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✨ Modern Witches - A Creative Sisterhood  ✨

I’m so happy and proud to announce you this amazing collaboration I’m starting with a very precious friend, let me introduce you to “Modern Witches” Collective! →  🔮🌿

We are Vicky & Clem, alias the Modern Witches: we are two young french illustrators and students (one in animation, the other in graphic design) who are joining their hands to give birth to a magical universe.
Inspired by Japanese folklore, the witchy fashion and by myths related to nature, we distill magic, love and good vibes in all our creations: prints, posters, artbooks, original illustrations, jewels and other goodies like, pins, stickers, charms ~

We will attend our first convention the 16th and 17th of September 2017 at Harajuku Festival at Bercy’s Park (Paris), table 47! *:・゚✧ Come and visit us! 

Hey, dogs are good.



An Uncharted project I worked on over the summer!

I can’t believe I forgot to share this Uncharted related masterpiece (ahem, if I say so myself) I worked on over the summer!

When I was in my first year of secondary school, we had a woodwork class in which we got to make these cool wooden pencil cases with a slanted wooden lid. I’ve kept it for all these years and I still actually use it to keep my pencils in.

Last year, my friend got me Uncharted 4 as an early birthday present, the one that comes with the pirate sigil stickers and the little art book. For over a year, I agonised over what to do with the stickers. Then, I realised, I had lots of spare black, red, and white nail polish that needed using up, so I decided to paint my box in those colours and pop the stickers on there. I also put glitter nail polish along all the edges to make it look nicer and to hide any colour overlaps along the edges.

Ta da! Here’s some pics from all sides. I still need to varnish it, and I was considering adding Avery’s “man of fortune” quote on the underside, but I’ve done the main bits for now, so there’s no rush on the final two steps.

I’m very proud to have turned my old wooden pencil box into a pirate treasure chest (full of pencils, hehe). I thought you guys would appreciate this! Yet another reminder of how much Uncharted has influenced my creative life, and my life in general. Sic parvis magna.