Masala Weltbeat Festival by Hardy Seiler / hardyseiler.de

Masala Weltbeat Festival is a celebration of contemporary and traditional world music that looks to arouse curiosity and develop interest in the many cultures of the world under the unifying presence of music. Masala takes place in venues and on stages in and around the German city of Hannover, hosts over 4,000 musicians from 90 countries and also runs workshops, dance classes, exhibitions, theatre performances, a world market and programmes designed for children and families. This year we have been invited to pitch for a new brand identity concept that could extend across mailers, posters, record sleeves, flyers and programmes.

He asked me why I couldn’t be with him and why I never accepted his affections and kept pushing him away when all he ever did was love me, and I felt bad because I so terribly wanted to love him.

But every time he grabbed my hands or stroked my hair or kissed me, all I could think of was two years ago, when I chased desperately after a man who would never love me the way I wanted him to.

I could tell his heart was breaking with my silence when he asked me if I loved him, but I couldn’t bring myself to lie to him and I watched him walk away from me, just as I had to do two years ago, when asked to leave by the man who broke my heart.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #33