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College Majors as lines from Hamilton
  • Psychology: Some men say that I'm intense or I'm insane
  • Chemistry: SHA-BOOM
  • Accounting: We need to handle our financial situation
  • History: But Jesus between all the bleeding and fighting I've been reading and writing
  • Business: Shake hands with him, charm her
  • English: He started retreatin and readin every treatise on the shelf
  • Creative writing: You built me palaces out of paragraphs
  • Criminal justice: Stay out of trouble and you double your choices
  • Pre Med/Nursing: Stay alive
  • Education: Give us a verse, drop some knowledge
  • Theater: Yo yo yo what time is it? SHOW TIME!
  • Music: You changed the melody every time
  • Foreign language: I came from afar just to say "bonsoir!"
  • Political Science: Don't modulate the key then not debate with me
  • Current Affairs: How lucky we are to be alive right now, history is happening
  • Fashion: I think your pants look hot
  • Philosophy: You want a revolution, I want a revelation
  • Theology: I'm searching and scanning for answers in every line

saudade (noun) | PORTUGUESE

a deep, nostalgic, and melancholic longing for something or someone, often accompanied with a denied fact that what one longs for will never come back

“I wonder, can I keep up with it? The speed of the world without you in it.”

Okay so I’m taking a technology course this semester for education and my professor has been making me nervous cuz my dumb ass has my tumblr url the same as my gmail address… can i change my gmail? Or would I have to set up a completely new one? I don’t really wanna change my url here… I need at least one professional email to use for resumes n stuff once I graduate bc I definitely don’t want administrators googling me and finding my blog lmao

Account: Khách hàng muốn mình làm một campaign thiệt là innovative và rất kỳ vọng ở creative nhà mình. Họ muốn mọi thứ đều phải là một cái invention (?) mà chưa ai từng thấy bao giờ, trên tất cả các kênh truyền thông: online, offline, trong cửa hàng, ngoài xa lộ, trong toa-lét, thang máy… Nói chung là phải từ 8 điểm trở lên!

Junior Creative: Chu choa đã quá vậy? Hú! Dé!

Senior Creative: Hm… Budget bao nhiêu?

Account: Một cây xúc xích với hai cái hột vịt muối.

Enter To Win a ’90s Nick Backpack!

Time to show off your fan art chops — and possibly win a sweet ’90s Nick backpack from @sprayground​! Here’s how:

Post a drawing featuring yourself in the style of The Wild Thornberrys, CatDog, Rocko’s Modern Life and Rocket Power to Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram. (That’s 1 drawing, 4 versions of you!) Make sure you follow and tag us, and use the hashtag #Nick25Contest. Don’t consider yourself much of an artist? No worries — we’re taking creativity into account more than “talent”!

Abbreviated rules are below, and full rules are @

Good luck!

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New video!

There’s nothing wrong with scribbling, so long as you find something.

In the episode I talk a bit about finding your drawing in the middle of a mess, your creative bank account, and whether or not creative ADD is a bad thing.

accounting 101

air, keep me buoyant;

refresh my mind as a room
of opened windows & doors;

each breath, a rebuke
to the evil entropic

each breath,
a billowy expansion of sense & sentience.

many prayers root
dimensions profound & grand,

ablations often entreat
for otherworldly energies
to engage the onerous.

this prayer in poetic pants
appreciates, simply -
each breath of air

to my account.


“We are nerds”

Hi there!

Before Big Hero 6 was released I don’t know if it was Disney or a super creative fan, made Spotify accounts for each Big Hero, and I remember that Clint Eastwood was on Hiro’s playlist, and even when I know that the single isn’t in the Demon Days album, I just had to do this drawing.

I wanted to make this fan art a LOOOONG time ago, and I finally did it :) not that great, but  it was hard to emulate the style, I mean Jamie Hewlett has one of the most amazing art styles on earth!! and well it ended looking like a weird mix between his style and my attempt to have a style :/

BTW!!! Hiro has a lollipop in his mouth, so he is not…you know :)

ANYWAY, I really, really hope you like it :)