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Purely out of interest, why is homosexuality a sin?

First of all, we must distinguish homosexual desires from homosexual acts. Experiencing sexual attraction to a person of the same sex is not inherently sinful, but engaging in any form of sexual activity with that person is. An individual may or may not be able to control the former, but the latter is a deliberate choice. Only things which we choose can be sinful.

As for why homosexual acts are sinful, human sexuality has a dual purpose: it is intended both for the unity of the spouses and for procreation. The catechism tells us that “the union of man and woman in marriage is a way of imitating in the flesh the Creator’s generosity and fecundity”. (CCC 2335) When a husband and wife have sex, each makes a total gift of self to the other, and they are at least open to the possibility of creating a new human life. Any sexual activity that is not ordered towards both of these ends is sinful because it works against God’s plan for nature, the dual purpose for which human sexuality was created.

For this reason, the Church condemns as sinful any sexual activity outside the commitment of marriage (a sin against unity), sexual activity between two men or two women (a sin against fecundity), and the use of contraception (a sin against both).

For further reading, the relevant passages from the Catechism are paragraphs 369-372 on the creation of man and woman, 2331-2336 on human sexuality, and 2357-2359 on homosexuality.

In religious debates about homosexuality you’ll often see the levitical prohibition cited as the scriptural justification, but the creation of man and woman in Genesis 2 is actually the foundation of the Catholic teachings on sexuality and marriage. The idea of Adam and Eve before the fall as the divinely intended ideal for marriage is reinforced by Christ in his response to the pharisees questioning him about divorce in Matthew 9.



There is no such thing as a perfect life. As you live, unexpected accidents occur, and irreversible mistakes are made. However, every time we fall and get hurt in life, we find ourselves always changing for the better. By learning about the other’s pains, or by maturing a little bit more. So even though we may make mistakes and fail again, we will continue to grow and to try.

I’m Jewish and I support all people, regardless of their sexuality, romantic identity or gender identity.

“וַיִּבְרָ֨א אֱלֹהִ֤ים ׀ אֶת־הָֽאָדָם֙ בְּצַלְמ֔וֹ בְּצֶ֥לֶם אֱלֹהִ֖ים בָּרָ֣א אֹת֑וֹ זָכָ֥ר וּנְקֵבָ֖ה בָּרָ֥א אֹתָֽם׃”

“And God created humankind in God’s own Image, God created them: male and female, God created them.”  (Gen. 1:27)

In and out of Synagogue, we pray to the One who created us in Their Image. We feel obligated to show everyone the same basic respect as people are בצלמו, in God’s Image.  As Jews and human beings we are curious by nature and therefore we honor the wonderful research that medical professionals have made in the fields of gender, romantic and sexuality identities as well as in mental health. 

Although the text specifically mentions זכר ונכבה, male and female, we understand that the ancient biblical writers who interpreted God’s creations did not have an understanding of gender other than man and woman.  But the texts mention of multiple genders (rather than simply אדם, man) can illicit contemporary understandings of the text. One can interpret it to mean that God created all people, thus all of our genders.

Those who experience a gender that is not cisgender, or a sexual/romantic identity that is not straight, are holy.  Their holiness teaches the rest of society to become more tolerant.  


I dreamed I was
half woman and
half man.
I took my own hand and
led myself out of the river.
I laid beside me,
and called myself “brother”.
We looked upon ourselves,
bare, naked,
and felt no shame.
I apologized to we,
that everyone gets the story wrong;
that apples don’t always
stay close to the tree…
I called myself Adam, and
I called myself Eve.

The mountains, the heavy mountains. What changes over time. The sky, the blue sky. What eyes can’t see. What eyes can see. The Sun, a unique object. Water, what is comforting. Commander Ikari. Flowers, so many of the same kind, and so many unnecessary. The sky, the red, red sky. The color red. I hate the color red. The water flowing. Blood, the smell of blood. A woman who never bleeds. Man who is made from red soil. Man made from man and woman. The city; a human creation. Eva; a human creation. What is a human? God’s creation? Is man manmade? The things I possess are life and soul. I am a vessel for a soul. Entry plug; the throne for a soul. Who is this? This is me. Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? I am myself. This object is me. This is the me that is seen, yet I feel as though I am not myself. Strange. I feel as though my body is melting. I can’t see myself. My shape is fading. I feel the presence of someone who is not me. Is someone there, beyond this?

rei’s poem / episode 14

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Hello! I just wanted to ask if you know where the church stands on human evolution? Or evolution in general? As a practicing Catholic, I must admit, I am having a little trouble believing the biblical story of creation and being offspring from Adam and Eve.


Catholics are free to believe in evolution (or not). There is no definitive stance (Read more here), but recent popes have made statements in favor of evolution. Either way, Catholics must believe these things about creation:

1. The creation by God of all things at the beginning of time.
2. The special creation by God of man.
3. The formation of woman from man.
4. The unity of the human family.
5. The original happiness of our first parents in a state of justice and grace.
6. The divine command given to man by God to prove obedience.
7. The transgression of that command at the instigation of the devil in the form of a serpent.
8. The fall of our original parents from their primitive state of innocence.
9. The promise of a future redeemer.

For more information about these guidelines and creation beliefs, go here. If Catholics believe in evolution, then they must still believe the things listed above and that God is responsible for it. This is called theistic evolution, which is a type of old-Earth creationism.

Having said all of that, I really think you should look into young-Earth creationism (YEC) with an open mind before rejecting it. It’s the first one listed on the fourth page of this Genesis Bible study. If you want to learn more about it, check out the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation (a Catholic apostolate), Answers in Genesis, Genesis Apologetics, the Institute for Creation Research, and Truth: The Objective Reality (I know one of the bloggers behind TTOR and we’re really good friends.). My reading lists (link in my bio) include YEC books that you might be interested in. Young Earth Creationism, Creationism - The Official Page, A Biblical and Scientific Defense of Young Earth Creationism, and Catholic Creation Alliance are wonderful Facebook groups that you should join to learn more. 

Even if you end up believing in evolution, you might still benefit from the resources I mentioned.

I hope this helped! God bless!

Ad Jesum per mariam,

María de Fátima

The Morality Of Markets.

Some people like to talk about the “immorality” or the “cruelty” of the market. My response on this blog to such claims has always been to ask the question “compared to what? ”. Almost inevitably the answer is: compared to some Utopian society in the mind of the critic.  The critic is also off base for attributing cruelty to an abstract and impersonal thing. Markets do not act,  people act. What he dislikes are the decisions of people, and what he desires is for something to prevent those people from acting freely.  "But it is not acceptable for one to act freely in a manner that harms another" the Progressive may reply. All business in the U.S.  is conducted by means of the creation of voluntary contracts. a business that simply offers an unemployed man or woman a job under a given set of terms is not an aggressor toward them. That person will only take the job if it will leave them better off than they were before (a state which the business was not responsible for). “But the employer may cheat them out of the true value of their work”,  the Progressive will now insist.

The value of a particular kind of work is determined by how much of a demand there is for it in general, along with how many workers are available to satisfy that demand. If a particular type of work is widely desired, and there isn’t an  oversupply of those type of workers, any attempt by a business to underpay will result in workers going elsewhere. That underpaying business will not have the best and the brightest working for it in that area and consequently it will suffer.  If someone has a problem with the fact that the scarcity of a particular type of work or good determines its value, one has a problem with the most basic law of economics: the law of scarcity. We will not escape this law.

What we have in the case of an employment contract is simple mutual consent; an agreement around a set of terms that each party believes will leave them better off than they were before. These contracts do not solve all of their problems in general and they were never meant to. They were simply meant to exchange two particular things of equivalent value. The employee may still struggle, but he is better off than he was before, and he now has a stepping stone. It is this free activity that the statist objects to, because its outcome conflicts with some idealized utopia that he has in mind…

Fascism is the greatest crusade that has ever been undertaken. It is not aimed at the working class, it is not named at any class, it is aimed against evil - the evil of poverty, of waste and muddle, it is aimed at the creation of a world as a place fit for the twentieth century man or woman.
—  Oswald Mosley
How to piss off 900 people at once

So, this past weekend, I was a part of a United Methodist Conference.

For those of you who do not know, the United Methodist Church has different levels of legislature that make the rules for the church. There is the local level, district level, conference level (which is state level), and general level (the general level is worldwide).

So, I was at the Conference, a member of the delegation, and a bill was brought to the floor. The bill was written to take the line out of the Book of Discipline (Methodist Rulebook) that stated, “Homosexuality is out of line of the teachings of Christ.” I paraphrased a bit, but that was essentially how it was put. Now remember, this bill was to take that line out.

Now, with such a controversial issue brought before the conference, and us Christians’ famously high levels of acceptance and tolerance, there were multiple people that came up to speak against the bill. Some people were coming up and speaking, simply arguing that the Bible states that marriage is between a man and a woman, it’s against creation, blah blah blah. These weren’t the people I was pissed at.

The people I was pissed at were the ones that came up and told stories of family members that had come out to them, shared such an important part of themselves with these people, and those people chose to shun and ridicule these people. They told stories about how, “through the power of Jesus Christ,” they had learned to “suppress their homosexual desires.” They told stories of people praying around them, encircling them and laying hands on them as they attempted to “pray the gay away.” These were the people that had me so angry I was shaking.

So, I’m sitting in my seat, shaking with nothing less than the fires of Hell burning behind the stone-cold scowl plastered on my face, when I stepped to the microphone and raised my little yellow card to speak. (Parliamentary procedure, you have to be called on by the Bishop before you can speak.) So, I stood there for a while, waiting to be called on, as more and more people spoke out against it. Three people spoke out against the bill, and two other people spoke up trying to end the debate before there could be an equal amount of argument from the other side (aka, mine).

Needless to say, I was hopping mad at this point (not literally), but I continued standing there quietly, trying to resist screaming obscenities into the mic. Eventually, after standing there for about 20 minutes, I finally got my opportunity to speak. Now, to paint a picture for all you pleasant little Tumblrites, picture this. There are 1911 people sitting in stadium seating all around me. I look up from the microphone to see my face plastered on two large screens projected onto the ceiling. Every eye in the building is on me. I was terrified. But I had something to say. Now, I’m going to quote myself here and let everyone know what I said, completely uncensored. Those of you with tender sensibilities may wish to avert your eyes from the pure, naked truth that I am about to plaster onto my personal little corner of the internet.

I said, “Bishop, my name is {Insert Name Here}, I’m from {Insert Name of my District Here}, and I would like to speak in favor of Petition 14 (Name of the Bill in question). Now, many people have been arguing that Leviticus states that homosexuality is wrong. But, what most people seem to be forgetting is that Levitical law was OVERTURNED in Paul’s letters to the Romans! Paul stated that those of Gentile faith are not required to follow Jewish law. That is why we, as Christians, are allowed to eat pork, that’s why we can shave, that’s why we can get divorced, because we are not subject to Jewish law! We should stop using the Bible as a tool to breed discrimination and hatred! I would like to read, from the book of Romans. ‘ Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters. 2 One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables.3 The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them.4 Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand.’ Who are we to judge these people? Shunning and demeaning these people over something they cannot change, their sexuality, is NOT. Christlike. Thank you.”

So, I sat down amidst the cheers and applause that came with my speech (not that I’m getting a big head or anything), and the Bishop called the debate to a close. A written ballot was passed around, and a vote was taken that would decide how our conference would cast its vote when General Conference decided to vote on the subject. We went about our business afterwards, and many people were patting me on the back, despite my fear that people would be angry at me for being so outspoken on the subject. But noone harassed me and I went about my day unhindered.

I received a lot of pats-on-the-back, congratulations, and thanks for my speech, but not a single hater came up to chastise me for my speech. So, the rest of the day went by pretty uneventfully. Well, I went home soon after that, and the results of the ballot were posted online. 989 “yes” votes, and 868 “no” votes. The ballot passed. So, I pissed off 868 people all at once. So, my Conference will now be voting in favor of homosexuality when it comes time for General Conference. And I’d like to think it was, at least in part, because of me.

By the way, if anyone would like to see the verses in which Paul states that Gentiles are not required to follow Jewish law, look up “Acts 21:20-21.”

I promise not all my posts will be this church-y, I just thought people would enjoy hearing this story.

The Forbidden Fruit

Doth I beheld your excellence of light both beautiful and terrible.

Snow of plentiful wound itself within the locks of thine hair.

Concise and controlled were thou in thine posture.

Regal. I drank thee in.

Thou stood in the Garden of Eden.

Thou would trace thine hands delicate on the trees of

Eden and draw blood of their fruit. Icicles; sparkling, dripping

shown in thine eyes. Thou spread through the forest like a storm;

hell bent on destruction. Cold and captivating were thou in thine touch.

Thou were winter and I fell.

I feel myself falling beneath the penetration of thine gaze;

a gaze that once beheld the Lord God and his creation;

a gaze that stood in watch as the Lord God made firmament

above waters and earth below firmament;

a gaze that stood in watch as the Lord God made every living

creature that moveth and every winged fowl that creepeth after

his kind; a gaze that beheld the creation of man and beheld he the

creation of woman, such as I am; such a gaze that has beheld the

knowledge of the Lord God and his work and seen that it was not

good. Will I ever stand to be worthy of such a gaze?

Oh, how I crave thee.

Destroy me and tell me that I am not good.

I hope to breathe thy splendor and replenish.

May I rise again to find warmth in that gaze;

May I be seen more than just the creation of the Lord God;

May I be seen above every living creature that moveth

and every winged fowl that creepeth after his kind;

May I be seen above the earth that the Lord God made

below firmament and the firmament the Lord God made

above the waters; May thou gaze upon me again and say

that I am good.

For now, I am patient.

I doth bathe myself in thine excellence, both the beautiful and the

terrible, and drink in thine light.

Snow winds itself within the strands of thine hair and ice drips through

the reflection of thine eyes. Thine hands are not gentle as thou draws

the apple from the tree. Thou drew blood from the fruit and I shivered.

Thou is winter and I’m fallen.

I’m in love.

- The Forbidden Fruit written by Aleynia Lily.

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Gender roles are the sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany an individual’s status as a male or female (Conley, 2015). The images I have put together above show old advertisements for ketchup, ties, and beer. In all of these the woman is made to look domesticated, unintelligent, and weak. In today’s society, women are often objectified in the media. Their sexuality is exploited to sell miscellaneous items that has nothing to do with the woman herself. In this context, gender is a societal creation that has nothing to do with a man or woman’s physical sex organs. The book quotes Judith Lorber by saying that gender is a way of setting “patterns of expectations for individuals” which effects the “social organizations of society, such as the economy, ideology, the family, and politics”. (Conley, 2015).  

The media is influential to adolescents and  young children. From movies, magazines, and television shows, children begin to develop their gender identity early on. So many adolescents get eating disorders from seeing images of unrealistic women, and think that is what their body should look like. Advertisements of women in scantily clad clothing splayed across a car that the business is trying to sell, or holding a man’s cologne, are everywhere. Why must society use sex to sell things?

But I see hope. Some movies today are straying away from the patriarchal perspective and leaning more towards equality. Toys are created gender neutral, and people are being more open minded towards boys doing “girly things” like play with dolls and vice versa. I hope that gender equality continues to grow in the media, and help remove some of the overly sexualized images of women, and improve and equalize societies view of gender. 

Source: Google images

Conley, D. (2015). You may ask yourself: An introduction to thinking like a sociologist. New York, NY, United States: W. W. Norton & Company. 

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This might seem a bit random, but do you know any plants that played some significant role(s) in our mythology/folklore? Just curious if plants held some symbolic meaning back then

There were a few yes. Ginger is one and is prevalent in a lot of our myths often associated with gold.

Then there are the anahaw palm leaves that were used by the babaylans in their ritual dances as well as being their symbol seeing as they were buried with it.

The bamboo and coconut obviously which is prevalent in many creation myths such as the Bisayans creation myth where the first man and woman came out from after floating in the sea to land.

Betel nut, though not so much focused on mythology and folklore, it was a sacred plant that was chewed and used in the blackening and reddening of teeth which everyone did prior to the Spaniards and is still being practiced today by those groups who weren’t colonized. This symbolized beauty as it was considered ugly and you were compared to a pig if it was white and besides blackening and redding the teeth they also filed it into pointed teeth and put gold plating which we do have examples of such as the Bolinao skull.

Rice, of course was considered sacred and was used as a major offering as rice, rice cakes, or rice wine like pangasi.

The balete or banyan tree is another which was considered sacred and where the spirits lived.

Ya thats what I can think of at the top of my head and the most important ones.

The World Tree

I touched upon the subject of the “World Tree” once before in a post I’d written a couple months ago. 

“In the Shingeki no Kyojin creation myth, Ymir died and was split into many pieces- creating nine titan powers that were passed through the generations.

In the Norse Mythology creation myth, Ymir died and was split into pieces creating the world- which was made into nine separate worlds.”

Since then, we’ve gotten more detailed information regarding these titan powers and how they relate to the Eldian nation as a whole.

Apparently all the individuals of the Eldian nation are connected by an invisible thread; these “paths” connecting their memories and souls through the generations.

And they all paths seem to lead to the Coordinate/Progenitor Titan. 

With this in mind, I’m certainly not the first person to notice how it sounds similar to a network or hive mind. This has led to some theories appearing that question whether the “paths” are a metaphorical fungal network or some other type of plant-based communication network system.

Grandpa Ackerman’s statement about bloodlines seems to take a deeper meaning if this is, in fact, the case. Honestly, I can understand why the Mare nation would be scared of the Eldians and see them as a terrifying and monstrous race IF they were some type of hive mind.

But how likely is it that the Eldians are connected through some metaphorical plant based communication system? 

Looking back at the Norse creation myth of the nine worlds, it is important to note that all those worlds were being held up in place by a giant world tree named Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil was described as an “immense ash tree that supported and connected the nine worlds.” To the Norse, Yggdrasil wasn’t a physical object but something invisible that lived in the hearts of everything and everyone.

“… in every human there is a tree, and in every tree there is a human, I feel this, the tree wonders inside a human being, and the human being is caught in the tree …”

Further more, in the Norse creation myth, man and woman originated from trees. When Ymir died, his body was used to create Yggdrasil and the nine worlds. And from Yggdrasil was created man. 

Recently, it’s been revealed in the Shingeki no Kyojin creation myth, that Ymir came into contact with the “source of all organic matter” and from there, she gained the power of the Titans and gave birth to the Eldian race.

It is certainly not a stretch to believe, given what has been presented, that the “source of all organic matter” might’ve been some type of metaphysical tree.

The World Tree is connected with our own creation, preservation and destruction. 

And it teaches us that trees are bound to the fate of the world.