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Ruby Rails. 

I thought I’d do a post about the design of this little figure. I spent a lot of time  dreaming up what this character might look like and then designing it into a figure. Getting the freedom to design a black doll that had black features was a big part of why I loved this project. Often other ethnicities aren’t properly represented in toys because of costs, but this was a really important thing to all of us at Goldie Blox and getting to execute on that vision was phenomenal for minority like myself. 

It takes a lot of time and math to get these things right, and the involvement of many talented individuals. I was lucky to work with an the amazing toy director of Goldie Blox at the time Clint Cope, a great sculptor by the  name of Jason Loik and a very passionate hair designer by the name of Karyn Byrd from Natural Girls United.

I’ve detailed some of the steps that go into making these, but there are many more int he entire manufacturing process, the initial creative looks funner in a tumblr post though. It takes about a year to complete one of these so it’s a very long process, but very satisfying when you finally see it on the shelf. Needless to say I’m excited to see it out in the world! More to come on a lot of what I worked on and created at my time at Goldie Blox.

•I know I will remember for longer than forever
All the love and the stars in your eyes
Until my arms surround you and I build the world around you
All I see are stars in your eyes•
•I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I’ll love them endlessly•


I feel like labelling people as different generations according to age cohort is totally misguided in today’s age. Even with the difference as small as two or three years, we have different music, visual, and creative mainstays that become part of our formative experience, just because new mass content, forms, and ideas are so accessible, and because new technologies, social, corporate entities … emerge in such an accelerated time span.

From trance to trap, big labels to the democratization of music, The Crystal Method to EDM. … It’s like you wake up one day, and most twelve-year-olds know how to code. They’re scurrying around listening and making to the newest thing that you can’t get into. Flying drones and putting together desert warehouse parties. Solving international crises with technology. Making DIY fashion shows, designing VR games.

The fourteen-year-olds of today are playing with little mixers and Ableton Live, four years later they’ll be pushing new genres, entire new movements. I love stories about people collaborating across space and boundary, diverse and eclectic influences. That moment when a rock guitarist and a Sufi qawwali singer meet. A producer in South Africa makes tracks inspired by Detroit techno. Meanwhile, salty thirty-year-olds – the forty-year-olds of tomorrow – are still going off about how ‘90s music was the best. 

I mean, what gives? We all co-exist together but somehow it’s like each person is fixated on what’s in his own mind … not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. We just have a lot to learn from each other. 

I think that always noticing what’s not readily apparent, tapping into the collective impulse, seeing what is possible versus what has been, creatively, is exciting. To pull together exceptional individuals with a collective vision and to move forward … To be an expert connoisseur, and to make it profitable … I’d like to somehow do that one day.

This weekend I wrapped up an extensive logo creation project for a super sweet client of mine. This sampling is just one tiny piece of the gorgeous mandala I crafted, and I’m excited to share the full design with you in the weeks to come. My favorite part of this project? Being able to dust off my Adobe Illustrator skills and turn whimsical sketches into flexible vectors.


Can cleverbot, the online AI bot, write an advert?

No. The answer is clearly no.