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They waltzed across the table together, disregarding any plates, cups, or folded napkins. The stream picked up speed, creating a new song of original classical composition with a background of river flow. Singing geysers of water lifted, taking the shape of fluidic nymphs that danced over the section of the table bridging the river. Lanterns fluctuated light, breakable articles shattered, and linens dirtied under their hind limbs as they floated to the rhythm of the phantom organ. The Hatter’s glasses flew off his nose after a particularly swift twirl, landing on the aqueous face of one of the dancing water nymphs, and she giggled as she sustained to entertain with them on. He snaked his fingers under his hat to retrieve another pair of glasses to place on his face, identical to the ones that were just lost. 

 For the first time since arriving in this topsy-turvy land, Eddie felt happy. 

“I need you to know those pages will be filled, that’s what I’m here for,” The Hatter blurted in between quirky cackles and spins. It seemed that he had infinite decks in each pocket, due to cascading pirouettes of cards spewing in every direction as they danced. Some sparked and burst into flames as they were seized by oncoming breezes. 

“You’re making no sense Hatter.” 

He scooped an elated Eddie into his arms as he spun across the table, “Everyone has a story they want to sell, but yours is one that’s worthy to tell. I’m glad your stubborn ass found your way back to me.”

~ Till My Watch Tics 1 by @hypnoidvoid

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If you have any time, would it be okay if you could create a Jungkook x Male reader oneshot where Jungkook and the reader are best friends but Jungkook loves someone else and the M Reader likes Jungkook, so Jungkook decides to create a song for his crush while the reader helps him making it and the reader tries to hold his feelings inside for Jungkook. Basically a one sided love story. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

aksjdkasjdkj seokjin came to have a bigger part in what i wrote than i expected him to, but i hope that’s okay!! i’m a little rusty in the angst department (i haven’t written sad things in so long…) i need to sharpen my tear-jerking writing skills. i was listening to this while writing jsyk

title: when it comes to you
pairing: jungkook x male reader, seokjin x male reader (hinted)
word count: 2,453

“he won’t hate you if you tell him,” seokjin says, brandishing the spoon he’s using to eat his ice cream. you scrape the bottom of your cup. “you know that, right?”

“yeah, yeah… it’s just easier to keep quiet.”

that’s the biggest sack of bullshit, and you know it.

“you’re going to have to tell him eventually. keeping a secret this big will eat away at you–”

the sound of the plastic spoon snapping between your fingers startles him. you set the pieces down and don’t have the energy to take your eyes off of them and see the pity in seokjin’s face.

“let’s not talk about this right now, hyung. please.”

“… okay.”

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Hey Aroha I have a question

This isn’t a meme post just- a legitimate question lmao. Out of all the Astro discography (not including covers, but I’m willing to make exceptions)

Which song do you think is best suited to each member?

I’m planning on using the feedback I get to make themes for my video game series. I plan on using their songs to create a full video game soundtrack!

Hey, so I’m sure y'all know the deal with Owl City now because Fireflies has become a huge meme. I feel the need to make this post because some nasty haters have popped up about the creator. Here are a few fun facts about Owl City:

- Owl city is not a band. It is one guy named Adam Young creating every song. He occasionally collaborates with singers,but creates all his own music.

- He has released several full length albums and multiple singles. Movies like Wreck it Ralph and the Croods feature original Owl City songs.

- This guy is all about positivity. Most of his music has a bouncy, happy mood to it.

- Puns

- He is a very devout Christian and has many beautiful songs about his faith. Some are covers, some are original.

- Basically the sweetest person alive? He wrote a song for his dad on Father’s Day, has collaborated with a charity to feed the poor (Here’s Hope was written for this) and runs a twitter account of random movie quotes and funny thoughts.

- His music is beautiful and uplifting. He puts so much work into it and overcomes social anxiety to perform it live.

- He has a form of autism and is an insomniac.

- In 2016 he created 12 original albums of instrumental music that focused on different historical events. All of them are available for free download from his website 12 albums for free!

Please respect this guy beyond just the Fireflies song. He does his best to be a good example and a representative of his beliefs.


There’s a strange love inside
It’s getting louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, and louder
There’s a danger I can’t hide
Who I am, it’s who I am
It’s who I am, it’s who I am

I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love


NEW VIDEO: “TWEET TUNES” My friends and I “band” together to sing original songs created from YOUR suggestions!! Hope you enjoy!!


never fell in love
because i just cut loose
but not when it comes to you


So i thought of creating a playlist with songs suitable under different categories. Of course this is just my opinion and i would love to know your opinions/suggestions regarding these songs or any other song you’d like to recommend according to your personal preferences in the comment section !

So apparently the secret formula to every BTS surprise birthday party is Jimin being the cake fairy and Jungkook just trying to eat things?

When new fans try to tell me that skydive is B.A.P’s greatest song