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Creative McDonalds Ads From Around the World

1. Finland: The Real Milkshake

2. India: Just Opened

3. France: Comes As You Are

4. Saudi Arabia: Filet-O-Fish

5. South Africa: Make Theodore Our Problem

6. Canada: Happy Halloween

7. Brazil: Rock N Fries

8. Denmark: Keep Our City Clean

9. Austria: Leave Your Morning Mood Behind

10. UK: Sulky Pants

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Nice work, tampon advertisement 


The concept - stark images of needy people posing like fashion models and holding luxury goods - came from advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. To give them the necessary “glamorous” feel, Swedish high-end fashion and advertising photographer Calle Stoltz was asked to take the photos. He did so voluntarily.



Creative yet extremely Illegal ads hit the streets.

In a creative new idea to weaken the coup in Egypt and annoy the authorities, unknown activists spread posters of political prisoners with the title ‘Their Eid in Prison’. The posters were put up in one of the most populated areas that maintain heavy traffic of people heading to Prayer on Eid morning to remind the population of those who spend their Eid alone in solitary, in an unequipped prison hospital or in a bleak locked cell while everyone else rejoices with their families in the most important holiday for Muslims worldwide.


Beyond Blue and their agency of choice have a knack of finding the most apt way to hammer home inalienable ugly truths. As with their past effort for homophobia, this spot for our nation’s inherent casual racism hammers the message home in a way that is as deft as it is direct. In the end, what’s surprising about this is that it is a modern PSA that is not using a stunt or a gag to get its message across - the message is clear and explicit.