Wanna know what’s super cute about my parents and why I love them soo much. My dad goes and buys my mom a Honda Oddessy for their anniversary, and for Valentine’s day my mom bought him a car and packed his favorite cookies for work.
Now idk if I told you guys, but for a almost 3 years now, my dad did not have a car. The car he did have broke down 2 minutes away from home and he had to walk back to wake up my mom to drop him to work. She’s been doing this since then and it’s really drained her. So this year, she goes and buys him a nice little Honda civic (I think the 07 model, si iv-tech, used of course but just barely lol) And about 2 weeks before that she had bought his favorite girl scout cookies (samoas) and wrapped them up. She told me she was going to put them in his bag for lunch. My dad is a bus driver and so when he opened his bag to get his water, he saw the package and pulled it out with a smile on his face. The writing said “Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you. Have a good day at work today” He felt soo good about it he decided to share it with his co-workers. When he was done with work, my mom went to go get him in her van. But she took him to the dealership to pick up the car she got for him. Of course he knew about it, but she decided to put it in his name (since every car they’ve ever owned was in hers lol. She had the money, went to the dealership about a week in advanced and had him pick out the car he wanted.) It just so happened that the car was ready to be picked up by them on Valentine’s Day so that made it extra special lol ♥