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I *may* have done just a few of these color studies over the last month. While this isn’t officially part of the assigned homework for my Schoolism class (Nathan Fowkes “Designing with Color and Light”), I started doing these after the teacher suggested it as an exercise in one of the lessons. Occasionally, if I see something “forming” in the strokes, I’ll play with it, but allowing myself to just be abstract and to not push for something representational (for the sake of this exercise) has really freed me up to learn more by just thinking about the color and tone interactions without having to consider whether they “look like something”. It’s been a good reminder of the value of periodically taking individual components of the art process and studying them separately for a little while, before taking what was learned and applying it again to the whole and the bigger picture. I also love that I can literally do these anywhere - while a lot of these were done on my iPad, this kind of study works well even on a little iPhone screen. Great way to keep learning and practicing even when there’s only small amounts of time between things.

In the midst of a bunch of comic development grunt work, I decided to take a little break to give love to one of my oldest OC’s, Liliana Romano. Lil has been with me longer than anyone else -since I was 11, actually. It feels wonderful to draw her signature blue coat & boots again. Since I am planning on revitalizing her for casual writing, I decided to update her look just a little bit. Overall, I’m very happy with the end results. If given the chance, I’d love to roleplay with her when I’m not busy with other projects. :)

Illustration & Character © Rosey Mae Sommer 2017

By Tashi Honnery and Christian Ferretti

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