The Boring Life of a Almost Single Guy

Yeah, that’s me. I am the boring guy that everyday wakes up and wishes he was more single that he actually is. 
Makes no sense, you think?! It does make sense. I was almost married too, you know. But once again, it was boring. We split not because of the lack of sex (no sex at all, ah) but basically because we had no money. So, no horniness can appear with no money to buy some nice clothes, and go out for dinner, or go to the sea side, or even to pay the rent, can you imagine. 
I’m telling you the truth here. I can tell a few more stories. And I intend to. I’m starting this series of chronicles. Because I almost published a book 4 times, but once again I wasn’t horny enough to have inspiration. 
Or the money.

Anyway, see you in the next one, where I probably will get to the point.
Now I need my daily shower.

- Santeago, the boring guy.