I am a mixed breed person, and I love that about myself, but there is a disconnect from my heritages, because of erasure, of both them, and of myself. I feel almost guilty that I get to experience both sides, but also feel I don’t belong anywhere. I am in the fringe.

Dreads by Dreadfulcat Synthetic Dreads

amethyst choker: Creationsbyacat

That time Ashley and I did that shoot for Kato. Shrug by, the corset handmade by Ethereal Threads and the socks by Sock Dreams as well as the necklace was made for the shoot by me, Sarah Trickler under the shop name CreationsbyaCat 

My jewelry work got into another magazine, this is cool. The model is Ophelia Darkly shot by the rad and epic Stephanie Edmark, together they made wonderful work with my jewelry.
The ring featured is a style I’m working on more next year called “A ring for royals”. Check out my shop on etsy for when the piece will be available, as well as I have a new code for those looking to make purchases.