creative dexterity

God creating INTP

God: Alright let’s see. Intelligence way up, strength down, extroversion waaay down. Metabolism through the roof, dexterity down, creativity up.

Angel: Wow, they may have some disadvantages, but this person really seems set up to change the way the world thinks!

God: Wait, hold on, watch this. Motivation aaaaaall the way down.

20 years later

INTP: Why am I like this?!

Common Animal Associations in Witchcraft Part II

Part I

Armadillo - Trust, peace, pacifism, complexity, sensitivity, curiosity, introspection, protection.

Badgers - Determination, eagerness, strong will, focus, strategy, defense, independence, confidence.

Bobcats - Awareness, cunning, intellect, patience, playfulness.

Buffalo - Gratitude, abundance, consistency, strength, stability, blessing, prosperity.

Bulls - Virility, strength, stamina, confidence, fertility, determination.

Camels - Endurance, transport, survival, conservation, adaptivity, obedience, temperance, humility.

Cheetahs - Speed, passion, progress, assertion, evolution, perception, opportunity.

Coyote - Skill, instinct, transformation, inventiveness, intelligence, resourcefulness.

Elephants - Reliability, dignity, power, royalty, pride.

Giraffes - Vision, beauty, mystery, patience, elegance, cleverness, discernment, cooperation, gracefulness, gentleness.

Gorillas - Communication, loyalty, leadership, compassion, intelligence, nobility, responsibility, nurturing, connectivity.

Hedgehogs - Energy, vitality, uniqueness, resourcefulness.

Hippopotami - Emotion, assertiveness, diversity, greatness, expressiveness, creativity, territory, supportive.

Koala - Memory, pleasure, magick, calming, trust.

Lion - Wisdom, power, royalty, dignity, courage, justice, ferocity, dominion, authority.

Monkeys - Honor, instinct, community, swiftness, good luck, playfulness, wildness, intelligence, action.

Moose - Agility, gentleness, solitude, visions, sensitivity, adaptability, discernment.

Otters - Joy, curiosity, dexterity, friendship, creativity.

Polar Bears - Skill, magick, strategy, isolation, transition, extremes, humanity, vigilance, independence, motherhood, determination, contemplation.

Pumas - Action, strength, nobility, patience, silence, decisions, leadership, guardianship, self-assurance.

Rams - Power, force, drive, energy, virility, protection, fearlessness.

Reindeer - Travel, surety, service, guidance, sensitivity, exploration, opportunity.

Rhinoceroses - Achievement, heightened senses, inner resources, self reliance.

Skunks - Defense, prudence, confidence, awareness, pacification, effectiveness, good judgement.

Wolverines - Power, attitude, courage, war, defense, confidence, uncompromising, determination, resourcefulness.

Zebras - Freedom, wildness, social, willful, durable, adaptable, determination, community.

Ouranodromeus artifex

Height: 1m
Weight: 20kg
Classification: Maniraptora, Paraves, Troodontidae, Neotroodontidae, Dexteropterygidae, Sapiornithoides

As promised, here is the droman skeleton!  They look pretty silly without feathers, which is why I’ve included two silhouettes.  To be honest, the whole reason I designed them with prominent head feathers was to hide the awkwardly large braincase, which made many dinosauroids ugly imo.  Also, as a cartoonist the feathers will prove useful for emoting.

Below is a brief list of key anatomical features.

Enlarged braincase - Self-explanatory, really
Reduced jaw muscles - Allowed more space for the brain to grow
Reduced muzzle - Correlated with reduced jaw muscles, as well as the increasingly omnivorous diet, the lack of need for a killing bite, and the increase in neotenous features
Short, thick neck - Supports the enlarged head closer to the center of gravity
Long head feathers - For display and conveying emotion
Long forearms - Used for flight in juveniles and for a lengthy reach in adults
Opposable thumbs - For manipulation
Dexterous feet - Reversed hallux is held off the ground while walking
Opisthopubic pelvis

I promise I’ll have a write-up on how/why dromans are sapient soon!  I’ve put tons of thought into it and every new piece of information I’ve learned over the past few months has reinforced my ideas on how it happened.  As a bit of a teaser, they’re an extremely social species with a huge emphasis on showing off in every way.  Intelligence, creativity and dexterity, while moderately useful for survival, are expensive traits that wouldn’t really need to develop past a certain point…that is, if it hadn’t been for runaway sexual selection!