaving out (most) “decorative” pics. I hope to keep it up to date! The chronology isn’t always clear, so I offered a tentative order that might change.

If you have any questions or want to see a particular story point illustrated or elaborated on, don’t hesitate to ask :D

– ♥ – More below the cut – ♥ –

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Creative Duo Positivity Tag

I wanted to come up with some encouraging questions for creative pairs! Writing, art, and any other form of creativity can be difficult, but it’s important to remember that we aren’t alone on our journey and there are people who like and are excited for what we do!

Answer the following questions together with a creative partner. Your partner can be anyone with whom you share your works and has works of their own, be they a fanfiction author, original fiction/non-fiction author, fanartist, comic artist, illustrator, musician, etc.

  1. If your partner has more than one work, which is your favorite? If your partner has one work, what is your favorite part of it?
  2. What do you like most about your partner’s style?
  3. If you were to put your partner’s work on display, how would you describe it?
  4. What would you like to see your partner do more of?
  5. Is there anything particular about your partner’s work that stands out to you? This could be a certain general quality, or a specific piece/part of a piece
  6. Do you have any memories associated with your partner’s work? Does it remind you of anything? (Note: NOT another person’s style!)
  7. What is something your partner hasn’t done yet, but you’d like to see them do?
  8. Does your partner have any WIPs that you’re excited for?


  1. Describe your partner’s work using a sensory adjective for each of the five senses
  2. Make a “mathematic formula” that describes your partner’s work

Tag some individuals or duos you’d like to answer these questions!


Creative Duo Positivity Tag!

See the questions here

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Tiny tidbit.

The reason why Osomatsu-san’s art look similar to Doraemon? Or any other 60s or earlier 70s manga? Try to google search about the “Tokiwa-sou Apartment”.

Akatsuka Fujio (Osomatsu-kun’s author), Fujiko Fujio (the creative duo behind Doraemon -Fujiko F. Fujio- and Ninja Hattori-kun - Fujiko Fujio (A)-), Ishinomori Shotaro (Cyborg 009′s author),  and some other great names coincided in the same period (mid 1950s/earlier 1960s) living inside that apartment complex. 

Heck, the reason all of them moved in was because Tezuka Osamu USED to live in there before all of them.

The Signs as Pairs at School
  • Cancer + Scorpio: the Creative duo, they have a lot of ideas together
  • Aries + Leo: the Rebellious duo, together they can do anything
  • Gemini + Taurus: the Partners in Crime duo, they have a very interesting friendship and sometimes might act like spies
  • Aquarius + Virgo: the On-Point duo, their outfits are so tumblr and awesome, and if their outfits aren't well they laugh a lot
  • Libra + Pisces: the Talkative duo, they have a lot to talk to each other about
  • Capricorn + Sagittarius: the 'Woah I didn't know that about u" Duo, they learn new things about each other every day
Best Tracks of 2014 (So Far)

We’ve reached the halfway point! These are the best tracks of 2014 so far from January to June. The YouTube playlist can be found at the bottom of the post!

30. “Find You (Feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant)“ by Zedd

Nothing new is presented in the Zedd model of banging out hits, but it’s still a pleasantly catchy song and you want to belt along with Matthew Koma’s distinct tenor. At least I do.

29. “Hideaway” by Kiesza

Brought to fame with an amazing single shot choreographed video, Kiesza’s warble soars over the 90’s influenced track.

28. “I Want It All” by Karmin

While their debut full length wasn’t as great as I hoped (due to the lack of tracks like this and “Brokenhearted”), this is a great standout from a genuinely very sweet duo. Plus, looking at Nick never hurts.

27. “Solo Dancing” by Indiana

A dark, brooding, and pulsating number that sets an exciting and enticing tone for a new artist that decides to go under the moniker of one of the least exciting states in the US.

26. “Prophet” by Zhala

The first artist to be signed to Robyn’s record label, Zhala’s “Prophet” is this first thing I’ve heard that sounds like religious chant music and pop had a baby. Not a good song for a steady run but good for crazed dancing.

25. “Delorean Dynamite” by Todd Terje

This funky Norwegian DJ spins out some great Italodisco inspired tunes.

24. “Grande Finale” by Studio Killers

One of the most exciting groups in dance pop music released a new single after last year’s amazing debut album.

23. “Seashells” by Florrie

One of the UK’s most promising poplets releases another gem of a single. Apparently she has a proper album coming sometime soon and I’m quite excited.

22. “Don’t Hold Back On Love” by Helena Paparizou

While “Survivor” was a great Melodifestivalen track, this is even better. Still not at the heights of “Baby, It’s Over” but still everything I expect and love from Helena.

21. “I Try To Talk To You (feat. John Grant)” by Hercules and Love Affair

Andy Butler assembles a new crew for his latest effort Feast of the Broken Heart and delivers a more enticing affair than the sophomore album Blue Songs. And this song is quite nice.

20. “Luna” by Bombay Bicycle Club

A new band discovery for me, this light catchy tune was on repeat for a while. The video features synchronized swimming too which is all the reason you need to watch it even if it were a horrible tune (which it’s not).

19. “Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)” by Clean Bandit

Described by an Irish boy I went on a date with as the sound of the insufferable “London posh,” Clean Bandit have made quite the headway with this summery jam. I still like it. If only their album was full of tracks like this.

18. “What I Must Find” by For BDK

Stunning video and emotive song from Sweden. Really what else do we expect from them?

17. “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX

I was worried for half a second that Charli XCX’s shot at fame was starting to dim much like the one-hit Icona Pop (who I still love), but this feature in The Fault In Our Stars lands her squarely back in that ascent.

16. “Undo” by Sanna Nielsen

Listen, I realize it’s awful lyrically, but Sanna is Sweden’s sweetheart and was my favorite this year at Eurovision - WHICH I GOT TO GO TO.

15. “Idea for Strings” by Gem Club

An NPR discovery for me that’s quite different than everything else on this list. I was just struck by the beauty of this chamber pop band’s sound and am so glad I went to their album release concert at the MFA here in Boston.

14. “Cheap Sunglasses (feat. Matthew Koma)” by RAC

Matthew Koma is quite the featured vocalist, eh?

13. “Prime” by Allie X

This Canadian is one to watch with ace tracks such as these. Sugary, sweet, and cheeky in the best ways. "Forget what I need, give me what I want, and it should be fine” stands out as quite the demand. This one is still a free download.

12. “Leave Your Lover” by Sam Smith

SAAAMMMMM. Again, usually not my type of music, but having an out (but not overdoing it) gay man singing about unrequited love speaks to me. The diva of my generation, people.

11. “Holler” by Rebecca & Fiona

One of my favorite Swedish DJ outfits did a good job with their new album. This is my favorite.

10. “Giving Me Away” by Betty Who

My favorite darling of pop music right now hit it out of the park with her Slow Dancing EP and lead single “Heartbreak Dream.” This track is simmering with the best 80’s vibes though.

9. “Not On Drugs” by Tove Lo

Yes, yes, I know “Stay High” is infinitely more hip, but I like this track from her Truth Serum EP best. Also, “Out of Mind” is quite the track too, but that was released last year.

8. “Crying For No Reason” by Katy B

POWER BALLAD O’CLOCK. God, the emotion. I have to be extremely careful not to hit my head as I sing this in the shower and flail about.

7. “No Rest For The Wicked” by Lykke Li

Lykke’s back with one of the best albums of the year. Also, it’s much better than Wounded Rhymes in my personal opinion.

6. “I Will Never Let You Down” by Rita Ora

My personal summer jam. I didn’t really give a poop about Rita before, but this Calvin Harris produced track changed my mind. As pointed out on Popjustice, imagine if Whitney was singing it.

5. “Do It Again” by Röyksopp & Robyn

My Nordic babies collaborating again makes me SO HAPPY. While I would expect some more lyric creativity from this duo, this is the banger track from their EP. I can’t wait to see them in August!

4. “Taste of You” by Knut Kippersund Nesdal

This dreamboat had THE BEST track in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix. Sorry, Carl Espen. He’s adorable, fresh, and has all the 80’s flair of a-ha reborn (I know they’re still making music). I hope this isn’t a one off thing.

3. “Tonight I’m Yours” by Ola

Okay, okay. This single might have come out last fall, but the album didn’t come out until this spring and I didn’t hear it until then. What I was waiting for I don’t know because this is a big, perfect strings-laden pop moment from Sweden’s quirky male pop giant.

2. “Kiss Me Once” by Kylie Minogue

The title track from Kylie’s delightful new album is by far the best. It has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you expect from a Kylie track. Any time it comes on when I’m out walking about, I instantly get that little gay pep in my step.

1. “Chandelier” by Sia

This could very well be my song of the summer in terms of time of year, play count, and hysteria surrounding it but it’s not the most summery sounding jam. What it does sound like is one of the best pop songs of the year full of power, emotion, and me singing in a very unhealthy way to match Sia’s vocals. GOOD ON YOU, SIA. Plus, I’m loving the whole blonde bob performance art bit.

Here’s every song in a YouTube playlist: