Ladrien Summer (5/?)

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It took Marinette until they were halfway through scouring the soft drink isle to voice the question sitting on her tongue.

“…Hey, Adrien?”

A fluffy blond head withdrew from the lowest shelf, and Adrien muffled a sneeze in his shoulder before blinking up at her with shockingly green eyes. “Yeah?”

Her face felt hot as she said, “What if Ladybug went to your studio because she really does like you?”

Adrien blinked at her once, twice, and then ducked back down to study the shelf, the corners of his mouth giving a little suppressed twitch. “Heh, well, you heard Alya. That’d be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?”

There was something odd in his voice that Marinette couldn’t figure out. She shuffled the bottles in front of her with a knit aching in her brow. “I know, but… what would you think if she did?”

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