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1st House - your Ascendant, your worldwide persona

Aries Ascendant - outspoken and very sensitive. They are called warriors of the zodiac and for a good reason. They always fight to the end for the cause they believe in and will do everything what it takes to win (literally). They are really smart and inventive. They like to instigate things and cause drama. They never take your advices. Honest and stubborn. They tend to take things to their heart (except advices) and they easily get offended. They crave romance and true love but they are way more shy about those things than people think. They really can get shy in love! But they want to be always considered strong so it is hard to see that side of them. They have a tendency to delete people from their life too fast, without giving it a second thought. Strong minded. Helpful. Sassy. They easily get jealous of others.

Taurus Ascendant - protective and sexy. Their presence is not that intense like Scorpio but still they are visible and hard to miss. Very sensual people. Their sexiness is more subtle and their beauty is very earthy like. They go back and forth with being economical and  impulsive with spending money (they might buy things they think they need when they really don’t). They are argumentative and tend to instigate things. They are really protective of their surrendings and people. Generous with their time and money unless you make them doubt your intentions. They can be very cold, calculative and emotionally detached when they need to be. 

Gemini Ascendant - funny and welcoming. They are very warm and always make people feel good with them. They will help you with opening up. They can be flighty and overly dramatic. Emotional people. They love diversity in every form. They love to learn new things and help other learn it too. Very helpful, they really want you to feel good around them. They do not want to negativity win over positivity. They can find hope and good in people everywhere. This does not mean that they are naive, no - they are very observant people and very smart. They need a lot of changes in their life. Freedom is their stability. They despise routine but they need it a little bit more in their life to keep their restlessness away from them.

Cancer Ascendant -  caring and proactive. They get things done. They are very emotionally and mentally strong. They really can get through a lot and stand still. Patient and caring, they treat their friends as their family members. They will always make sure that you will know how much they love you. They have good intuition and are people smart. They are creative and may appear more innocent that they really are. They will always encourage you to be better. They are very hard-working, they make sure to do things the best they can. Very goofy (when they feel comfortable with you). If you break their trust they will get very cold, logical and ruthless. They will call you out on the things you have done. They will never forget.

Leo Ascendant - generous and witty. Very loving and protective of their loved ones. The unique mix of softness and strength. The royal baby. They will rather die than let you win an argument. They tend to forget about their own worth and look for validation in the wrong places. They are very detail oriented about how they want to appear to the world (especially when it comes to their fashion choices). Creative, smart and devoted to their own art and style. They do not like changes and can be too much stubborn to admit that they need them. Very sensitive but they have amazing fighting spirit.

Virgo Ascendant - competent and charming. They are very sophisticated. Naturally smart, patient and observant. They have a lot of hidden charisma. They know how to act in social situations and keep their image clean. Creative. They are emotionally self-sufficent and they keep people at distance but they know how to appear friendly and welcoming. Other people may often come to them for their knowledge which they like to share. They usually have god complex and dislike when people act like they really know them. They like competent people. Meticulous and can be mean. They want to show the best of them to the world. 

Libra Ascendant - thoughtful and intuitive. They care about justice and balance and they can easily sense when something is “off”. They are really good at finding solutions. Impartial, they look at two sides before judging. They are people smart and helpful. Emotionally strong but when things go wrong they rely more on logic than emotions. They can get cold and distant when they feel they cannot trust someone. Trust is really important for them. If you break your word to them they may forigve you but will never truly forget. They are stylish, aesthetically pleasing and easily make people like them. They can become the ultimate queen b. They get things done and they do not like to sit and wait for things to escalate. 

Scorpio Ascendant - passionate and watchful. The infamous “mysterious and intense” ones. They definetely bring a lot to the table. They do not care much about others opinions but others tend to care about theirs. Beside the obvious sexiness, strong aura and intensity they have a lot of sensivity and thirst of knowledge inside of them. They like to discover secrets of the world and they are really good at it. They are careful and like to plan things. They observe people and rely on their instincts when judging them. They like to laugh with others and be more laid-back and goofy but only with those who gained their trust. They have strong convictions that they know how to defend. They are really caring and generous, they have this softness inside of them which they always choose not to show to the world. They are true fighters; they will not back down and run away from a fight but they really not aim to create everything into the battlefield. Ambitious, smart and really adventurous people.

Sagittarius Ascendant - jovial and intense. They have strong, warm aura that that attracts others to them. They are extra about every aspect of their life. Bold, independent and sometimes a little bit intimidating. They make a conscious effort to be funny (they prefer things be kept this way) but they can get serious very fast and when they do they become scary. They have short temper and sharp tongue. They will not tolerate any baloney. They will scream about it to the world if they have to. They will make a fuss about something but five seconds later they will act like nothing happened. They prefer to look at the bigger picture but still will check every little detail. They really do not know how to deal with sadness inside of them so they choose to ignore it and keep themselves busy on something “more interesting” than negative feelings.

Capricorn Ascendant - bold and confrontational. They do not back down from a challenge an actually are more drama prone that they will admit. They are passionate and very emotional but they do not show it easily to the world. They are diligent and prefer to keep the image of  professionalists. Independent, sassy, curious and smart, they know how to handle things. They despise incompetence but they are more forgiving if this incompetence come from other people and not themselves. They like affection and compliments especially about achievements, less looks. They are constantly misunderstood and people try to simplify them to being heartless workaholics but they are way more complex. They tend to be more confident when they got older, they need some time to asset themselves in the world but when they do they become ultimate bosses.

Aquarius Ascendant - serious but charming. They are a unique blend of a social butterfly and strong individualist. They like people and spending time with them but they also need a lot of solitude. They often feel outcasted because of their contrasted personality and are considered weird. They are not weird - they are just unapologetic about who they are and you have to deal with it, whether you like what you see or not. Aquarius will not change anything about themselves to make things easier (even when they crave to be understood they will stand still with who they are)They are very curious and have many interests. They need some time to really open up but when they do you can see their passionate, vulnerable and caring side. They really like and need affection. They are smart and blunt. They appreciate unconventional forms of romance. 

Pisces Ascendant - smart and incomparable. People see them as this weird, sad guys, who do not comprehend a normal human language. This is not true - they are complex and have many sides to them to show to the world. They easily get inspired by everything around them. They think they know how to blend in but the truth is that somehow they always stand out. They are intelligent, have unique sense of humour and way of looking at the world. They are brave, can get very argumentative when someone is talking about things they are passionate about. They can be both very logical and emotional, serious and goofy, loud and quiet. They are never one thing, they could never choose to be one. 

Mother, he touches me as if I am
the silver over which he rules.

Mother, he stares at me as if I am
more fearsome than all the creatures
in his kingdom.

Mother, he worships me as if I am the
only goddess he knows.

Mother, he holds me as if I am fragile
but kisses me as if I am stronger than
Atlas himself.

Mother, his eyes are precious stones
I fear they’re worth more than all my
flowers Above.

Mother, his rare smile shines brighter
than Apollo’s sun.

Mother, he tells me I am a queen and
places a crown of flowers and iron and
bones upon my head.

Mother, his laughter is water and I am
the thirstiest I have ever been.

Mother, his touch is golden and I am

Mother, his anger shakes our kingdom
whole and thrills my very bones.

Mother, he tells me rage is natural and
takes me to his Fields of Punishment to
scream it away.

Mother, he’s shown me even the dead
can bleed and given me control of

Mother, he’s watched me rip limbs from
the dead and kissed the blood from my
fingers and still found me beautiful.

Mother, his skin is ice and I am melting it.

Mother, he is a maze and I have lost
myself in him.

—  Kore
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The Dragon Witch’s Monster Curse - A story about the sides being turned into classic movie monsters

We Make Sense - Analogical fic about them first dating

His Artwork - Polysanders Soulmate/Human/College AU 

Love is Vibrant - Polysanders Soulmate/Color AU

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Ask Prompt Stories

Falling Asleep in the Hospital Room - Royality where Roman gets hurt and goes to the hospital (injury/hospital/blood mention tw)

“I Can’t Believe You Are Actually Wearing My Clothes” - a short sentence prompt that turned into a funny story about the others dressed as Virgil

Roman Paints Everyone’s Nails - Feels self explanatory?

Virgil’s First Christmas - Some sad Virgil.. Happy tears though

Snow Day - Really short thing about playing in the snow, I make a stupid joke

Video Game - Logan is surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) really good at video games

Virgil Can Sing - The others find out about Virgil’s voice

Patton Does Some Cooking - Royality Patton sets out to make a meal 

Virgil’s Hoodie - Analogical Virgil shares his hoodie and his method to de-stress

Patton’s Lullaby - Patton comforts Virgil after bad days


Pokemon AU 

Pokemon AU continued


My Virgil Cosplay - The jacket/cosplay I made and my actual self wearing it

Sanders Sides - My headcanon for the height and weight differences of the sides that I made on a dollmaker website because I have no artistic talent.

The Boy in the Picture

There was an old photo in my attic,

  of you…

      when you were a child at play.

You had given it to me back in the day,

      back when we were lovers…

         before our hearts both ran astray.

I study the picture of the little boy,

     who’s grinning.

        I didn’t know your heart back then…

        when your innocence was still winning.

You grew up, of course, and your desires shifted.

         your innocence killed…

          while your lust was constantly fulfilled.

When did you start missing it?

    The innocence…

     that joyful feeling of purity and curiosity combined.

How bad you must have missed it,

     that you felt such a strong need to rob me of mine.

remember i made that post about barakamon-inspired au

what is this au, you ask?

it is an au where old retired hitman reborn moves to japan and is immediately adopted by the local kidlet gang and hijinks ensue. that’s about it. that’s really all i got.

🌈 Colors of the Sky 🌈

Red-Orange; attraction, authority, change, courage, faith, harvest, ignorance, motivation, pleasure, power, self control, strength, stubbornness

Red-Orange-Yellow;  attraction, clarity, confidence, control, creativity, dishonestly, energy, excitement, happiness, insanity, inspiration, sensuality, opportunity, vanity, warmth

Red-Orange- Purple; calming, confidence, control, creativity, drama, enhancement, healing, independence, ignorance, luxury, moodiness, mystery, passion, protection, sickness, understanding, wisdom

Red-Yellow; change, clarity, comfort, courage, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, inspire, leisure, motivation, pleasure, vibrancy

Red-Yellow-Pink; attention, desire, emotions, energy, extremes, hatred, jealousy, love, lust, memory, physical, rage, revenge, romance, ugliness, vibrancy, vitality, wildness, wit

Orange-Yellow; carefree, clarity, comfort, happiness, health, education, enthusiasm, irresponsibility, intellect, joy, leisure, pleasure, mental clarity, rebellion, visions

Orange-Yellow-Pink; attraction, beauty, caution, caring, friendship, goals, inspiration, lighthearted, opportunity, protection

Orange-Blue-Purple; anxiety, change, coldness, control, depression, dreams, energy, focus, healing, independent, judgement, knowledge, loneliness, mystery, planning, sadness, spirituality, thought, tranquility

Yellow-Pink-Magenta; compassion, dependent, desperation, dominating, healing, heat, intensity, lively, love, passion, playfulness, seduction, sensitivity, outgoing, overbearing, weak, wildness, vulgar

Yellow-Blue; anxiety, awareness, discord, fear, insanity, justice, mixed signals, sickness, timidity, truth, unbalanced, unstable, weakness

Yellow-Blue-Grey; conservative, doubt, heartache, hopelessness, illness, isolation, logic, regret, restrained, quietness, sickness, sadness, sorrow

Yellow-White; bright, cleansing, creativity, freedom, harmony, innocence, learning, originality, peace, purity

Blue; calmness, communication, confidence, consistency, distance, healing, insight, knowledge, loyalty, patience, security, serene, solutions, wisdom

Blue-Purple; adventures, dept, faith, forgiveness, healing, intelligence, intuition, judgement, mediation, power, progress, protection, royalty, safety, sincerity, spirituality

Blue-Purple-White; calmness, cleansing, intuition, nostalgia, peace, perfection, safety, soothing, spirituality, understanding

Blue-Pink; affection, balance, caring, contentment, emotional healing, harmony, honor, nurturing, partnership, relationship, selflessness, sympathetic, thoughtfulness, unity

Blue-Black; banishment, beginnings, change, cleansing, endings, knowledge, learning, patience, power, protection, rebirth, telepathy, tolerance, unknown

Blue-White; calmness, cleansing, constancy, hope, guidance, patience, peace, protection, tranquility, trust, truth

Purple-Pink; attention, cool headed, enchantment, friendships, harmony, humble, luxury, optimism, relationships, sociable

Purple-Pink-White; aggressive, envious, extravagant, fear, immaturity, innocence, naive, weakness, wildness

Purple-Black; development, forgiveness, intelligence, justice, logic, mystery, pride, rebirth, releasing, safety, unknown

Purple-Grey; balance, clairvoyance, growth, healing, horrors, influence, neutrality, power, progress, security, spirituality

Black; closure, curses, death, destruction, endings, grounding, protection, repelling, reversing, transformation

Black-Grey; change, chaos, doubt, endurance, grounding, intelligence, knowledge, restrained, safety, solidness

**My personal correspondences

She is not beautiful.

No, she is a riot of emotions, tumbling forth from the darkest clouds like a thousand heavy raindrops, ready to drown you in an instant, should you step too close.

She is the sun shining on your face that makes you believe in fairy tales although you swore you outgrew them in fifth grade and that they were stupid.

She is the wind, too stubborn to let you pass in a blizzard, too proud to let you win. And yet like the cool summer breeze she will calm your mind, extinguishing in the process the very fire she burned you with.

She is strong like diamond, formed in the extremest of conditions, yet she is also weak like crystal, easily broken and hard to mend.

Her sobs will break your heart and her laughter will heal it again, and you’ll wonder how someone so happy can be so sad at the same time.

Her words will be crafted so eloquently you’ll wonder where she learnt to speak like this and to disguise her emotions so well. And you will search, under the many layers of contradiction that she hides, to find the lost and frightened girl from long ago.

And if you’re lucky enough that she lets you in, past the fortresses and walls; if you’re lucky enough to see a side to her which is vulnerable and unguarded; innocent and trusting, don’t take it for granted or treat her like she’s insignificant.

She’s complex and a mystery. But if she gives you her heart she will love you fiercely and without exception.

She is not beautiful. But she hopes you will love her just the same.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #19

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And already she knows what it means
To hate oneself and, if you ask her,
She can tell you right away what depression is.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And she comes up to me asking me
Whether or not she is beautiful-
There are boys in her class who whisper
And she cannot find it in herself to keep her head up.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And the weighing machine has become her best friend,
She steps onto it every day 
Asking me if the weight shown on the scale
Is the ‘ideal’.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And when people call her pretty she casts her eyes downwards,
Mumbles a meek 'thank you’ and tells me
She thinks they did it out of courtesy.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And already people are telling her
That 'if you don’t try to dress pretty people won’t like you’-
I’ve seen her look at my dresses and sigh
That she wished she was pretty enough to pull them off.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And when I told her I was leaving to college
She cried for hours and told me that people were right
And that no one was going to stick around to love her
Because she wasn’t what people wanted.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And her heart has been broken too many times
Despite her tender age and status as a child
And you ask me why I’m climbing on rooftops
Screaming 'let children be children’
Because, what people are taking is their innocence
And my younger sister is only 10.

—  s.r. // my younger sister
The innocence of sleeping together

I wonder when the term “sleeping together” had such a negative connotation. To me, since young I always slept together with my older brother. When it was thundering outside or I had a bad day at school or when I was just feeling lonely, I would fall asleep in a tight embrace of warmth and security. I could hear his steady heartbeat and it always calmed me knowing that someone was there with me. It was the quickest way to comfort me.
So when my friend was feeling sad, the term just slipped. And that was it. I was ridiculed, shunned, labelled as a pervert and weird. All I had wanted was to simply give him the feeling of being at home and knowing he wasn’t alone. I just wanted to share that precious feeling but all these dirty thinking has ruined such an innocent concept.

Now, I can no longer enjoy this simple pleasure. I have been corrupted. 

“Beautiful anger comes in waves.
Your venom drops off of my lips,
Empty and perfect.
You’re completely shattered and worthless.
I would’ve bled for you, but now
As I sit and stare at your face
I can’t help but wish to bleed you dry.”

- (C.B)


That gentle little smile

Is what makes me want to destroy you

Because it’s that innocence

I want to be the one that makes you lose it

So I’m gonna throw you into bottom of the ocean

Where you’ll find me

The bottom of the earth

The lowest of the low

You’ll waste away like I already have


The Sun in astrology symbolizes the core essence of who you are – your individuality and sense of self.

Your Moon sign describes your emotional and instinctual energies.

Whilst your Sun Sign describes qualities you are learning to develop and become, your Moon describes who you already are.

Hyung Line Analysis Here

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  • usually those born under gemini sun are very good at changing between various ideas and emotions, feelings (this goes out to Jihoon’s acting talent and the fast way he can cry as seen on Weekly Idol)
  • very communicative and interactive individual; he can adapt easily and is very flexible 
  • those born under this sign can be quite refined, charming or gracious, knowing exactly how to quip and sparkle at just the right time to keep others entertained (Wink Boy from 101 is a great example for this)
  • being able to switch so fast between emotions can also have a negative impact and it can be perceived as moody by the others
  • his scorpio moon makes him very passionate and intense with his feelings
  • being born with a scorpio moon is definitely not easy and throughout his early years in life his emotions may get overwhelming; it will feel like he’s riding a rollercoaster
  • because of his powerful feelings, Jihoon may seem vulnerable, but he possesses great strenght (can be read as: Wannables see him as a baby, but he is very manly in real life)

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  • once again, we have here one of the most passionate and intense signs 
  • the presence of a leo moon and a magnetic scorpio sun usually leaves the others in awe 
  • very determined and ambitious individuals, they always have something that makes jaws drop and heads turn after them
  • posesses qualities of a great leader, but because of his leo moon he can come off as agressive sometimes
  • extremely loyal to those in his inner circle and would do anything to protect his loved ones
  • his leo moon makes him want to be in the center of attention and entertain the others (as seen in Weekly Idol and everytime he makes jokes/gags)
  • even though he likes to be in the spotlight, both his sun and moon signs make him a very reserved and private person 
  • he would rarely make a scene out front and doesn’t show his emotions that much in pubic 

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  • his taurus sun makes him feel a need to maintain a secured position and is often motivated by this aspect in everything he does
  • the individual with a taurus moon is often loyal, dependable and has a very realistic approach towards life 
  • when around friends they are charming, humorous and gracious (we can notice this from his interactions with the group, especially Daehwi) 
  • extremely generous, warm-hearted and kind; those with a taurus moon often seek to share the good things in life with others 
  • an important aspect with this sign is its affinity with creativity and beauty; Jinyoung possesses a very pronounced style of aesthetic and can bring anything beautiful to life 
  • again one with a leo moon, as I said before they are associated with royalty 
  • has a very deep sense of dignity and expects everyone to treat him with respect and courtesy and he will do the same in return

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  • this combinations of signs leads to a very original mind who is able to grasp even the most vague and extreme concepts
  • naturally persevering and conscientious; they are always interested in every little detail 
  • his pisces moon makes him daydream a lot, dreams in which he believes in and is often striving to make them true 
  • because of his constant daydreaming state; Daehwi will often look lost or dumbfounded as if he just woke up
  • his mind works very fast and sometimes in a very vivid way which often combines with pisces’ sensitive and creative nature 
  • has a deeply innocent soul who is very humble, kind and sensitive 
  • it can be said that he is too kind for the world and if he is not careful, it may take a bad turn for him with people taking advantage of it

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  • those with this combination of libra sun and sagittarius moon are often energetic, optimistic and freedom loving
  • very honest and extremely blunt they will always tell exactly what they dislike or offended them 
  • often needs a mental and physical stimulation to keep them focused on things 
  • both his libra and sagittarius makes him want to learn continuously and broaden his horizons (we can see that in the way he speaks Korean so well after only a couple of months)
  • Guan Lin dreams big and I mean big 
  • he dreams like no other man - big, expansive, childlike fantasies of adventure and fame (which I coming to reality)
  • those with a combination of signs like Guan Lin’s often feel like they want to make a change in the world 
  • they feel the need to explore and bring sunshine and light everywhere they go 
  • a deep need for freedom characterizes him 

Its funny how ppl still think Phil is this innocent little flower, when really he’s 30 soon, he drinks, has sex, masturbates, he has kinks just like Dan and is a dominant guy!  and yet ppl only see this small part of him.. the ‘childish’ side.

There is so much more to Phil than being cute and adorable and tbh everybody should have a crash course in Phil’s old videos to see what he’s really like!

Laura Marling // Semper Femina

There is a line from Virgil’s epic poem The Aeneid that nearly a decade ago Laura Marling decided to have tattooed on her leg: “Varium et mutabile semper femina” it runs, translating roughly as “A woman is an ever fickle and changeable thing.” Realizing that the line was a little long for the limb, at the very last moment she opted instead for an abbreviation: “Semper femina” she chose: “Always a woman.” It makes a fitting and fascinating title for Marling’s sixth album — an intimate, devoted exploration of femininity and female relationships, and among her finest work to date. Written largely on the tour that followed 2015’s Short Movie and recorded in Los Angeles with production from Blake Mills, it is at once a distinctive and musically compelling collection of songs, run through with Marling’s fierce intelligence; a keen, beautiful and unparalleled take on womanhood.

“I started out writing it as if a man was writing about a woman,” Marling says. “And then I thought it’s not a man, it’s me — I don’t need to pretend it’s a man to justify the intimacy of the way I’m looking and feeling about women. It’s me looking specifically at women and feeling great empathy towards them and by proxy towards myself.”

The songs grew out of what Marling regards as “a masculine time” in her life. “A certain time when I’d sort of gone on this trip of abandoning any sexuality,” she says. “Now in retrospect I was hopped up on the times, but I was living in LA, and LA does have an amazing knack for removing sexuality. I found it quite scary; I was scared of what I perceived to be the disappearance of my feminine side. But it gave me an ability to look at women in a different way and consider how I’d been looked at.”

In retrospect there was a precursor to this strange period of her life — Short Movie had been concerned with the breaking down of the ego, “And then I guess piecing back together an ego you get to see it in all its parts,” she says. “And tied in with this was the magical realism of living in LA.” Having spent several years in Los Angeles, Marling now splits her time between the UK and California. “And LA makes me feel very different to England,” she says. “Now my love affair with LA is at a point where I don’t really leave my house and all my friends are English. It’s a great place to be, but it’s not an enticing fantastical adventure anymore, and I think the election has brought that home.”

Marling’s exploration of femininity is as broad as it is tender. On tracks such as Wild Once she was interested in the archetype of the wild woman and her unrestrained physicality. “In the more masculine phase of my life I got really into hiking and bouldering, scrambling up trees or whatever,” she explains. “And I just hadn’t exercised that part of myself for such a long time, and it was felt fantastic. It touched something that was really sweet and innocent. At a time when I couldn’t really find that center, I was touching on it running through a forest by Big Sur with no shoes on.”

Elsewhere she’s looking at “What’s been forbidden to me in female relationships in all forms, and at female empathy between each other, and friendships that have been really intense.” On The Valley, for instance, a track she calls “a bit of an English nostalgia trip” she writes about “broken female friendships, and how that feels to be betrayed or betray a friend or a woman in any way.”

The nature of female friendship has been a long-standing interest for Marling. “And again it’s blurred as you open up the boundaries more,” she says. “But the falling in love that you experience with friendship is so less defined than romantic or sexual love. I’ve been obsessed with that always I think,” she says. “Because I have sisters maybe, and a mother. And I think because of that there’s a high standard of trust and care that I place on myself and that I feel in my female friends as well — we have quite a high empathetic standard for each other. So I feel when that’s broken it’s so powerful. And I’m guilty of that in many respects because I’m so absent-minded. Until now I just hadn’t really thought about that being a subject matter for a song, but when I tapped into the sadness of that, or the regret, or the feeling of being on the other side of that, I found that quite a fruitful well of stuff. So there’s a lot of that on this record, that trying to make amends for those sort of broken channels.”

She also became fascinated by the life of the psychoanalyst Lou Andreas-Salome. “I came across her by accident through a love letter that [Rainer Maria] Rilke wrote,” Marling says. “I was obsessed with Rilke, and he wrote about her being the only tangible thing that he’d ever encountered in his life — the famous quote is ‘You alone are real to me’.” Marling read about Andreas-Salome extensively — from her upbringing in Russia, through her intellectual and romantic relationships with figures such as Paul Ree, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud, her unconsummated marriage to Friedrich Carl Andreas, and her passionate affair with Rilke which led to his Duino elegies.

Rather than her relationships with famous male figures it was Andreas-Salome’s own psychoanalytic research that Marling found particularly interesting: “Just before Freud died she wrote him a letter saying ‘I’ve been doing some research into the feminine psyche and I think you’ve got it completely wrong. Penis envy is an invention of man because women’s sexuality by its nature is internal and self-perpetuating, so there’s no lack of this or need of that. It’s this internal, inherently creative thing without men.’ And Freud wrote to her and said this is amazing and this is true, but he died two months later so it never got published. And that blew my mind. Imagine! It would’ve changed the entire psyche of the western world.”

These thoughts were shaped further by Marling’s ongoing podcast project Reversal of the Muse which saw her interviewing women from across the music industry — from famed singers such as Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris to female sound engineers, and guitar shop owners, discussing the nature and shape of female creativity. “I would say that feminine creativity, the feminine part of the brain is in both sexes, but is inherently different to the masculine,” she says, “I had a lot of chats with Blake about how we started playing guitar,” she says, “and he said ‘I started playing because I wanted to impress girls- though I suspect that was a flippant remark rather than the whole truth. But it worked as an example as that was obviously so different to why I started playing guitar — that was never in my brain to impress boys; “and for me, playing guitar has always been tied up with my identity, it’s always been involved in myself, rather than enticing people in.”

Having produced Short Movie herself, Marling decided to enlist Mills as producer for Semper Femina. “I really enjoyed producing but it’s just not my calling,” she says. “I’d love to do it for someone else, but for myself it was too difficult to play both roles. Making the podcasts I discovered I play off the vulnerability of being a solo human being, playing a very vulnerable song in front of a microphone with six people in a control room. It’s a weird dynamic, but it has always worked for me. A lot of songwriters I know can’t bear to be overheard when they’re songwriting, but I quite like it — I write in venues or dressing rooms when there are eight people in the room. There’s something thrilling and weirdly voyeuristic about it. But I like the idea that it will be heard, and if I’m producing it feels like it might only be heard by me.”

Looking for a producer, and already a fan of his music, she was told that Mills had written a list of people he wanted to work with and that her name was on it. This is not to say recording was always straightforward, and working with a new, male producer brought familiar challenges for Marling. “I think Blake was very sweetly not sure what to do with an English girl,” she says. “It took a week or two to shake off the very set image of what I was in his mind — a very romping through the countryside delicate character from Emma. And I’ve had that so many times. And in some ways I’m think you can keep that image of me, but in other ways I have to break it in order to get work done, because it’s a really heavy block between you and what you want to get done. And also because I’d just come from producing a record myself I had to get rid of that idea of delicacy.”

More than anything on Semper Femina Marling addresses the space between the perceptions and realities of being a woman, the space in which women are not frail but powerful, creative and abundant figures. “When I was a teenager in my head you were either this delicate tragedy or you were a muse,” she says. “And they’re both such horrifyingly subjugated roles. But our culture loves female tragedy. That’s just been so ingrained over and over again, and there haven’t been enough examples of a written alternative. My main focus is re-writing the idea of tragic woman.”

If Marling sounds galvanized it’s because this album marks a shift in her career. “The time and the political climate that we live in, we’re coming to a point where there’s no need for this sort of artistic expression that I’ve been a part of,” she says. “Innocent creativity had a little flourish in the last ten years. But also I’m getting older and now I think ‘What use is that?’ It’s not rooted, not pointed, not political. For me right now I feel like it’s more important that I have a practical use.”

Tenets of Freyja

These are the personal tenets I’ve come up with for my religion dedicated to Freyja.  This isn’t nearly all of them, but the ones I think are most important. 

1.  Honor and protect beauty in all its forms.  Find what you hold personally beautiful and protect it.  Defend it.  Honor it.  Remember that beauty if in the eye of the beholder.  It is everywhere.  Its in the rain as it nourishes the ground.  Its in the life giving sun and the words that grace a poet’s lips. 

2. Uphold the value of love.   Remember to love yourself and treat yourself with respect.  Try to love others because the world is cruel enough without feeding hatred into it.  As followers of the goddess of love, we are responsible for spreading love into the world. 

3.  Be a warrior.  Fight for what you believe in.  Freyja is a goddess of war.  Her armor shines as she flies on sacred air.  We are her swords and shields.  Through her grace, we can become warriors.  The strength and will to fight is within us.  We just have to find it. 

4.  Nature is the force from which we draw our greatest inspiration.  It birthed us and unto her will shall return.  Draw strength and inspiration from this.  Protect her.

5.  Create.  Freyja is a patron of love poetry.  She, as a driving force of nature, can fill us with inspiration and the will to create.  So do so.  Write, paint, draw, sing, play a sport, create a new gameplay.  Do something to honor her and furthermore, honor your creative skills.  

6.  Defend the Innocent.  Help to protect others that can’t protect themselves.  Recognize injustice and fight against it.  

7.  Magic is a gift.  Freyja is a goddess of magic and as such can grant us immense magical gifts.  We must learn to use these gifts wisely.  What is wise is determined by us, but keep it in mind that there is a balance in nature, not a right and wrong, but a balance nonetheless.  Never use magic to hurt someone who has never done anything to you or those you love.  

8.  Protect your loved ones.  I don’t think this one needs much explaining. 

9.  Honor the spirits of nature.  The ones that dance among the sky, that sing in the ocean, that grow in the trees.  They are in everything.  Through them, we can connect with a fundamental part of the world around us.  

10.  Honor Freyja above all others.  She is the one who gives love and strength, peace and power.  Thank her for the wondrous gifts she has given you.