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New blog: @wlw-create

We saw a need: lots of wlw looking for stories about wlw, while at the same time, lots of wlw are creating those stories, but having trouble connecting with an audience.

So the purpose of this blog is to share the information. We will post creative works that we know about, and we invite you to submit works that you know about. Especially the ones you made yourself!

Submission criteria:

  • A creative work (including but not limited to Visual Art, Music, Movies/TV/Videos, Poetry, Prose, Comics, Plays, Podcasts…)
  • Created by wlw: this means at least one person on the creative team (this usually means a writer, artist, or performer) has a sapphic identity.
  • Created for wlw: there is at least one person featured (fiction or nonfiction) who has a sapphic identity.

Come follow us if you’re interested! @wlw-create

Law School Ruined Me is Looking for Guest-Mods

Yes, I’ve decided I’m doing this. I need someone to help me keep this going while I focus on writing. 

Ideal candidate: 

  • Has a successful resume of sarcastic gif use; 
  • Is willing to commit to 3 original posts per week; 
  • Is comfortable maintaining a tagging system; 
  • Is willing to limit /discourse/ to their personal blog;
  • Promises to not post content that, without limiting the aforementioned, does not reference midliners, 100 days of inspo, study challenges, or could be posted #studyblr; 
  • Must be either current law student or a practicing lawyer; and 
  • Must not be a weenie  

I think what I’d like to do is a run a one-month trial with one or two guest mods through August, and committing to something more long term in September when school picks up, if things are going successfully. 

If you’re interested, submit to me why you meet my criteria about (creativity encouraged) and links to some of your favourite gif posts you’ve created 

BUT LAWSCHOOLRUINEDME, what’s in it for me???? you ask? Well, as a Mod, you’ll be welcome to reblog as much of your own material as you damn well like, to all 6400+ followers over here, and link your personal blog in the “Law School Ruined Me, elsewhere” page which generally receives about 20 hits a week. And if things work out, maybe I’ll even add you to my Christmas card list. 


Hi everyone!

TSAMU 2015 is proud to announce the best PWO posts! In order above are the best posts the team was able to conclude through the following criteria: creativity, play with Oreo theme, and originality. All of the entries are great that’s why the team had a very hard time deliberating the winners. Well, Sace’s entry is on the link below.

1. Makulaynadoodlero
2. Sacenatividad
3. Madalasinvisible
4. Ginniemouse
5. Magnx
6. Onienalang
7. Ecamazing
8. Batangacuteangle
9. Notdoctor
10. Shunyown

Here’s Sace’s song for PWO:

Kudos to everyone who joined and used their creativity to produce wonderful creations! We are so proud of everyone. :)

By the way, as stated before, all of the participants give Oreo all the rights to brag about your entries on its social media assets. So, yeah, the whole world will see your masterpiece! Please let me know if you have concerns.

It’s finally time for the

Starting today and ending on June 30, you’ll get the chance to show off your skills and your love for this long running epic of poor jokes and heart warming romance!

The theme:

-There is none, go wild!
(not that wild, put your shirt back on)

The rules:

-Artwork must be made by you
-Artwork must be somehow related to Light Romantic (what a twist)
-Artwork can be created in any medium - want to cross stitch a portrait of the janitor? Want to write a haiku to Carrie’s cats? That’s all cool as are painting, drawings, etc :)
-No offensive material (racist, sexist, homophobic etc) allowed
-No explicit sexual content (I’m a prude)

Tech specs:

-Artwork must be presented in an image format (so don’t send me that cross stitched portrait of the janitor in mail)
-Submit works in a web friendly format (.png, .jpg, or gif) but preserve a print quality copy (300 dpi at least) of the work as well
-Submission size limit is 186 x 260 mm, 72 dpi for images
-Word count limit for written works is max 1000 words

How to submit:

Send the web friendly copy via with Light Romantic fanworks contest as the title of the submission.
Remember to include your name and email address!


1st place winner: one digital copy of Light Romantic volume 1 and one copy of volume 2, one special edition Light Romantic print just for you, and a sticker set
2nd place winner: one digital copy of Light Romantic volume 1 and one copy of volume 2 and a sticker set
3rd place winner: one digital copy of Light Romantic volume 1 and one copy of volume 2

Prizes may be updated in the future depending on what I can come up with.

Judging criteria:

-Bonus points for making me laugh


June 30 2015!

Finally, here’s a small youtube playlist to set to mood for you

Have fun and get creating!