creation of adam and eve

anyway can you believe that black sails unironically has a gay man use the biblical telling of god’s creation of adam and eve to describe his partnership with the man he loves I mean what a time to be alive

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Hiya! I was wondering what your opinion on lgbt people are?

LGBT people.
People were created good by the Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Jesus took on our humanity out of love for us. He loves people, enough to die for them and give us all grace and holiness.

LGBT is a wide spectrum of sexualities and identities. All which are conveniently forbidden by God as perversions of the true sexuality, and true harmony between a man and a woman. 
All attacks against the Holy family unit…a man, a woman and their offspring…are an attack on God Himself. It’s an attack on creation. It’s biological terrorism. 

There are two families in Scripture. The Holy family, and the Unholy family. 
Mary’s Children and the Children of the ancient serpent, the devil. 
These families will be at war till the end of the world. 
The last battle is over the sanctity of marriage and the natural family. 

Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us!


THE WORD AYAHUASCA: comes from the Quecha language and means “soul plant”, “death plant” or “vision plant” known by many different names from the 72 cultures that ingest Ayahuasca in Peru, Columbia and Ecuador. This legendary hallucinogen is used by Shamans to cure illnesses and to communicate with the Spirits. Various Shamans of the Rain Forest simply refer to Ayahuasca as the “cure-all”. To the indigenous people, it is known as a sacred medicine that can cure all illnesses. Without a doubt, it is the most celebrated hallucinogen of the Amazon.

ACCORDING TO THE INDIGENOUS FOLKLORE: Ayahuasca is the fountain of knowledge, the best way to reveal the mythological origins of life. The anthropologist Gerardo Reichel-Donatoff once wrote that to consume this spiritual drink is to become the center of the cosmos. The origin of our existence where the individual sees tribal divinities, the creation of the universe and of mankind, Adam and Eve, the creation of animals and the establishment of social order.

THE BIG CLEANING: Ayahuasca has never been used casually or for recreational purposes in the traditional societies. The Shaman, which is the person who knows how to bring out a chemical induced state of trance, guides those who wish to embark on the “search for vision”. The Shaman is without a doubt, the master of ceremonies, the key figure in drinking Ayahuasca. After sunset, the bitter drink is passed in a circle from person to person, and the Shaman begins to sing or chant about the visions that they will see. When they hear the song, the participants feel a certain tingling on the lips and a burning in their stomach. A nauseating energy ill overwhelm them, and many will begin to get sick with vomiting and diarrhea (but not necessarily everyone). This is a strong and unstoppable movement of the colon that penetrates all organs passing through the intestines like a liquid laxative of the soul, cleaning the entire body of all parasites, emotional blocks, and ancient feelings of resentment. This is why the natives of the Amazon refer to the “purge” when they speak of this drink. “One cannot help but be impressed by the notable improvement in their health attributed to the purging caused by the plant”, wrote the psychologist Ralph Metzner, editor of “Ayahuasca”. Metzner wrote an anecdotal report of the complete disappearance of certain types of cancer after one or two sessions using Ayahuasca. The rejuvenating impact of the “purge” helps to explain the exceptional health of those who use Ayahuasca, including even the oldest people.

TRAVEL IN TIME AND SPACE: After the inevitable purge, the senses sharpen and the initiate experiences are “magnetic liberation of the whole world”. After that spectacular visions are coming like a turbulent pandemonium of images that change faster than you can think. While one is under the influence of Ayahuasca, people frequently have the sensation of being separated from their bodies and catapulted into a strange area of excursion. During this trip outside of reality, marvelous sights appear and enchanting landscapes that unexpectedly give way to unsettling encounters with wild jaguars, enormous iridescent snakes, and other predator beats that will try to attack the person. William Burroughs described a sensation of flying long distances when he drank Ayahuasca during a South American expedition in 1953. “The spiritual drink is a trip in time and space”, he wrote in a letter to Allen Ginsberg. The blood and substance of various races: black, Polynesian, Mongolian people of the mountains, desert nomads, Indians, new races that have never been experienced before will pass through your body, incredible trips through the mountains, deserts, and jungles… A place where the past is forgotten and the emerging future combines in a vibration without sound.“ It is unknown, why the visions provoked by the Ayahuasca include animals from the jungles of the Amazon. Especially when people from other continents ingest the sour tonic. Long anecdotal stories about rivers and electric radiations that illuminate the night sky are classic elements of the experience with this liquid. An indigenous said: "Always when I drink Ayahuasca I have such wonderful visions that I have to cover my eyes with my hands, because I am afraid someone would steal them.

DAY 3307

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Apr 17/18,  2017                 Mon/Tue 12:35 am 

Birthday - EF - Jonoon Alhob , Ninad Junnarkar , Manoj Lahoti  ….                       Tue, April 18 …. all our wishes for the birthdays of our dearest Ef’s .. may they all have a wonderful year and years ahead .. with our love and our affection ..

As the day draws to a close, and the mental preparations start for another 24 gone by, the mind begins to formulate what the the last task of the day shall begin with and how .. namely the connect with the Ef and the Blog and the other social mediums .. and everything that is thought of before coming to this stage of writing, simply goes out of the window .. nothing whatsoever remains within .. the words begin to form as the DAY is filled, the date adjusted and the time inserted  .. and as the space bar for ‘return’ is punched that is when the mind begins to wander and accumulate matter that shall find its way to that particular DAY as in DAY 3307 ..

Notice how craftily at least a dozen lines have been composed, merely on the subject of what the composition of the start should be .. I always knew I was stupid .. but that stupid !! hmmm ..

The first thoughts that rack the brain and the body as you arise are .. ‘ya buddy .. today we are going to conquer the World ‘ .. and within a few minutes of this rather blatantly over optimistically bent of mind laced with a strange arrogance, we discover that all of those lofty ideals and thoughts are washed away with the paste on the toothbrush under running tap, the flow of which determines what shall be the context of the days’ feelings .. the cold splash upon the sleepy skin of the face awakens to reality of life and its obstacles that we shall all have to face .. and it is quite strange is it not, that with that first flush of the acqua, numerous ideas and collective thoughts of accomplishment simply wash themselves away .. into oblivion and beyond …

What has been designed in the mind as activity, deactivates .. and the mundane everyday regulars take over, destroying all that could have been the beginnings of a satisfying 24 ..

BUT ..

the human is a peculiar and uncanny instrument of creation .. be it, what it may, .. the Adam or its rib as Eve .. they all are substantially equipped to muster enough courage to either survive or demolish any ideas of survival .. and the portion that remains ever the closest to the hemisphere, is the responsible, abject component, of this adventure .. 

When the cranium disagrees, or claims overworked conditions without the carrot of a promotion or a bonus .. all else, in what ever form falls apart ..

And the devastation is so acute that it can ruin your being for several 24′s of the time given to us in calculated form, by some mathematical geniuses of the Age of Revelation - whatever that may have been or is ..

Revelations are peculiar too .. after all they share the same peculiarity as the peculiarity of the creation of the the humanoid .. so some commonality exists .. and it is this commonality that we all succumb to .. at times to good and better climes .. most times at completely nothing ..

I can admit with absolute certainty, that I become a victim of this as often as the days that go by .. and therefore, when I subject my dearest Ef to some of this ‘bumff’ that goes by the name of a Blog, it is of great personal composure to learn the following morning or at times within minutes that, I was not too far wrong … !!

SO … as we shout and scream about the 9 years of this writing and the validity of its contents that seem to have been a source of immense connect and togetherness of a family .. I wonder .. and I wonder still ..

Sometimes the grey in appearance instills in the many that are below the age of the self to give it respect and love and admiration .. I shall accept it all with the hugest of humility .. but we all know that it is misplaced and not deserving .. I do prevent the occurrence of such like, when there is meeting .. but beyond expressing the ‘please do not do this’ there is little that can be done ..

Amidst the embarrassment that it causes me, my words seem to drift away without having meaningful effect .. and this is of greater concern and much disturbance .. and I do know that time shall come when it’s repeated actions shall eventually force one to accept it, in a manner that shall not be acceptable at all .. 

FOR .. now there is the flexibility to bend down and attempt to stop the practice .. in time however as age grows, the bend shall be physically difficult, and that is when the idea of preventing it shall wear thin and the practice shall become one that should or shall have to be accepted .. a practice that I shall never wish to cater to ever .. 


Good night .. with folded hands ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Descendants of Eve

Paper collage by Annalynn Hammond (Sold)

“The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat." 

Dr. Aschenasy, a Hebrew scholar said: "In Hebrew, beguiled does not mean "tricked” or “deceived”, as commonly thought. Rather, the Hebrew word is a rare verb that indicates an intense experience evoking great emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual trauma. It is likely that Eve’s intense, multilevel experience, this “beguiling” by the serpent, was the catalyst that caused Eve to ponder and evaluate what her role in the Garden really was.“

Satan’s [deceptive efforts] were not enough to deceive Eve into blindly eating the fruit. What it DID do was beguile her: made her question, made her doubt, and sent her on a soul-searching journey.

The tragedy of our times lies in our almost complete unawareness, or unmindfulness, that there are two kingdoms, the temporal and the eternal. We would build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, rejecting all idea of resurrection or eternity. Resurrection is a myth.

God is dead.

Let us go back to Biblical revelation, to the creation of Adam and Eve and the problem of original sin. ‘God is light, and in him is no darkness at all’ (1 John 1.5). The commandment given to the first-called in Paradise indicates this and at the same time conveys that, although Adam possessed absolute freedom of choice, to choose to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil would entail a break with God as the sole source of life. By opting for knowledge of evil, by savouring evil- Adam inevitably broke with God, Who can in no way be joined with evil (cf. 2 Cor. 6.14-15). In breaking with God, Adam dies. ‘In the day that thou eatest thereof’, thus parting company with me, rejecting my love, my word, my will, ‘thou shalt surely die’ (Gen. 2.17). Exactly how Adam ‘tasted’ the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not important. His sin was to doubt God, to seek to determine his own life independently of God, even apart from Him, after the pattern of Lucifer. Herein lies the essence of Adam’s sin- it was a movement towards self-divinisation. Adam could naturally wish for deification- he had been created after the likeness of God- but he sinned in seeking this divinisation not through unity with God but through rupture. The serpent beguiled Eve, the helpmeet God had made for Adam, by suggesting that God was introducing a prohibition which would restrict their freedom to seek divine plenitude of knowledge- that God was unwilling for them to ‘be as gods knowing good and evil’ (Gen. 3.5).

I first met with the notion of tragedy, not in life but in literature. The seeds of tragedy, it seemed to me in my youth, are sown when a man finds himself wholly captivated by some ideal. To attain this ideal he is ready to risk any sacrifice, any suffering, even life itself. But if he happens to achieve the object of his striving, it proves to be an impudent chimera: the reality does not correspond to what he had in mind. This sad discovery leads to profound despair, a wounded spirit, a monstrous death.

Different people have different ideals. There is the ambition for power, as with Boris Godounov. In pursuit of his aim he did not stop at bloodshed. Successful, he found that he had not got what he expected. ‘I have reached the height of power but my soul knows no happiness.’ Though the concerns of the spirit prompt a nobler quest, the genius in the realm of science or the arts sooner or later realises his inability to consummate his initial vision. Again, the logical denouement is death.

The fate of the world troubled me profoundly. Human life at whatever stage was unavoidably interlinked with suffering. Even love was full of contradictions and bitter crises. The seal of destruction lay everywhere.

I was still a young man when the tragedy of historical events far outdid anything that I had read in books. (I refer to the outbreak of the First World War, soon to be followed by the Revolution in Russia.) My youthful hopes and dreams collapsed. But at the same time a new vision of the world and its meaning opened before me. Side by side with devastation I contemplated rebirth. I saw that there was no tragedy in God. Tragedy is to be found solely in the fortunes of the man whose gaze has not gone beyond the confines of this earth. Christ Himself by no means typifies tragedy. Nor are His all-cosmic sufferings of a tragic nature. And the Christian who has received the gift of the love of Christ, for all his awareness that it is not yet complete, escapes the nightmare of all-consuming death. Christ’s love, during the whole time that He abode with us here, was acute suffering. ‘O faithless and perverse generation,’ He cried. ‘How long shall I suffer you?’ (Matt. 17.17). He wept for Lazarus and his sisters (cf. John 11.35). He grieved over the hard-heartedness of the Jews who slew the prophets (cf. Matt. 23.37). In Gethsemane his soul was ‘exceeding sorrowful, even unto death’ and ‘his sweat was as it were drops of blood falling down to the ground’ (Matt. 26.38; Luke 22.44). He lived the tragedy of all mankind; but in Himself there was no tragedy. This is obvious from the words He spoke to His disciples perhaps only a short while before His redemptive prayer for all mankind in the Garden: ‘My peace I give unto you’ (John 14.27). And a little further on: ‘I am not alone, because the Father is with me. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world’ (John 16.32, 33). This is how it is with the Christian: for all his deep compassion, his tears and prayers for the world, there is none of the despair that destroys. Aware of the breath of the Holy Spirit, he is assured of the inevitable victory of Light. The love of Christ, even in the most acute stress of suffering (which I would call the ‘hell of loving’), because it is eternal is free of passion. Until we achieve supreme freedom from the passions on this earth suffering and pity may wear out the body but it will only be the body that dies. ‘Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul’ (Matt. 10.28).

We may say that even today mankind as a whole has not grown up to Christianity and continues to drag out an almost brutish existence. In refusing to accept Christ as Eternal Man and, more importantly, as True God and our Saviour- whatever the form the refusal takes, and whatever the pretext- we lose the light of life eternal. ‘Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me: for thou lovest me before the foundation of the world’ (John 17.24). There, in the Kingdom of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, must our mind dwell. We must hunger and thirst to enter into this wondrous Kingdom. Then we shall overcome in ourselves the sin of refusing the Father’s love as revealed to us through the Son (cf. John 8.24). When we choose Christ we are carried beyond time and space, beyond the reach of what is termed ‘tragedy’.

The moment the Holy Spirit grants us to know the hypostatic form of prayer we can begin to break the fetters that shackle us. Emerging from the prison cell of selfish individualism into the wide expanse of life in the image of Christ, we perceive the nature of the personalism of the Gospel. Let us pause for a moment to examine the difference between these two theological concepts: the individual and the persona. It is a recognised fact that the ego is the weapon in the struggle for existence of the individual who refuses Christ’s call to open our hearts to total, universal love. The persona, by contrast, is inconceivable without all-embracing love either in the Divine Being or in the human being. Prolonged and far from easy ascetic effort can open our eyes to the love that Christ taught, and we can apprehend the whole world through ourselves, through our own sufferings and searchings. We become like a world-wide radio receiver and can identify ourselves with the tragic element, not only in the lives of individual people but of the world at large, and we pray for the world as for our own selves. In this kind of prayer the spirit beholds the depths of evil, the sombre result of having eaten of the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’. But it is not only evil that we see- we make contact, too, with Absolute Good, with God, Who translates our prayer into a vision of Uncreated Light. The soul may then forget the world for whom she was praying, and cease to be aware of the body. The prayer of divine love becomes our very being, our body.

The soul may return to this world. But the spirit of man, having experienced his resurrection and come near existentially to eternity, is even further persuaded that tragedy and death are the consequence of sin and that there is no other way to salvation than through Christ.

Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov (2001) (2nd ed.) His Life is Mine. Chapter 4: The Tragedy of Man. New York: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press.


Characters:  Dean x Reader, Cas, Sam

Summary:  You join Sam and Dean to take out a coven of witches.  Something is growing between you and Dean, but it’s dangerous.  

Word Count:  4094

Warnings:  Swearing, smut, unprotected sex (usual warnings apply - be safe at home ya’ll

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Juggling the beers and containers of take-out, you try and figure out how to get the key out of your pocket to open up the motel room door. Giving up, you kick the door with your foot in exasperation.

Dean opens the door, phone to his ear, waving you in. Cradling the phone between his shoulder and head, he reaches out to grab the beers.

Mouthing a quick ‘thanks’ to him, you set the food on the table. It was then that you notice a man in a trench coat and tie in the room. He is staring at you intently, his piercing eyes a vivid blue. It’s unsettling how he bores into you with his eyes, like he can see into your soul.

“Who are you?” the man asks in a gruff, inquisitive manner.

Quirking an eyebrow at him, you throw the question right back, “Who are you?”

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Still can’t get over the fact that the frightening and powerful demon Belial who wanted to create a race of vampires that would rule the world and devour humankind as an act of blasphemy against God’s creation was thwarted by his vampire Adam and vampire Eve being gay and lesbian

Like you’d think the guy would have had the foresight to avoid that but nah

So the world was saved because of the beautiful vampire progenitors being flaming homos

I love it

Happy Fourth of July

A/N: Hey guys! So here’s a special fic to celebrate the 4th of July! Hope you like!

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Word Count: 1,687

Characters: God!Chuck x Reader

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Warnings: None, really. Swearing maybe? Some fluff as well. Oh, the use of the Lord’s name in vain. Lol.

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Summary: It’s the Fourth of July and Chuck decides to take the reader out for a day at the beach and to a place for some special fireworks.

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Human Origins, The Anunnaki and The Sumerian Tablets

While the true origins of humankind are still very murky and entangled in a never-ending tussle between evolutionists and creationists, there are fascinating clues left behind by ancient civilizations, and they point us in a very specific direction. All of this activity in the distant past cannot be separated from religion. Many ancient religious scripts that have survived from various corners of the world give us remarkable clarity on a multitude of issues. One such issue is the existence of a group of omnipresent gods and deities with advanced powers who seemed to have ruled the world for thousands of years. The Sumerian Tablets called these gods the Anunnaki. Led by a mysterious pantheon of twelve gods, the Anunnaki - in various names - seem to be present in every ancient civilization, scattered across all the continents, separated by thousands of miles. In my research and books I make the intentional distinction between God with a capital ‘G’ and god(s) with a lowercase ‘g’. This highlights the difference between the true divine source of all things in the universe (God), and a group of advanced beings, the Anunnaki gods, who - though technologically advanced and the genetic progenitors of humanity - are not the creators of the universe and the source of all things and therefore cannot be confused with God. For more about this stunning history see my book, ‘Slave Species of the Gods’.

Those who hold the Bible dear should not be surprised to find that these same deities and gods are referred to in the Bible on many occasions. In the original Bible, before it was translated and streamlined, the original word of God was Elohim, which is a plural word meaning ‘gods’. This was always the case, and the biblical God has always been a plural - “the gods.” Suddenly the many references by God to himself if in the plural, like: “lets us create man in our image” (Genesis 1:26) and, “Let us go down and confuse their language.” Genesis 11:7) become less confusing.

When we realize that most of the stories from Genesis and Exodus are translations from their original source written in the Sumerian Tablets, it all starts to make a lot more sense. The same gods that the Sumerian Tablets refer to are the same plural gods that are mentioned in the Bible. All the greatest biblical stories have their origins in the Sumerian Tablets

While the story is often reduced to one line in the Bible, the original Sumerian texts are written in much greater detail: The seven tablets of creation of heaven and Earth; creation of Adamu, the biblical Adam; creation of Eve from Adamus rib; the garden of Eden; the serpent and the tree of knowledge and life; the Flood, Noah(Ziusudra) and the ark; destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah; the tower of Babel and its destruction by the gods and many more. The tales are well documented by the Sumerians, and some of the tablets predate the Bible by as much as 3,000 years.

It is also important to note that in Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and all other cultures, the gods are never considered imaginary, but instead are very, very real. The Annunaki integrated with the people, they informed the people, and they punished the people. The first so-called holy trinity arose in Sumeria. It was Anu - the father -  and his two sons; Enlil and Enki. Together they ruled the roost on planet Earth. We know that Enlil was given the northern half  of the planet to look after, and Enki - who was also known as the creator god, or serpent - was in charge of the southern part of the planet. They were supported by an extended family of a total of twelve deities, each with special tasks and responsibilities. The Sumerian Tablets refer to the sons of the Anunnaki as the Nephilim - who were referred to as the “sons of the gods” in Genesis:

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God [ the gods] went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

Genisis 6:4

The pantheon of ancient powerful gods or beings was also very active and very present in South Africa under their leader Enki. The evidence is everywhere, especially in the many references of the Sumerian Tablets.

This leads us directly to one of the most misunderstood and misused expressions of our time: “mythology.” This seemingly innocuous word has caused much confusion in our modern times and has caused us to completely misunderstand all of human history. The original meaning in Greek had nothing to do with “imaginary.” In fact, it seems quite the opposite. The original meaning of mythos was “words”: written words, spoken words, legend and tales of historic accounts sworn to be true by kings and priests.

Can you see the problem here? What was taken as part of the daily life of ancient people has been reduced to imaginary fairy tales by modern historians. According to my research, it was around AD 1270 that the meaning of the word mythological was first misused and has subsequently created immense damage in future history books.

Is it possible that all ancient civilizations never had a real history, real experience and real religion? Is it possible that they just imagined things because they could not understand the big bad world around them? This is exactly what some historians would like us to believe. Once we realize that mythology actually means “history” the whole picture changes quite dramatically. We suddenly realize that in the distant past there was a group of powerful beings (gods) who controlled events all over the planet, including South Africa. This is instantly recognized in the the symbols and statues carved in rock in South Africa, which predate the Egyptian and Sumerian equivalents. It is important that the presence of these ancient so-called gods should not be confused with the true creator of the universe and all things in it - GOD.

- Michael Tellinger - African Temples of the Anunnaki - The Lost Technologies of the Gold Mines of Enki