creation of adam and eve

Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil are two specific trees in the story of the Garden of Eden. 
Tree of Life served to maintain Adam’s biological processes for an extended earthly animal life. It did not provide immortality as such, for the tree, being finite, could not grant infinite life. Hence after a period of time, the man and woman would need to eat again from the tree or else be “transported to the spiritual life.” The common fruit trees of the garden were given to offset the effects of “loss of moisture”, while the Tree of Life was intended to offset the inefficiencies of the body.
Consuming the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was the original sin committed by Adam and Eve that subsequently became known as the Fall of man in Genesis 2-3. In Catholicism, the tree should be understood both symbolically and as a real tree - similarly to Jerusalem being both a real city and a figure of Heavenly Jerusalem. The fruits of that tree were not evil by themselves, because everything that God created was good. It was disobedience of Adam and Eve, who had been told by God not to eat of the tree, that was obnoxious and caused disorder in the Creation, thus humanity inherited sin and guilt from Adam and Eve’s sin.

@franklyridiculousadventures, I can’t seem to reblog your post but yeah I totally agree.  A lot of protestants have a pragmatic relationship with the bible and know that some parts are more important than others.  But, for others, I’d say people who are outside the church or critical of the church especially, I think the whole of what the bible says counts for a lot.  I think some Christians take it all quite literally, too.  I mean, there really are homophobic people who use the bible as their argument against same sex relationships.  Even the story of creation is famous fodder for homophobia, you know the argument, ‘it’s Adam and Eve not Adam And Steve’, that whole thing.

So, yeah, on the one hand, plenty of queer christians, esp protestants can read the bible and just take the god stuff and ignore the bad.  But, also lots of homophobes take away all the bad stuff and try to use it against queer people.  And then lots of others well are critical of the bible because it can be used like that, you know?

wrestling with god & men: sacred texts

the birth of gender and desire

This chapter talks about Adam and Eve, gender, and hints at bisexuality.

I believe that in the beginning, Adam was created as an intersex person, with both genitalia. When God found out that he was lonely, separated him into Adam and Eve. That is why is says, “male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27) The pronoun ‘them’ is used for a single person in this case, the male and female Adam.

Gender was born with creation. Whether you believe in an original intersex Adam or not, gender started with Eve. Adam immediately proclaims his possession of Eve, and her utter subjugation to him. Gender roles have officially begun. This is where women’s problems started. Whoever wrote the Bible (probably a man) wanted women to be the ‘lesser sex’ so he made their first-ever role model comply to the will of man. Gender is a social construct, so somebody made it up; it’s not real. You can’t touch, feel, taste, see, or smell it so it doesn’t actually exist. We all just agree that it does. This is harmful to more than half the population, not just to women. Anyone who is compared to a woman is deemed ‘lesser than men.’

The chapter ends with a poem written by the young King Solomon called “The Song of Songs.” It is one of the more erotic works in the Bible. He writes many verses about how sexy and amazing his male partner is, albeit from the view of the female lover. He then switches to praise the female lover from what I assume is his point of view, but could easily be that of any other man. This leads to many questions about King Solomon’s sexuality and gender identity. Was he a bisexual man? Since he praised both men and women. Or was he a trans woman? Since he praised a man from a female perspective.

the sons of God, Ham and the Sodomites

This chapter talks about how the ‘sons of God,’ or the sons of noblemen would have sex with anyone they wanted and how the Sodomites were not all gay and the sins of sodomy are not inherently homosexual.

The ‘sons of God’ were the noblemen, it was a seigneurial right for the landlord to have sex with a bride the night before her wedding. These people could bed anyone they wanted, so they let their impulses have the best of them. Rashi’s interpretation of this custom is that they were not sated with just having sex with women. They moved on to men, children and even animals since they were the ‘sons of God’ nobody could stop them. It used to be inferred that the sins of the sons of God were their rampant sexual desire for anything and anyone, including men and beasts. However, I think that their sins were letting their impulses control them and resorting to violence and humiliation instead of taking other peoples’ opinions into view.

The story of Sodom is one of the main two biblical resources backing up homophobia. It is said that the Sodomites would anally penetrate any passing (male) beggar or traveler. However, the sins of sodomy are not those of homosexuality or sexual vice, they are of inhospitality, violence and xenophobia. Babylonian rabbis wrote that the people of Sodom despised beggars, were mean to orphans and committed many murders and thefts. Their homosexual acts weren’t bad because they were gay, but because they were violent and done by force.


This chapter talks about Leviticus, a book of mostly prohibitions and rules. 18:22 says, “And with a male you shall not lie the lyings of a woman; it is abhorrent.” The lyings of a woman can be interpreted as having a penis inside you or being penetrated. This reading of the rule says that gay anal sex is bad, but being say isn’t necessarily so. Leviticus doesn’t mention men loving men, men who want to have anal sex, or any other ‘gay’ activity. So, being gay is A-Okay so long as you don’t have a dick in your butt.

lesbian omissions

There is no mention of lesbianism in the Torah, probably because the people who wrote it were men and they didn’t know or care about what women thought. If you squint hard enough at the story of Ruth, is can be pretty gay, but in my opinion, that’s quite a stretch. It is very cute and at least an amazing relationship. There are no biblical rules on women loving women, but there are rabbinic and Talmudic rules about it. Some rabbis said that it was “merely indecent,” while some said that they became impure. Leviticus 18:3 and 18:4 basically say that Jews shouldn’t copy goyim for the sake of copying goyim. Maimonides wrote that he thinks lesbianism was a form of copying the goyim and so it was biblically not allowed. I think he hated both fun and women’s rights, but that’s just my opinion.

Still can’t get over the fact that the frightening and powerful demon Belial who wanted to create a race of vampires that would rule the world and devour humankind as an act of blasphemy against God’s creation was thwarted by his vampire Adam and vampire Eve being gay and lesbian

Like you’d think the guy would have had the foresight to avoid that but nah

So the world was saved because of the beautiful vampire progenitors being flaming homos

I love it


While I wouldn’t choose Chaos ending for SMT since Neutral is the only ending that makes sense in the first game (due to being the Adam and Eve ending and leading to SMTII); regarding the Chaos ending I always agreed with what Lucifer said here totally.

SMT’s YHVH is like the God from the Old Testament who did lash out at humanity. After the devouring of the fruit of Knowledge happened YHVH cursed humanity with the death curse, painful child births for women, having to work until you drop dead and later on reducing the life spans of humans etc.

Of course he still expects humans to worship him though.

Similarities to the depiction of God from Paradise Lost are also there since God is by far the most destructive/unlikeable character in Paradise Lost and he lets his own creations fall if they aren’t of use to him (interestingly humans (Adam and Eve), the devil and Jesus are far more favorably characterized which you can also see in SMT with Hero and Heroine, or in SMT II with Aleph and with Lucifer’s character in general they pretty much have a more benevolent depiction than YHVH in general.)

You might also throw in Gnosticism with YHVH being connected to the destructive demiurge.


I’m fasting from your body,
building an altar between your legs
too holy to touch,
even as I whisper Ave Maria
against your lips:
my breath becomes hymns,
becomes goosebumps
that travel like wise men down your thighs.

Your bottom lip
bursts will holy wine,
and I am drunk on your spirit.
I learn to read for the first time
by stitching gold-threaded scripture
up your thighs;
your body teaches me creation.
In the beginning, was Adam, was Eve,
was time melting between your fingers
like gold,
was you with your feet in the water,
watching empires fall,
whistling at God:
Your eyes swallow a speckled universe.
Your belly heats the sun,
your fingers spread the clouds.
Beginning and ending, you are good.

You arch your back like a steeple
to let me in,
but I, I am fasting.
I am fasting to revere you.
Your fingers twist my hair.
The sun settles on your cheekbones
like light on an altar,
and you let me tremble above your pages.
Your teeth touch my lip just enough for me to sing,
Ave Maria.  Ave Maria.
Holy is your name.

Listen people, this is what The Flash says in Batman v. Superman:

“Bruce, listen to me now! It’s Lois. It’s Lois Lane. She’s the key. Am I too soon? I’m too soon! You were right about him. You’ve always been right about him. Fear him! Find us Bruce. You have to find us.” — The Flash

If you don’t want to believe that, that’s your problem. This is the fact that is presented to you. Fact. Not a vote.

There is a popular saying in comics that I love: “Superman is the Adam to all comics in creation. And if he is Adam, then the Eve created for Adam is Lois Lane.”

Action Comics #1 1938 is the holy grail of comics.
Superman is Adams. And Lois is his Eve. Superman is the first man. Eve is the first woman. No matter how much you want to change that, you can’t! It’s history. It has worked. It is working (as BvS is proving). So shut up with the Lois Lane hate. Bringing down one woman to lift another is anti-feminist.

Superman and Lois Lane fight for truth, justice and equality.

Lois Lane is more important to the DC Comics universe than anyone will ever know. Don’t doubt her importance. Every crisis, every major story in DC Comics history has Lois and Superman at the centre of it all. And the DC Comics cinematic universe knows this.

Stop with the Lois hate, and being Lois Love. You can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, and stay off of the Lois Lane tag.

Designed by Pieter Coecke van Aelst (Netherlandish, 1502–1550). Story of Creation: God Accuses Adam and Eve After the Fall tapestry (detail of God), designed ca. 1548, woven by 1551.