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Thinx is a brand of underwear for humans that menstruate. Those humans are not necessarily always going to be cisgendered women, as transgender men can, and do, menstruate. With its latest subway campaign, which took over New York’s Union Square station today, the brand has represented exactly that.

“Trans inclusion is something that has been on our radar since the iteration of our Boyshort, which was specifically designed with the trans male menstruating community in mind" Miki Agrawal

Addicted I became for she was the cocaine I couldn’t get away from. She was my temporary happiness who made me feel alive but everytime I touched her I died a little until her love that was my drug had taken me.

Theatrical poster for PULP FICTION (Indika Entertainment Advertising / Tarhan Creative).

The Best Movie Posters of the 90’s, on the new episode of The Poster Boys. Designers Brandon Schaefer and Sam Smith reflect on their favorite one-sheets produced in the 90’s, discussing the posters that made impressions on them as kids, those that had a formative impact on their design sensibilities, and those that still hold up today for their branding, balance, use of photography, and iconic power, from THE ROCKETEER and HOME ALONE to NAKED LUNCH and Akira Kurosawa’s DREAMS.

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So, what we have here is the most prominent of US beer brands entering into a market that has long derided the very notion of American beer. Proof? Ever heard the this classic Monty Python joke? “How is American beer like having sex in a canoe? It’s fucking close to water ” If only they had gone for self deprecation, but no American brashness all the way. At least one execution incidentally works as a safe drinking psa.