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Texts between Magnus, Alec, and Jace while Jace babysits Little One
  • Alec:Just checking in to make sure everything is ok.
  • Jace:Everything is fine! We're just watching TV doing nothing wrong nothing at all.
  • Magnus:I can see the baby crawling on the ceiling.
  • Alec:Yes. It was my idea.
  • Jace:Wow. I am hurt. Alec we are parabatai. You don't even trust the other hALF OF YOUR SOUL?!
  • Jace:i gtg you guys have a nice date night.

Am I the only one who thinks every time a Shadowhunter has three kids something bad happens to them?
Benedict and Barbara Lightwood had three kids: Gideon, Gabriel and Tatiana. Tatiana went crazy;
Edmund and Linette Herondale had three kids: Ella, Will and Cecily. Ella died;
Maryse and Robert Lightwood had three kids: Alec, Izzy and Max. Max died.


“What about you, little girl? You going to be a Shadowhunter like your dad?“
Clary tried to hide her annoyance. "No,” she said. “I’m going to be a Shadowhunter, but I’m not going to be like my father. And my name’s Clarissa, but you can call me Clary.”
The elevator came to a stop; the doors slid open. The warlock woman’s blue eyes rested on Clary for a moment. “Oh, I know your name,” she said. “Clarissa Morgenstern. Little girl who stopped a big war.”

The Signs As Simon Lewis' Band Names
  • Aries:Furious Mole
  • Taurus:Sexy Vampire Mojo
  • Gemini:Champagne Enema
  • Cancer:Dichotomous Lemur
  • Leo:Lethal Souffle
  • Virgo:Lawn Chair Crisis
  • Libra:Salacious Mold
  • Scorpio:Midnight Burrito
  • Sagittarius:Dangerous Stain
  • Capricorn:Sea Vegetable Conspiracy
  • Aquarius:The Mortal Instruments
  • Pisces:Fortuitous Occurances
A review for city of bones
  • Clary:I see things
  • Jace:I love you you are a stupid mundane who turned out to be shadowhunter look at that suddenly your family is all from the shadow world
  • Alec:I don't like her give me my Jace
  • Magnus:Hello
  • Alec:I regret what I said
  • Simon:What the hell is happening here?!
  • Isabelle:I knew this was going to happen
  • Valentine:You are siblings
  • Fandom:*crashes in tears while yelling nooo for a month*