You and Alec were sitting in your room, trying to find a birthday gift for Isabelle on Amazon, when he did it. That stupid little mouth thing that made him look like an honest to god rabbit.

“Why do you do that all the time?” You said, breaking the silence. 

He started slightly at the sudden conversation and gave you a puzzled look, “Do what?”

“That mouth thing you do when you’re thinking hard.” 

“Mouth thing?”

You rolled your eyes and acted it out for him. 

“Oh.” He said, “I don’t even remember doing it honestly. I think my nose just itches. Why? Does it bother you?”

“No,” you said, “It’s just strangely adorable.” 

A blush spread across his cheeks and he cleared his throat, “Ah thank you?”

“Not a question, you can thank me for being adorable Alec.” You said cheekily. He blushed harder.

“Let’s just find a gift for Izzy.” He said.

You gave him a bold grin, “Whatever you say Lightwood.” 

anonymous asked:

Maia is a bisexual female character. To change her to a lesbian is bisexual erasure.

I don’t remember ever reading that but if I’m wrong I’m sorry but I think I’d remember if there was two bisexual characters in that series I can’t imagine cc doing that tbh, she is stated as being biracial though so maybe that’s where you got that idk but I’m pretty positive her sexuality is never stated