small writing exercises

  • make up an origin and meaning of a name
  • write a family history going back centuries
  • pick a character and make them ramble about their favorite thing
  • make up a fable, pretend it’s as famous as the Grimm fairytales. how does this fable affect the world and what would people reference from it? (i love this one because it can be as crazy and silly as you want)
  • make a commercial for something that really shouldn’t be sold at all. try to convince people to buy it.
  • ACRONYMS. but, like, try to have it make sense
  • make a poem about your story/something in your story
  • rewrite a classic but put your own twist on it
  • make up a detailed recipe
  • make a monologue with a plot twist or punchline in the end
  • create a ridiculously detailed timeline for a character
  • childhood memory (real one or make it up!)
  • improv rap lyrics
  • the story behind an inside joke
  • make up a mythical creature
  • pretend to be a commentary youtuber and pick a topic
  • the what if? pick a story and create an alternate ending to it
  • pick one scenario and several characters. how different are the reactions based on their personalities?

Characteristics to make your OC more original without the classic “red hair, pale skin, different coloured eyes”

  • Webbed fingers
  • One toe/finger missing or adding one
  • Scars! Give them memories
  • Body mods - even though it sounds pretentious, it’s seldomly used bc of that reason. Give them piercings, gauges, tattoos, implants etc etc
  • Make them LGBT+. Not to make them “special” but to make them normal. Not everyone is cishet on this planet, make your story a realistic mirror of reality.
  • A small illness that shows at inconvenient times. Anaemia, a slightly crooked spine, you name it.
  • Naturally dark undereyes
  • Crooked/yellow teeth - it’s natural for some people no matter how much they brush em. Also healthcare isn’t affordable everywhere
  • Flat feet
  • Instead of a resting bitch face - a resting sad face. Or thinking face. “Wow, what are you thinking about?” “Uh.. that my lucky charms this morning may have already expired last week.”
  • Knowledge about really weird things! Architecture in the 20th century, the army, submarines, contemporary art
  • Little habits: chasing pigeons, greeting the news reporter back when he says “good evening” (these are more for younger characters), having to scratch the other side of their face if theyve scratched one side already
  • Having pets: bunnies, geckos, spiders, snakes, mice, rats, birds, chinchillas, fish, frogs, turtles
  • Give them a name with a special meaning, maybe even relevant for the story. But for the love of god leave the spelling as it is. Dont make maikayleighah out of mikayla.
  • Also, names like, skye, skylynn, raine etc do give off a certain :/ vibe
  • Make them religious!
  • Make them break gender rules

Note that you can still do whatever you want to and even if your OC is a ginger named ginger then thats totally fine - its your story. These are just preferences of mine

I hope this helped! Feel free to add on