creation of the humanoids


Here are the skulls of the Pale Man from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth (Guillermo Del Toro has the best creatures!!); the Hybrid from the video game series Resistance: The Fall of Man; the Banshee from the video game Mass Effect 3 (hell yeah, I went there! a creature both synthetic and organic? Glorious!); Green Martian from the movie John Carter; The Lizard from the movie The Amazing Spider-Man; Yoda, a character from the movies of the Star Wars saga and a Human skull, for comparison.

This was, hands down, the part where I had the most fun while doing my Dissertation. Heads were always the most different parts from creature to creature so it was a challenge :D

My dissertation consisted in the creation of a possible anatomy for 6 humanoid creatures from games and/or movies. For that hypothetical anatomy, I did many studies where I analysed the skin (integument), the bones of the skeleton, the muscles, the skull and sometimes hands/feet if necessary for better understanding.
All of these studies have, as basis, the comparison with the human anatomy.
I also never changed anything about the skin of the characters (aka how we know they look like), I based the anatomy in the cues I had from the skin and what I knew of human anatomy, making it as real and as ‘in working order’ as I could.

[all Yoda’s drawings]

Futuristic fembot Jia Jia is one of the most sexist robot creations yet

The next generation of humanoids is shaping up to be a silicone load of sexist bullshit. A robot research and development team at the University of Science and Technology of China spent three years developing Jia Jia. It can speak with realistic lip movement, make facial expressions and move its body. It also calls men “lord” and knows a thing or two about selfies.

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