creation of adam


The Gangsey as Favorite Paintings:

“It was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t
                         b l i n d i n g
                                               d e a f e n i n g,
                                                                         m a d d e n i n g,
                                                                                                     q u i c k e n i n g.
It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.”


otp: pynch - ronan lynch & adam parrish

“Light, or something like light, reflected off it onto Ronan’s chin and cheeks, rendering him stark and handsome and terrifying and someone else. Then he blew on it. His breath passed through the word, the mirror, the unwritten line.
Adam heard a whisper in his ear. Something moved and stirred inside him. Ronan’s eyelashes fluttered darkly.
What are we doing -”
Maggie Stiefvater, Blue Lily, Lily Blue


My half of an art trade with @mun-i​. Hi, Muni!

I also drew this:

This was what I was originally gonna draw ya, but then I got worried, like “What if I’m the only person in this fandom who still listens to the Beatles..? WHAT IF THEY ALL THINK I’M WEIRD???”

But then I remembered that I am weird, so it’s not really important WHAT people think about the matter.

(By the way, if you guys haven’t already read Muni’s comic, it’s funny and freakin’ adorable, and you can find it right here:

It’s also way sexier than my comic, with lotsa yaoi smooching and stuff… which I’m guessing is a pro. I’m more in it for the comedy and fluff, m’self. Page 53 frickin’ killed me! <3)